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Raya: Everything You Need To Know About This Exclusive Dating App

Known as an exclusive app for famous folks like Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore, Ben Affleck and more, Raya is a dating app that's exclusive and hard to get on. Find out everything you need to know about the Raya app, and how you can get on Raya.
raya everything you need to know about this exclusive dating app

When it comes to exclusive online dating apps, Raya is at the top of the list. Known as Tinder for famous people or the celebrity dating app, Raya is an invite-only, exclusive dating site that is curated for people in the creative industries. The infamous dating app is one that the rich and famous use to find love. But, is Raya exclusively for celebrities, or do you have a chance of setting up a profile on the platform? In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Raya and getting on the ultra-exclusive dating app. 

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What is Raya?
  2. How Does Raya Work?
  3. The Rules of Raya
  4. How Can You Get On Raya?
  5. How Long Does It Take To Get Off The Raya Waiting List?
what is raya

What is Raya?

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Launched in 2015, Raya is an exclusive online dating app that is invite-only and caters to those in the creative industry, including A-list to C-list celebrities, agents, and other famous members. Raya is very selective with members, having reportedly just 10,000 members across countries in 2018. There have been a number of celebrity sightings on the app including Demi Lovato, Ben Affleck, Matthew Perry, Channing Tatum, John Mayer, and more. Since the app is invite-only, it’s very exclusive and can be next to impossible to get on Raya.

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how does raya work

How Does Raya Work?

Steps before reseting

Raya works differently from other common dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. When creating a profile on Raya, you choose a song and make a slideshow of your best photos. Once you’re finished, users will be able to view your slideshow while the song plays in the background. 

You will be prompted to upload a main picture for your Raya profile, and can create a bio that has your age, location, and occupation listed. Since you apply with your Instagram account, your handle will be on your profile.

The Raya app works on a swipe, match system similar to Tinder and Bumble. Once you’re on someone’s profile, you can select Yes if you’re interested and No if you want to pass. If you both say Yes, you can message or video chat on the app. Matches expire after 10 days if no one sends a first message. You’re only shown a limited amount of profiles per day, so you’ll be limited in how many matches you get per day.

You can’t filter out potential matches by location, which means your matches can be from all over the world. You can use the “Maps” feature to find users near you, but you’ll have to pay extra to message people in your area who are near you. Once accepted, there is a monthly membership fee of $9.99. You can also opt-in to pay for extra in-app purchases like extra likes and more.

the rules of raya

The Rules of Raya

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Since Raya is such an exclusive and secretive app, there are a few strict rules you will need to follow and be mindful of when using the app. 

  1. You cannot take screenshots of the app

  2. Avoid talking about the app in public 

  3. You must be over 18 to use the app

  4. You cannot have any public depictions of hate

  5. You cannot have any consistent displays of excessive wealth

Once you’re accepted to the app, you will have to agree to a list of rules to create your profile on Raya, which includes the rules above. If you break any of the rules above, Raya reserves the right to suspend or remove anyone who does not follow the community guidelines.

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how can you get on raya

How Can You Get On Raya?

Two things before reseting your account

Although it’s very difficult to get invited to the exclusive dating app, it’s not impossible to get on Raya. Raya has an 8% acceptance rate and consists of a multi-step process to getting admitted into the app. Raya has a higher rejection rate than Harvard Business School, so it's definitely hard work to get accepted onto the app.

You’ll need to fill out an application that’s then viewed by hundreds of anonymous committee members. You’ll also need a referral from someone that is already on the Raya app – the more referrals you have from existing members, the better your chances will be of getting accepted. Then, you’ll have to wait to be contacted by the app if you’ve been accepted for the Raya membership.

how long does it take to get off the raya waiting list

How Long Does It Take To Get Off The Raya Waiting List?

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In 2018, it was reported that the Raya waiting list consisted of over 100,000 people. If Raya doesn’t accept you, they will not send you a notice to let you know you’ve been rejected. Your profile will most likely stay “Pending”. When you apply to be on the app, you can see the contacts you have who are also on the app. You’ll be prompted to pick one for a referral, and they will then be asked if they will refer you or not.

Getting a referral on Raya will help you move your profile through the waitlist, but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be accepted. It can take anywhere from a few days to months to get accepted on the app once you're finished with the application process. Some people have reportedly been on the waitlist for over two years. How long you’re on the waitlist varies from person to person, but many have shared that Instagram influencers with a large number of followers tend to get a quicker response from Raya. 

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The Raya dating app is a secluded, exclusive dating app that only famous actors and those in the creative industries can get on. With some work and inside connections, you may be lucky enough to get on the infamous dating app.

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