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Funny Bumble prompts you can use right now!

If you're looking for funny Bumble prompt answers, you've come to the right place. The best Bumble prompt answers are the ones that get a laugh while also showing your personality. And if you think that's a tall order for Bumble answers, don't worry — we're going to show you how to do it.
funny bumble prompts you can use right now

Everyone knows that a good sense of humor is a great way to get dates, but how are you supposed to show off how funny you can be on a dating app? While conversation starters might seem limited on the Bumble app, you probably have more options than you realize to make your profile stand out and find your perfect match.

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  1. Funny prompts you can use!
funny prompts you can use

Funny prompts you can use!

#1: Show off your most useless skill

While we never suggest putting yourself down in your dating profile, the "useless skill" prompt is actually a chance to share a secret skill, while getting a smile.

  • I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue

  • I can burp the alphabet

  • I can perfectly imitate a wild fox

#2: Fun fact I'm obsessed with

Here's your chance to start a conversation that can run for hours or even days. If you play your cards right, this could be the start of an inside joke that makes it to your wedding vows.

  • Pigeons and squirrels both started out as pets

  • You can play dead to survive a bear attack

  • Wombats make cube shaped poop

#3: My zombie apocalypse plan

Is your idea of a perfect Sunday curling up and watching horror movies? This might be one of the best Bumble questions for you to answer.

  • Just ask them nicely to leave

  • I'm going to surround my house with treadmills

  • Trampolines. The whole plan is trampolines.

#4: If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life

Obviously, mac & cheese is the right answer, but if you're looking for funny answers, you may need to branch out a little bit. And keep in mind, you can use these prompt responses as a date invitation if you like the same things!

  • French fries! There's nothing they can't do.

  • Sushi — both healthy and versatile.

  • Bacon ice cream. Best of both worlds.

#5: The perfect first date

A question like this almost makes online dating too easy. You can sell her on your date idea before you even start exchanging messages! Remember, the best Bumble prompts do double duty — you want to get message fodder as well as date ideas out of your Bumble prompt responses whenever possible.

  • A picnic where we both bring our favorite foods

  • A drive-in movie with all-you-can-eat popcorn

  • A doggy date — we meet at the dog park with our furry friends, let's find out if they get along!

#6: Swipe right if...

Why be subtle when you can be direct? After all, people have short attention spans on this dating site. If you want to answer Bumble prompts to weed out potential matches, Bumble answers like this will get the job done.

  • You can open this jar for me

  • You're free on Friday night

  • You won't expect me to kill spiders for you

#7: My pet peeve is...

Keep in mind, we're going for funny Bumble prompt answers here, so don't go too negative! The best way to get more matches is to keep things light, while still making your profile stand out with touches of your personality.

  • When I can't tell who someone is in a group photo

  • When dating apps crash and you lose the profile you were looking at

  • One word text messages

#8: I promise I won't judge you if...

Being non-judgmental is a great quality in a person, so here's your chance to show off. This is also the kind of open-ended prompt that allows plenty of room for funny Bumble answers.

  • You talk in your sleep

  • You watch the same tv shows as when you were a teenager

  • You dance like no one's watching

#9: Here's what I'd bring to a deserted island

The obvious answer here is to say, "I'd bring you," but feel free to play with variations on that theme.

  • A real nerd who comes with their own board game collection

  • A great cook and all the tools and ingredients they need

  • My third-grade teacher. Honestly, he was the best.

#10: My favorite quality in a person

Here's a chance to describe the most inspiring person you know, or to simply enhance your Bumble bio with more examples of the kind of person you're hoping to match with.

  • Someone who can have as much fun as a couch potato as they do at a Taylor Swift concert

  • Someone who knows how to write a great Bumble profile

  • Honestly, I just respect anyone who hangs the toilet paper in the right direction

Dating Profile Review

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Trusted by 196,552 happy users

Don't be afraid to get creative! Use the Bumble prompts and Bumble answers here as inspiration to get your own ideas flowing, because the best Bumble prompt answers are the ones that are unique to you.

Make sure you have a strategy for your Bumble app dating profile. It's not enough to just make a few random jokes, you want the whole Bumble bio to work together in order to get higher quality matches. And don't forget that the best Bumble bios also include a good Bumble photo. No Bumble answer is funny enough to get you out of sharing what you look like!

Lastly, don't set it and forget it. Bumble adds new prompts all the time, so change things up every so often. Dating sites reward people who are active online and when you hit "edit profile," Bumble knows you're staying up to date.

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