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Photoeval Review: Is It Worth It?

Are you wondering how attractive you are, but don’t know anyone who will give you an honest opinion? Keep reading to find out about the app that will rate your pictures to improve your dating profile picture.

Photoeval is a platform that will rate your profile pictures with input from real users, helping you to find the perfect photo for your online dating app profiles. You’ll be able to find out which of your profile pictures are the most attractive, and which ones you should ditch. If you’re looking to optimize your pictures on dating apps and boost matches, this is a great platform to use to improve your photos. 

This is everything you need to know about the profile photo rating app, and how you can use the anonymous feedback to improve your profile photo on dating apps.

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Table of Contents

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  1. What is Photoeval?
  2. How Does Photoeval Work?
  3. Pros of Photoeval 
  4. Cons of Photoeval

What is Photoeval?

Photoeval is a website where you can upload photos of yourself and have them rated by real people on an attractiveness scale of one to ten. When you upload a profile picture from a dating profile, you'll get it rated and commented on by users across the globe. Members can also leave comments with detailed feedback that can help you improve your photos and make the right impression on dating sites.

It’s free to use and can be used as a useful resource for you to boost your match rate and increase profile views on online dating apps like Bumble and Tinder.

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How Does Photoeval Work?

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Photoeval is completely free to use, so you won’t have to pay to get your profile photo rated for your dating apps. It works similarly to Photo Feeler, which is another website that rates profile photos based on an attractiveness scale. To get feedback on your profile picture quicker, you’ll need to rate other photos of real users and provide feedback as well. This way, your photo will be moved up to the top of the queue and guarantee you faster feedback.

Photos are based on several factors including facial symmetry, asymmetry, facial age, simplicity, facial weight, and skin health. The clearer and higher quality your photos, the better and more honest feedback you’ll be able to get.

Pros of Photoeval 

There are a variety of pros that make Photoeval a worthwhile website to check out. These are the top pros that make Photoeval worth considering.

Have Your Photos Rated By Hundreds of Women

Some users reported in their reviews that they had their photos rated by hundreds of women, giving them insight into their best photos for online dating apps. This is one of the greatest pros that make Photoeval worth checking out, as you won’t be able to get so much feedback on your photos in most places.

It’s Completely Free To Use

You don’t have to pay anything to upload your photo onto Photoeval and to get it rated and reviewed by users. The website is completely free to use, and all you have to do is rate other members’ photos and leave feedback to get the same. If you're looking for a free place to rate your Tinder photos, this could be a good place to start.

Receive Honest Feedback on Your Photos

It’s not always easy to get honest feedback on your photos, especially if you only have friends and family to ask. With Photoeval, you’ll have strangers rating and commenting on your photos, giving you their genuine and real opinions. You can use this feedback to completely revamp your photos and online dating profile.

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Cons of Photoeval

While there are many pros that make Photoeval a website to consider using, there are some cons that come with the photo-rating platform.

You Need To Provide Many Likes and Feedback

Some users have complained that they’ve had to like and rate countless photos and leave feedback, just to be able to upload and receive feedback on a few photos of their own. You do need to put time into rating other peoples’ photos and it's best to avoid time wasters that won't give you much back.

Ratings Can Vary

Just like with Photofeeler reviews, Photoeval users have had trouble with inconsistencies with the attractiveness scale. You may upload your photo here and get a good rating, and then upload it to another similar site and get a super low rating. Ratings can be completely inconsistent, so you could get bad reviews on your good photos or your best profile picture and vice versa.

This might also happen if you upload the same picture twice on Photoeval, which can be confusing and make many question the legitimacy of the website.

It Can Affect Your Confidence

If you do end up getting extremely low ratings on the attractiveness scale, or only have good feedback from a minority of users, it could end up negatively affecting your confidence. It’s important to come into the photo rating site with an open mind and not get too upset and offended if the ratings don’t go your way.


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Trusted by 256,862 happy users


While it can be fun to upload a few of your dating apps photos and get feedback from Photoeval, it may not be worth the time and effort in the end. If you’re spending a lot of time rating and commenting on other photos, it may not be worth using Photoeval to rate your photos. It could also affect your confidence and how you feel about your profile picture and your own looks, especially if you don’t get the feedback you were hoping for and rate low on the attractiveness scale.

We recommend using Roast for all of your dating profile and photo needs, as you can get genuine advice from real people on how to completely elevate your dating profile for more matches.

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