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"I've done everything by your book, and... it's working!"

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The Story

Allow me to introduce you to Andras, a leading sales professional in Europe.

Andras was no stranger to success - both in his professional life and social circles. His charisma and tenacity led him to interesting encounters and memorable experiences in the dating world.

But when it came to online dating, Andras was hitting a brick wall.

He had sporadic matches, none of which were the kind of women he desired to connect with. An attempt at a self-led photoshoot to boost his profile ended in vain, leaving Andras on the verge of giving up on the online world of dating.

Then, ROAST entered the picture.

With ROAST's in-depth profile analysis, we quickly diagnosed the issues plaguing Andras's online dating attempts.

  • The niche clarity was a primary concern. Anyone looking at Andras's profile couldn't comprehend his life's essence within seconds - his location, his social environment, the vibes he radiates.
  • His photo game needed an overhaul. His body language and expressions didn't reflect the real Andras.
  • His profile lacked inspiration, making it hard for him to attract the right audience.

But Andras didn't give up; he took action. In just two weeks, he transformed his dating profile into an authentic representation of his vibrant life.

And the results?

Well, let's just say his online dating life now mirrors his offline one - full of interesting and high-quality matches.

ROAST, get more matches

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