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How to get more matches on Hinge in 2023

If you're worried that the Hinge algorithm is working against you and is preventing you from finding matches on Hinge, your profile may be the problem. Here are simple steps you can take to get more matches on Hinge.
how to get more matches on hinge matches in 2022

With high expectations and excitement, you downloaded Hinge and set up your dating profile, but days turn into weeks, and you have not found a true match. If this situation sounds familiar, then you are not alone.

Getting quality matches on Hinge can be daunting as it requires you to be creative, express more in less, and seem pleasingly different, as the first impression is the last.

Today online dating plays a significant role in building meaningful relationships. Therefore, to help you enjoy fruitful results from your Hinge expeditions, we have discussed the process of liking and then matching with potential matches.

We will also address some commonly asked questions about the Hinge dating app and how to get more on one of the best life-altering dating sites.

So, let's begin the fun part.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Why Getting More Matches on Hinge is Key
  2. How To Get More Matches on Hinge For Guys: 10 Hacks
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Why Getting More Matches on Hinge is Key

Without matches on Hinge, you have no one to ask out on a date or even try to start a conversation with. It’s just you on the app– and that will get you no closer to finding your perfect partner. Dating apps rely on matches to run, so if you want to find success with online dating, you need to score a few matches.

Matches on Hinge are the most important factor in helping you get the opportunity to start a conversation and get the Hinge algorithm working in your favor, so you’ll want to rework your profile to get more matches.

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How To Get More Matches on Hinge For Guys: 10 Hacks

Two things before reseting your account

How To Get More Matches on Hinge For Guys: 10 Hacks

You don’t have to delete dating apps like Hinge just yet – there is hope when it comes to fixing your profile and getting more Hinge matches. These are 10 hacks to get you more matches on Hinge:

1. Have an attractive first photo

Your first photo is your very first impression for getting more matches on Hinge, so it needs to stand out and wow your potential matches. To help you get your first photo right, here are a few of our top tips to guide you:

  • Use a clear portrait photo – your first photo should be clear, in focus, and show your face fully in a strong portrait photo. High-resolution photos tend to do very well as a first photo to attract quality matches.

  • Don’t cover up – avoid photos of you wearing a hat, sunglasses, or anything else that can cover up your face when online dating. Show yourself – that’s what women want to see on dating apps!

  • Delete the selfies – get rid of your selfies. They’re not interesting and make you seem too into your looks.

  • Smile – Photos of you smiling will make you look more confident – a quality that all women love in a man.

  • Avoid party photos – unless you’re looking for a casual hookup or someone to party with, women will think you’re steering clear of a serious relationship if you only have party photos on your profile.

2. Have a variety of photos

Once you have an attractive first photo on the dating app, it’s time to add a variety of photos to the mix to improve your profile. To help yourself get more Hinge matches, use photos that other people have taken of you. Having photos of you in different settings will show women you’re active, have friends, and have different sides to yourself. Here are a few tips on getting more photo content for your Hinge profile:

  • Go back to past events – if you’ve recently gone to a wedding, or went on a camping trip with friends, ask the people you were with to send any photos they have of you. You might get lucky and find a few gems you can use for your dating app profile.

  • Take new photos – if you’ve tried looking through your camera roll and tried asking friends for photos, take some new content. Hang out with a friend or a family member and ask them to take a few photos of you. You can go fishing, to a soccer game, camping, or anything else that shows you like to get out and be active.

3. Be flexible with the Hinge filters

You might be too picky with your filters and be missing out on a lot of potential matches. Increase your search radius to cover a larger area. If you’re having a hard time finding matches, your search radius might be too low. Go into your Hinge settings and expand your radius and age range.

4. Use Hinge Prompts

If you’re struggling to come up with a catchy bio or don’t know how to initiate a conversation, Hinge prompts work as great conversation starters and can encourage women to match with you and even break the ice with the first message. Hinge prompts help break the ice and can help you find more compatible matches. Here are a few Hinge prompt answers to get you started:

  • Dating me is like… Seeing a D-List celebrity at the airport. Thrilling.

  • Green flags I look for… Think of this like a Ted Talk on dating you.

  • My most irrational fear… Death by an AC unit falling from a window.

  • All I ask is that you… Tell my grandma we met at the supermarket.

  • We’re the same type of weird if… Long menus stress you out.

5. Connect your social media accounts

Let potential matches feel confident that you are who you say you are by connecting your socials to your Hinge profile. Connecting your Instagram will let women see that you’re verified and not just a catfish on the app. Social media platforms like Instagram and Spotify let to see more of your personality. Plus, it's a great way to bond with your matches over mutual interests you may have.

6. Avoid group photos

Group photos may seem like a good idea since you’re showing your social circle, but they’re very hard to get right. Women may not know which one you are and will swipe left out of convenience. If you’re not 100% confident that you’re the most attractive person in the group photo, it’s best not to post it as this won’t help your chances.

7. Don’t leave anything blank

Most Hinge users who see empty Hinge profiles or one with missing information will consider it a red flag. Don’t leave anything blank on your profile. Women don’t want to question whether you’re a catfish, and most won’t give you a second chance and will swipe left on your profile.

8. Check your messages daily

Be active on your Hinge profile and check your messages daily. If you take too long to respond to your Hinge matches or don’t reply at all, you won’t have much success on the dating app. Check in with the app at least once a day, and reply to your matches when they message you.

9. Niche down

You might think that trying to appeal to all types of women will increase your success on Hinge when it may be what’s hurting your game. Think about the type of woman you want to attract and niche down to curate a profile that will reach her. You can’t please everyone, and you want to find a match who genuinely likes you for you.

10. Don’t mass swipe

If you're concerned about how many Hinge matches you have, you might be tempted to mass swipe right. Although it’s important to be active on the app, you want to find a balance between being too picky and mass swiping. Find a middle ground, and swipe on women who you like and see potential with. If you have absolutely no interest in someone, don’t swipe right on them!

You can overwhelm yourself with too many profiles which will make it hard to find the right girl in a sea of profiles and can negatively affect the Hinge algorithm toward your dating profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Hinge for hookups or dating?

The Hinge app is designed to be deleted once you have found a compatible match. Hence it is oriented towards meaningful relationships rather than casual hookups and meetups.

Q: How many Hinge matches are normal?

The number of matches you get depends on the quality of information you have added to your profile. It can range from 7 to 10 matches a day if you properly fill in all the information. The matches are even higher in the beginning.

Q: Can you get a match on Hinge without paying?

The Hinge free version offers eight likes a day which means you have eight potential matches daily if those profiles like you back. The likes reset at 4 a.m. daily according to your local time. It even allows users to send messages, comment, and start conversations easily.

Q: Is Hinge popular like other dating apps?

Hinge doesn't disclose its user numbers, but its spokeswoman Jean-Marie McGrath reports that 35,500 dates weekly and 1,500 relationships developed due to the Hinge app. She also disclosed that an average user has about 50 Facebook friends on Hinge.

Dating Profile Review

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At a glance, you will think that Hinge is just like any other dating app but its unique tap system as opposed to swiping makes all the difference in the world. It allows you to like pictures, question prompts, and Instagram photos to increase your reach and chances of getting a compatible match.

Just remember that there are thousands of other users you are competing with so make sure to stand out in the crowd and start matching with the highly compatible ones.

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