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7+ Dating Experts’ Advice On How To Start A Conversation On Tinder - Tested and Approved

Are you still using conversation starters like “Hey, what’s up?” to start your Tinder conversations? Sorry, but you need to upgrade your Tinder conversation game for better results.
How To Start A Conversation On Tinder?

How many times have you encountered an awkward conversation with your match on Tinder and wanted to die of shame with embarrassment? No need to answer. We know it's a common thing when we are excited about a Tinder match but the dull dry conversation just ruins the entire mood.

Well, making an impression on an online dating app is no joke. People are severely judgemental on dating apps and your single wrong step can cost you a good match. Therefore, having perfect Tinder conversation starters helps you avoid small talk and have a connection with your match.

That's why here we bring you experts' advice on crafting a solid conversation starter to make an impression that will result in a real date.

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Table of Contents

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  1. What is a conversation starter?
What is a conversation starter?

What is a conversation starter?

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A conversation starter is an opening remark or question that helps you build a meaningful conversation with your match allowing you to know them better. The qualities of best conversation starters by dating coach Sarika Jain include: They need to be personal, funny/witty, interesting, or at least spark curiosity.

Another dating coach Ariella Surur advised that the goal of using a conversation starter is to initiate a meaningful or lasting conversation. It doesn't have to feel forced or die down after a few exchanges.

Now how exactly are you supposed to do that? Keep reading to find solid tips for crafting the ideal Tinder conversation starters for a better dating experience.

1. Try open-ended questions:

Starting conversations with an open-ended question is the perfect way to encourage a response. But the catch is to ask better questions than simple “How are you? “ “What're you doing?” kind of questions.

Another dating expert Lily Womble recommended asking intentional questions or asking something that will help you eliminate the individuals who are not ready to put in efforts for a meaningful conversation. You can take inspiration from the person's profile or shared interests something that will keep the conversation flowing.

You can try saying something like:

  • OMG, that place in your picture looks so good. Which place is it?
  • I went to that country last year. Tell me about your favorite spot there.
  • I see you love coffee. Do you have a suggestion for the best cafe in town?
  • Do you have a secret guilty pleasure? Want to talk about it?

2. Talk about their native town:

If you can't come up with the right question to start a convo, you can try asking them about their childhood or native town.

Everyone loves to talk about their happy childhood times and the place they grew up in. It will help you fill the void and learn about each other in a meaningful way. Some perfect opener may include:

  • What led you to move to... What's your favorite part about living there?
  • Any go-to local spots you'd recommend? I'm always on the lookout for new places to explore.
  • Being a [mention their hometown] native must come with some unique experiences. Any interesting local traditions you cherish?
  • What are your favorite holiday destinations on your travel bucket list? I'm always looking for recommendations.
  • Hey! Your Rome pictures are beautiful. I'm planning a trip there this summer. Any recommendations or advice?

3. Avoid negative attitude:

Maintaining a positive attitude in Tinder conversations is crucial for fostering a healthy and enjoyable interaction. Negativity can dampen the mood and create an unfavorable impression.

Instead of dwelling on drawbacks or complaints, try to start a conversation towards optimistic topics, achievements, or plans. You can also try a cheesy pickup line or funny message to engage in your Tinder interactions.

Keep your remarks friendly and positive like:

  • Wow you're also a dog person… I love your cute furry friend.
  • Are you binge-watching….. show? I'm also a huge fan want to discuss them someday?
  • Hey! Are you into tennis? Which team you're supporting for this Saturday's match?

4. Try in-app features:

Tinder offers unique and great interactive features to encourage convo. You can check out their Spotify playlist or check out their Instagram account through their dating profile. Don't worry you're not stalking them.

You're just trying to find a common ground to start a good conversation on Tinder.

  • I checked out your Spotify playlist. What's the last song you listened to recently?
  • Just saw on Instagram you went to the Yankees game. Who's your favorite player?

5. Talk about their interest or hobbies:

It's a pretty simple way to start conversations on Tinder.

Whether it's a favorite hobby, a specific genre of music, or a particular sport, expressing genuine curiosity about their interests not only provides insight into their personality but also opens the door for shared interests.

This shared ground creates a more meaningful connection and sets the stage for starting a conversation on Tinder that's both enjoyable and relatable.

  • Hiked any great trails lately? I'm on the lookout for fun adventures!
  • Marvel fan? Thoughts on the latest movie's surprises?
  • Are you into yoga? Any tips for a beginner like me?
  • The random fact listed on your profile is quite something. Can you tell me more about it?
  • I'm impressed with your rock climbing skills. Any memorable climbs or dream destinations?

6. Ask them out for the first date:

Once you have passed the initial Tinder conversation stage of introducing each other, it's best to invite them on a date. It will show your genuine interest and initiative in moving beyond casual conversation.

Asking on a first date helps you filter down people who are not interested in a serious commitment. So, make sure to ask for a date after the exchange of initial messages. If you want to get a bit flirty keep it light and fun.

Here are some ideas for starting a conversation on Tinder:

  • What's your favorite bar in town? We need to check them out someday.
  • I'm also crazy for a refreshing martini. Do you know a good spot in town?
  • I feel like we need to continue this conversation to your favorite Italian place in town.
  • Hey! I've got an extra ticket to the famous music festival. Mind joining me this Friday?
  • What's your idea of a fun date version?

7. Try a basic but cheesy pick-up line:

We cannot come up with something creative all the time. If you feel a lack of inspiration for starting a conversation on Tinder, try out the basic questions based on their bio information and pictures. You can ask about their favorite movie, comfort food, favorite travel destination, etc.

  • Recommend a good movie for a Friday night.
  • Are you more of a sunrise or sunset person?
  • If you're stuck on a deserted island what would be your three must-have essentials to survive?
  • What's your favorite movie or book character you would love to meet in person?
  • What do you love to do in your free time? Is it thinking about me or planning our future together😉
  • Do you believe in the magic of the first swipe?
  • I came prepared but your pretty smile made me forget my cheeses pickup lines of all time.

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We are living in the digital age dominated by dating apps. Here your first message decides the success of your dating struggles. On Tinder, most people underestimate the power of a well-thought-out opening line. However, recognizing the power of genuine curiosity and personalized engagement can elevate your conversation skills.

Consider being yourself, confident, and funny in your interactions to leave a lasting impression on your matches. Once you've developed an understanding with your match, ask them out for a real-life interaction.

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Ben Bailey

Ben is one of the best Dating Experts I've ever met and one of the few that cracked the algorithm of online dating. Every week, Ben is publishing new articles on ROAST, helping 20M+ of people to get more matches, dates, and find the one!

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