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Tinder First Picture: The Ultimate Guide on Getting Your Profile Picture Right

If you’re not finding success on Tinder, it could be your profile picture. The best Tinder profile pics don't have to be hard to take, here is everything you need to know on how to get a top-notch Tinder profile picture.
Best Tinder First Picture

Everyone knows that your profile picture can either make or break your Tinder profile. If you don’t have good Tinder pictures on your profile, most women are going to swipe left on your profile or completely ignore you even if they did swipe right. You’ll have a low match rate and be asking yourself what’s turning everyone away.

Curating the perfect Tinder pictures takes effort, but it’s definitely worth the extra work. Here is the ultimate guide to help you take Tinder pics that will get you more matches.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Why The First Picture is The Most Important
  2. How to Take a Great First Picture for Tinder
Why The First Picture is The Most Important

Why The First Picture is The Most Important

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All of your Tinder pictures are important, but the first picture takes the cake as the key photo for online dating. It’s the most important picture on your profile and for good reason.

It’s the first picture all of your potential matches see while swiping through Tinder. A lot of girls won’t swipe through your photos if they already don’t like your first photo – they’ll just instantly swipe left.

This is why it’s essential that your first photo is attractive and intriguing so that women want to swipe through them and give you a right swipe.

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How to Take a Great First Picture for Tinder

How to Take a Great First Picture for Tinder

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If you don’t have any good photos that you feel make a strong, attractive first Tinder picture, don’t worry. You can take one with the right setting, camera, and pose. 

1. Show your face

The first thing you need to avoid is hiding your face in your first profile picture. Girls need to know exactly what you look like so they can rule out you being a catfish, as well as see if they’re attracted to you. Make sure that your face is shown clearly in your Tinder photos, so that your potential matches aren’t confused by or swiping left immediately on your profile.

2. Smile

A good photo is one where you're smiling Smiling in your Tinder pics will make you look undeniably more attractive. A smile exudes confidence, which is what you want to reflect in your profile picture. It’ll also make women feel more comfortable and at ease when they come across your profile, encouraging them to swipe right on your profile.

3. Avoid sunglasses 

Sunglasses can work sometimes, but they may cover your face so much that women will swipe left on your profile, not knowing what you truly look like. You can hide a lot with sunglasses, so ensure your first profile picture doesn’t have them. It’s okay to wear sunglasses in your other photos, so long as your first picture shows your face entirely.

4. Look put together

When taking online dating photos, invest the time to groom yourself and get ready for the pictures. Wear something nice, and make sure you look put together and approachable. If you feel confident and attractive, that will show in your photos and attract women to your Tinder profile.

5. Take a high-quality picture

If you upload a grainy, low-quality picture, you’re only increasing your chances of getting swiped left on. A bad quality picture will make it look like you couldn’t put in the effort to upload or take a nice photo for your profile. It may also have women wondering if you’re trying to hide what you look like behind the picture’s quality — which you don’t want them thinking.

Upload an iPhone photo that’s clear, or use a good-quality camera. You can also hire a professional photographer who will take great Tinder profile pictures for you while also giving you Tinder photo tips as you take them.

6. Ask a friend to take your picture for you 

Don’t be afraid to ask a friend to your Tinder photos for you. They’ll be able to get better angles and more options for you, and can critique your pictures as you take them. You can also get creative with your background and scenery, and head out somewhere to take good photos for your Tinder profile.

7. Ask girls you know to give you feedback

If you know any girls, ask them to give you feedback on your top choices for your Tinder pictures. Girls will be able to offer you better insight into what you can change and improve, since they know what other girls are looking for in Tinder pics on the dating app. 

8. Don’t upload a selfie

Whatever you do, don’t upload a selfie as your Tinder first picture. While it’s an easy option and you might think you look great in the picture – selfies don’t do well on dating apps. A selfie will make you look self-absorbed, egotistical, and vain. Instead, upload a photo of you doing something, a candid, or one a friend took.

9. Avoid group shots

Group photos should be avoided, especially in your first Tinder pictures. Girls won't know which one you are, and unless you're positive you're the most attractive guy in the group, you won't have good Tinder pictures from a group photo. If you're an average looking guy, avoid group pics and instead upload smart photos of yourself.

10. No shirtless pics

This is similar to the no selfies rule as shirtless pics will give off the same self-absorbed, egotistical vibe you're trying to avoid when online dating. The best Tinder pictures are those where you're fully clothed so avoid the topless pic.

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With these tips, you'll be able to upgrade your Tinder profile and take Tinder profile photos that attract matches you want to get to know better. Once you nail your Tinder dating pics, you'll be closer to finding your perfect partner online.

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