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Does large penis size matters to a woman? Keep reading to find interesting facts.

Does large penis size matters to a woman? Keep reading to find interesting facts.
does large penis size matters to a woman keep reading to find interesting facts

Penis size is the most concerned topic among males. Across the entire world, men frequently express a preference for a larger penis, engaging in profound debates about the perfect number of inches required to satisfy a woman. Considering the scientific analysis of the topic, most of such assumptions are considered irrelevant.

Still, if you are wondering how small is too small for better sexual performance, then we are here to enlighten you.

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  1. What's the Average Penis Size?
  2. What do women think about how small is too small?
  3. Measuring your penis size
  4. Things to Consider for a Small Penis
  5. How can a woman help her man?
whats the average penis size

What's the Average Penis Size?

Men are highly misguided about their penis size by the fake scenarios fixed in their minds by porn hubs. A study concludes that most men considered six inches or more to be the right size of an erected penis. But in real life, an average penis size when erect is around 5 to 5.5 inches. A penis below 4 inches is called a micropenis, but merely 0.6% of people have it.

If we consider whether the size matters or not? Then men believe that woman notices it first thing in a man. As per another study, 55% of men were found satisfied with their penis size, whereas 45% wished to have a larger one. So, it proves that for men, size surely matters.

Some evidence shows that a lot of men prefer to get surgeries for a more elongated penis due to anxiety. However, such surgeries are considered too risky, as suggested by The American Urological Association. Hence concluded that the average penis size is around 5 inches when erect.

  • For an erected penis average length is 5 inches with a width of 4 ½ inches.
  • Whereas a flaccid penis is reported to have an average length of 3.6 inches with a width of about 4 ½ inches.

So, now, instead of hurting your self-esteem that you are not enough, be confident with what you have. Instead of giving in to misconceptions, let's learn what women think about the average size of a penis.

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what do women think about how small is too small

What do women think about how small is too small?

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Numerous studies have revealed that men are more concerned about the size than women. But for a woman, how small is too small?

Well, another study suggests that 85% of women were found satisfied with the penis size of their partner. This proved that it is not the only thing women want in their partner, and the size doesn't matter significantly for a woman.

The average size of a woman's vagina is half the size of a man's penis, i.e., 2.5 inches only, and 3.7 inches is the maximum length. This proves that penis size doesn't matter for a woman to experience an orgasm or to feel sexually satisfied with her partner.

The report suggests that the vagina is wider at the proximal end and narrower deep inside. The widest part of the vagina is only 1.7 inches which is smaller than the width of the half penis, which is about 4.5 inches. This ensures that most men can conveniently satisfy a woman even with their small penis in length or width as well.

A lot of women consider a large penis to be more painful during intercourse, increasing the risk of vaginal injury. You need skills for better sexual performance. So, no matter how deeply you can penetrate her, if you can't stimulate her, you can't win her over.

Since the clitoris is an erotic organ of a woman’s body that makes her erect through sexual stimulation, only having a long penis won't be enough. While men feel more satisfied with internal penetration, women need external stimulation to feel satisfied.

measuring your penis size

Measuring your penis size

While measuring, make sure to erect your penis for precise measurement. You can measure your penis using a ruler, tape measure, or penis measuring devices. Getting different results every time is normal because temperature and sexual arousal can affect your penis size.

Measuring the length

Start by measuring the top rim of the penis, the side that you see while looking down. Then, measure from the edge of the pubic bone. Place the ruler on your groin until there's no space to push further. This is to avoid hair and skin affecting the measurement. Measure at a right angle to your body, keeping your penis straight. Use a flexible measuring tape for a bent penis to consider the curve.

Measuring the Girth:

Measure from the mid-shaft, as it's the most even area. Fold the measuring tape with a snug around the penis gently. You can use a paper, shoelace, or a string to measure if you don't have a flexible measuring tape. Measuring the penis size is not essential until and unless you have to buy the right-sized condom for safer intercourse.

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things to consider for a small penis

Things to Consider for a Small Penis

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Since you believe that you have a small penis, you need to feel confident about yourself. Another study revealed that many men who preferred to have their penises increased, whether through a surgical or a non-surgical procedure, have normal average size penis already.

However, if you persist, there are some things like sex positions and tongue twisters that make all the difference in the size.

1. Try a Cock Ring

It helps you get a prolonged, bigger, and stronger erection. But it is advised not to use it for more than 15-20 minutes. Otherwise, it can cause problems.

2. Testosterone Treatment

Having micropenis is a scarce condition, but if it is treated in childhood with Testosterone, it can later help in adulthood with good blood flow to the penis.

3. Use the right sex positions:

To have a fulfilling sex experience, you need the right sex positions. It helps enhance the reproductive and sexual health of both partners.

  • Dog style: This position offers better penetration into the vagina irrespective of the size. Fold her legs over her chest for a deeper penetration into her vagina. You can also use some pillows to elevate your partner's pelvic region.
  • Cowgirl position: In this position, your partner sits on your penis and uses it in her way. This way gives better access to the clitoris and better stimulation when needed. Hence, it's a perfect position to achieve stimulation along with a deeper penetration.
  • Anal sex: It is another well-proven way to have a good sex experience, even if you have a small penis. You need to go slowly and consider the lube carefully. This way guarantees to tear the thin skin with numerous sensitive nerves around the anal area.

4. Embrace confidence

If you want to win over your girl, you need to be confident in your skin, no matter the size or width of your penis. You can try giving yourself some boost talks. Plus, being relaxed in bed also improves your ejaculation level.

5. Have a healthy lifestyle

Exercising daily and embracing a healthy diet is your key to getting a good blood flow to your penis. It is ideal for improving both reproductive and sexual health. Try exercises for flexible, stronger hips because a flexible pelvic region gives you more substantial power to perform better in bed.

how can a woman help her man

How can a woman help her man?

If your male partner is conscious about having a smaller penis, here's how you can help them:

  • Be honest: Instead of lying to them about the size, acknowledge the size and assure them that it's perfect for you. Since lying in a relationship can ruin your relationship's essence.
  • Give them time: Anxiety over smaller penises exists, so you need to give them enough to get comfortable with the situation.
  • Communicate your needs: Instead of faking an orgasm, have a clear conversation with your partner about what works well for you.
  • Check before insertion: If you ask your partner to penetrate when they have already penetrated, it can affect him negatively. Therefore, it's better to check before asking them to insert.


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Instead of focusing on the size, you need to work on your skills to have a better experience in bed. Having confidence in yourself, along with clear communication with your partner, can open great sex opportunities for both of you. Try different sex positions and sex toys to achieve enthusiastic orgasms in men and women both.

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