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Bumble Bios Guide 2023: how to write a bio that got you matches

Need examples of the best Bumble bios to get her attention? We've got you covered with Bumble tips and bio examples.
bumble bios guide 2022 how to write a bio that got you matches

Online dating is the main way people meet these days, and that means getting comfortable with using dating sites. Each of the popular dating apps has subtle differences, but they all have one thing in common: in order to meet people on dating apps, you need a good dating profile.

Given that online dating success comes down to good dating profiles, you'd think we'd all have the hang of it by now — but a great bio can be hard to write! Even if you have strong writing stills, it's easy to freeze up when you're describing yourself.

That's why we're going to share our best tips for writing the best bumble bios, and before you know it, you'll be getting more matches and more dates.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Tips for the perfect Bumble bio
  2. Best Bumble bios examples
tips for the perfect bumble bio

Tips for the perfect Bumble bio

There are a lot of different ways to write good Bumble bios, but there are some things they all have in common. To help you write your Bumble bio profile, here's some general advice to keep in mind while you're working on your bumble profile bio.

  • Keep it short! Remember, you don't have a long time to make a first impression.

  • Share your best self, while staying honest. It's a fine line, but it's important.

  • Focus on conversation starters — every fact about yourself should lead to a potential story.

  • Use pop culture references as shorthand — a favorite movie or show can say a lot about who you are without taking up too much space.

  • Stick with the style of bio that's right for you — funny Bumble bios aren't for everyone!

  • Stay positive!

With these guidelines in mind, read on for more Bumble tips and profile examples.

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best bumble bios examples

Best Bumble bios examples

Need some specific bio examples to get your ideas flowing? here are some specific Bumble bio ideas you can borrow and make your own.

Tell me what your do without telling me what you do

Bumble profiles usually include your job, but that's no reason not to expand on this area. Jump on this social media trend to make your job sound interesting, no matter what you do for a living. Best of all, if you pull it off, she'll want to hear more.

"I sit in a tall chair all day."

"I take orders and make orders."

"I help people find enlightenment."

Your own Yelp style review

One of the best Bumble tips is to take advantage of your sense of humor. And the best funny bumble bios show off your sense of humor while still saying something about who you are.

"Great cook and good kisser, 5/5 stars."

"9/10 dentists agree, you should go on a date with me."

"Good looking and fantastic conversationalist, would recommend."

Skills ranking

Skills ranking is the hot new trend in resumes, so why not apply this same principle to bumble bios? A good bio shows what you're all about, without taking up too much space. Feel free to use a numbered rating system, or take advantage of star emoji for extra flair.

"Cooking 4/5 stars

Kissing 6/5 stars

Jokes 3/5 stars (but 5/5 for effort)

Good laugh 4/5 stars"

Bumble bio, at a glance

If you want to try out some clever Bumble bios, take advantage of this technique that sells your greatest strengths at a single glance.

"Technical skill: Can fix your router

Guilty pleasure: Popcorn and horror movies

Favorite meal: Real Italian pizza.

Best friend: My dog — (you must love animals.)"

Witty Bumble bios

If you can pull it off, try using your Bumble bio to make her laugh, and prove that you've got a good sense of humor. The best Bumble bios for guys aim at making her laugh!

"Asking girls out in the produce section of the grocery store hasn't been working out, so I thought I'd give this dating app a try."

"Let's spend our first date coming up with a cover story for how we met. I vote for 'saving kittens from a swimming pool.'"

Unpopular opinions

Share your hot takes but be careful — don't go negative and try not to get too controversial. Use the unpopular opinions format to get a smile, and hopefully as conversation starters.

"Unpopular opinion: Velma is the hot one."

"Unpopular opinion: Burger King > McDonalds."

"Unpopular opinion: Strawberries are overrated.”

Unpopular opinion: Funny guy > Nice guy.”

Unpopular opinion: Star Trek > Star Wars."

Two truths and a lie

A perrinial classic, the two truths and a lie format has it all: a chance to share fun facts about yourself, a chance to show off your sense of humor, and a way to pique her interest for a conversation.

"I was born on Christmas day,

I make better pasta than you do,

I can sing the alphabet song backwards."

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Every popular dating app relies on a bio section to help users get to know each other. Use the Bumble bios examples here to get ideas for grafting your own Bumble profile.

Remember, it's not about just using copy/paste, and it's not just a listing of random things. You need to take inspiration from these suggestions and formats to craft a Bumble profile that makes it clear at a glance what you're all about, and why someone should take a chance getting to know you. Check out what the best Bumble bios for girls are if you need some more inspiration.

Every dating site is full of people looking for matches, so take advantage of every tip you can, and change up your Bumble profile to a format that will stand out. A good Bumble profile only works if she takes the time to read it!

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