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10 Hacks to Get More Matches on Happn

Are you wondering how you can get more matches on the Happn dating app? Keep reading to find out how you can elevate your Happn profile to increase your match rate.
How To Get More Matches On Happn?

One of the hardest parts about online dating is finding people who are in your radius and in your area.

Happn is a popular dating app that is GPS-based, meaning it traces your steps using biometric data, and connects you with singles you’re crossing paths with or are close to. This makes the online dating process that much easier and connects you to singles in your area. Not being able to get matches on Happn can be frustrating, especially when you’ve taken the time to curate a strong profile.

If you’re struggling to get matches on the app, it’s time to change your approach and revamp your dating profile. Here is everything you need to know about how you can get more matches on Happn and find your potential match.

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Table of Contents

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  1. Why Getting More Matches on Happn is Key
  2. How to Get More Matches on Happn For Guys: 10 Hacks
Why Getting More Matches on Happn is Key

Why Getting More Matches on Happn is Key

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When you create a profile on the dating app Happn, it’s important that you get as many matches as possible. The more matches you have, the more chance you have of connecting with someone and organizing a date in real life. If you don’t get any matches, you can’t spark up a conversation with anyone, let alone get yourself a date.

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How to Get More Matches on Happn For Guys: 10 Hacks

How to Get More Matches on Happn For Guys: 10 Hacks

No matches?

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Although getting matches on dating apps can be time-consuming and require effort, there are some simple steps you can take to increase your match rate.  Here are 10 hacks that will help you get more matches on Happn.

1. Get your profile photo right

The first photo you post on your Happn profile is like your first impression, so you need to make sure it’s high quality and attracts the right matches. You can choose up to 9 other photos on Happn, but make sure your first photo is of high quality and is a profile shot of your face. You can get a professional photographer to take a photo or two of you which will make for a top-quality picture most guys won't have.

2. Drop the selfies 

Selfies may have seemed like a good idea a few years ago, but they’re no longer an effective way to get matches on dating apps. Selfies can make you appear vain and self-centered which is probably the opposite way you want matches to see you. Ditch the selfies and instead use photos that your friends have taken of you.

3. Avoid group photos

Group photos are risky, so it’s best to avoid them altogether. When you post group photos on your dating profile, potential matches could be left confused and wondering which one you are. You also want to ensure you’re the most attractive person in the group photo otherwise, your picture won’t have the desired effect. 

4. Write a unique bio 

Your bio is the second thing that potential matches will see on your dating profile, so it needs to be compelling. Your bio should set your profile apart from the rest and also help women get to know you better. Include a few fun facts about yourself or even a funny joke. Nothing breaks the ice better than humor to make your match laugh and feel comfortable sparking up a conversation with you. 

5. Add audio to your profile

Happn has a unique feature where you can record your prompt answers and add the video clip to your profile. Women will be able to hear your voice, which could spark an interest while also adding a creative and engaging bit to your profile.

6. Be active 

When you’re active on your Happn dating profile, you’ll have more chances of coming across potential matches that you want to get to know. This also increases your probability of appearing on other women’s profiles which will increase your exposure on the app. Although dating app algorithms change constantly, many will reward you for being active, so it’s best to go onto the app and swipe often.

7. Don’t mass swipe

While it’s important to be active on the app, you don’t want to overdo it and mass swipe on every profile. This could leave you with an overwhelming amount of matches and also trigger the app to show you less relevant profiles. Swipe right on the profiles you see potential in, but don’t swipe too often.

8. Send the first message

Don’t be a stranger and send the first message! Break the ice with a funny joke, pickup line, or opening line to let your match know that you’re interested. This will help you keep matches from expiring and removing you. You’ll also have a better chance at getting conversations started. Your matches will appreciate that you took initiative and were confident enough to spark up a chat.

9. Get certified

You can get a certified badge on your Happn profile to show people you’ve verified your profile via the Happn app. This will boost your match rate and show women you are who you say you are and aren’t a fake profile or catfish. All you need to do is open the profile editing screen and click on the notification prompting you to get your profile certified. Click the “Let’s Go” button, and will be then prompted to record an in-app video. You can also consider upgrading your basic profile to Happn premium and uncover some amazing features.

10. Set yourself apart from the rest

With so much competition on the Happn app, you’ll need to set yourself apart from the rest of the people on the app. Write a unique bio that’s interesting and has fun facts that other profiles won’t have. Include photos that show your unique interests and adventurous side. You can add a funny joke or pickup line to your profile to make it stand out. The more eye-catching your profile is, the better shot you have at boosting your match rate.


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