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Tinder Primetime Boost: The Ultimate Guide

Is the Primetime Boost feature on Tinder worth the investment? Find out everything you need to know about this popular feature and whether it can help increase your profile's visibility and attract more views on the dating app.
tinder primetime boost the ultimate guide

Are you tired of swiping only to see minimal results on your profile?

If you have a good Tinder profile, and an attractive profile icon but you’re still not getting much traction on your profile and only have a few matches, it might be time to consider upgrading your Tinder membership to Tinder Boost.

Tinder Boost has many notable features to help you get your profile noticed by your perfect match, with Tinder Primetime Boost being one of those features.

In this article, we’ll be doing a deep dive into the exclusive feature and everything you need to know about the feature.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What is Tinder Primetime Boost?
  2. Primetime Boost Vs. Tinder Boost Explained
  3. Primetime Boost vs. Tinder Super Boost
  4. Is Tinder Primetime Boost Worth It?
what is tinder primetime boost

What is Tinder Primetime Boost?

Primetime Boost is similar to the Tinder Boost feature, which places your profile at the top of many users’ dating profiles in your area for 30 minutes, and helps get you more swipes and more matches on your account.

When you click the purple lightning bolt icon, your Tinder Boost will be activated, and Primetime Boost works the same way. With Tinder’s Primetime Boost feature, the boost triggers automatically at an audience peak, so you’ll get even more new matches and better results on the dating app.

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primetime boost vs tinder boost explained

Primetime Boost Vs. Tinder Boost Explained

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Primetime Boost and Tinder Boost are very similar features, with only a few slight differences.

Primetime Boost works exactly like Tinder Boost, giving your profile a boost for 30 minutes to those in your area.

With Primetime Boost, the feature will automatically trigger the boost during peak hours – showing your Tinder profile to more viewers and helping you get more likes and more matches.

The app uses an algorithm and analytics to decide when the best time to use Tinder is, and will trigger the Primetime boost feature. If you're asking yourself, how much a Boost costs - you're not alone, as Tinder constantly changes the price of Tinder Boosts, but one Boost typically costs $6.99.

primetime boost vs tinder super boost

Primetime Boost vs. Tinder Super Boost

Tinder Super Boost is an exclusive feature that is only available to paying users with a paid subscription.

The Super Boost option is offered to Tinder Platinum and Tinder Gold subscribers during peak activity times, only at night for 180 minutes. Sunday evening is a great time to activate the feature, as it's a popular time to use Tinder where you can find high-quality matches.

The feature promises the chance to be seen by up to 100 times more potential matches. With Primetime Boost, the feature also pushes out your Tinder profile to viewers during an audience peak but does not specify to only do so at night.

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is tinder primetime boost worth it

Is Tinder Primetime Boost Worth It?

Overall the short answer is that yes, Tinder Primetime Boost is definitely a feature worth investing in, especially if you sometimes struggle to get quality matches or enough matches on the app. Many people say this is the best feature of the app, as it pushes your profile to the very top to top Tinder profiles in your local area.

You'll find more matches in your local area and can take advantage of this new feature on popular audience hours. Dating experts claim that most people use Tinder on Monday nights, Sunday evenings, and Thursday nights, and with this premium feature, you can boost your Tinder profile and give yourself the best chance to find potential matches.

Although Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus members can claim a free boost every month, your profile may need a bigger boost to help you find a blind date or a long-term relationship with your dating profile.

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Trusted by 126,651 happy users

With Primetime Boost, you’ll get the benefits of Tinder Boost while having your profile boosted during peak audience time. This exclusive feature gives you the best chance to have your profile reach as many people as possible.

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