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  • Hookup Hookup: Everything You Need To Know in 2023

Looking for the best dating app for hookups? Match can help you find new friends with benefits. Explore the naughty realms of the most recommended hookup site Match with us.
matchcom hookup everything you need to know in 2023

Match is one of the oldest dating apps catering to many people for casual and serious relationships.

We all know online dating can be a huge pain in the ass, where most users are looking for an extremely serious relationship or casual sex. But Match is different, it is the only OG dating site created for people to find like-minded people. It has a compatible user base with Tinder and a decent gender balance as compared to the dating sites Harmony and OKCupid.

If you are indecisive about finding potential hookup partners on Match, we are here to change your mind and show you things you are missing out on.

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Table of Contents

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  1. Why Should You Trust The Match Dating Site?
  2. How Does the Match Dating App Works?
  3. Is Match Dating App Suitable for Hookups?
  4. Pros of Using Match for Hookup
  5. Cons of using Match for hookup
why should you trust the match dating site

Why Should You Trust The Match Dating Site?

Match is the mother of all dating sites, with over 20 years of matchmaking experience.

It promises a date within six months of signing up on the platform. If not, the app gives you six months of free usage. Also, the hookup app boasts an estimated 16 million active profiles globally, making it the online dating site with the largest user base.

It is the best hookup site, with 44% of female users; this means you have a large hunting ground for finding potential dates. This shows that you are not doomed to be single forever because there are plenty of fish in the sea i.e., hookup partners; you just need to look for the best hookup website.

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how does the match dating app works

How Does the Match Dating App Works?

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The priority of the hookup site, Match, is to help you find a good partner. The dating app caters to all genders and sexuality. Initially, setting up an account will only take 5 minutes. Be sure to fill in accurate clear details while setting up your profile to find the best compatible matches.

You can find all the profiles best suited to you on the' Discover' page. The advanced search filters are also helpful to find matches based on hobbies, background, religion, etc. However, when you set up your profile, the app will ask you to pay for a premium subscription. The paid membership filters out all fake profiles, allowing users a better dating experience.

The dating app Match caters to 80% of college graduates, giving you better chances of getting good potential matches.

is match dating app suitable for hookups

Is Match Dating App Suitable for Hookups?

You can try out your luck on the Match app, but it is not primarily a hookup app. It offers great potential matches and interested partners, but most people prefer committed relationships. Considering this, Match might or might not be an online dating platform for you.

However, many reviewers report that Match offers a better dating experience than other dating apps. Match is not restricted to casual dating only; you can meet people, build connections, and even make great friends and long relationships. Yet it's best to know that many people are here for commitments.

Besides, you can cancel the monthly or yearly subscription whenever you wish.

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pros of using match for hookup

Pros of Using Match for Hookup

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Match is a dating app that offers many unique features for online dating. Here are some helpful things for casual dating on this dating site.

Massive educated user base compared to other dating apps

Match's statistics show that over 20 million users are looking for partners on the dating site, allowing you to meet people with similar interests.

Despite being one of the oldest dating sites, Match updates its features and services. Its free version includes sorting options that filter people based on your likes and preferences, along with gender and sexuality.

The app user base consists of more mature and straightforward individuals. Most users are well-educated and motivated, streamlining communication compared to other sites. With a balanced distribution of users, match fosters a comfortable environment for women.

Unlike many other hookup apps that are predominantly male-centric, offers a more inclusive space that makes female users feel at ease.

Numerous free features

Most of Match's features require a premium subscription. However, if you're initially hesitant to commit financially, you can still explore by creating an account and using basic membership to test the water.

The free membership allows you to explore the profiles on the app, allowing you to analyze whether the app is suitable for you. It's a great approach for users to make an informed decision about their compatibility with Match.

Better profile quality

Match is one of the best hookup apps with a massive customer base with the most active profiles from the USA. It is the only dating app that has a gender distribution of 50:50. This means unlike other hookup sites where men are in abundance and finding good hookup partners become a distant dream. But Match has equal men and female users.

Match members prefer serious connections and commitments for a lifetime. Therefore one-night stands and casual hookups might not be possible on this dating app.

cons of using match for hookup

Cons of using Match for hookup

Despite being a great place for online dating, a few things might hinder your experience of finding good casual relationships on the hookup app.

More focused on serious relationships than other dating sites

Since most app users are above 30, they are more inclined towards building serious commitments instead of casual encounters. There's a chance you also feel the same, but it's good to know that you will meet more people who prefer serious commitments over casual dating.

Pro tip: If you are truly looking for casual sex and hookups, then Ashley Madison is one of the best hookup apps for you.

Hefty premium membership

Compared to some best dating sites, Match subscription plans are expensive. The cost is justified for the app's amazing benefits to its users, but you can find similar dating experiences on other hookup apps at lower prices.

Match charges $35 for a monthly subscription. The long plans are cheaper, but paying so much discourages many users.

Not suitable for younger people is not highly recommended for the young generation. It's a dating site that concentrates more on helping you find a life partner for serious commitments instead of one-night stands and casual encounters. The Match's dating insights show that only 19% of the Match's members are young people.

Is Match Safe?

Dating online comes with a fair share of scams and fake platforms claiming to be the best. But Match is one of the best hookup apps you can trust. It's a great dating platform that promises fun and legit potential matches to build relationships of your choice. Unlike other dating sites claiming success, this dating site is all about originality and a better dating experience.


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To find a successful relationship on all online dating sites, you must go through several trials and errors to find a true match. So, if you are still unsure whether the Match dating app will work for casual hookups, you need to go and explore it yourself. We hope our little guide has been helpful for you to build a clear picture of this popular app for casual hookups.

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