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The Best Hinge Profiles to copy and paste (2024 edition)

Find here the best hinge profile ideas and tips for you to take inspiration from so you can come up with a perfect hinge prompt of your own.
Best Hinge Profiles

Even though it increases the chances of meeting your other half, venturing into online dating apps can be pretty confusing. This world is expansive and enormous, and finding a potential match for yourself and starting a conversation can be tricky. That’s because, on dating apps, you don’t have the benefit of being face-to-face, so you must ensure a fun and friendly tone without coming across as overly excited.

Ensuring the tone can be hard, especially if you’ve never represented yourself on a dating app. People say to be honest and yourself, but in reality it’s also about knowing the game. Why take the time to learn the game when you can just have someone make your profile for you? ROAST is a team of experts who can optimize your Hinge profile for more likes and matches.

If fling isn’t your goal, Hinge is a dating app oriented towards relationships and might be the missing element in your dating life. However, to get the potential matches, your profile should not only be engaging but needs to give a better idea of your personality.

Here are the best hinge profile tips and ideas for you to take inspiration from so you can come up with a perfect prompts of your own.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. 5 Tips to Make Your Hinge Profile Stand Out
  2. 6 Best Hinge Prompts to Use and How to Answer Them
5 tips to make your hinge profile stand out

5 Tips to Make Your Hinge Profile Stand Out

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Below are some simple ways to help you find your perfect match on Hinge.

Tip 1: Impressive Primary Photo

Not posting an impressive primary photo is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when creating a hinge profile. If you’re confused about how you should choose an image for your profile, select a picture in which you’re making eye contact with the camera. Along with that, having a beautiful background will add more appeal to your photo.

It would be best if you kept in mind that your face shouldn’t be covered by wearing sunglasses or a hat. Plus, you should also avoid adding filters or altering your natural features.

Good Hinge photo with a man smiling

Here is an example of a primary photo that you can use. Notice how the quality of the picture is good and the person in making eye contact with the camera along with a smile on his face.

You can have someone tell you if the picture you’ve chosen is the right one. ROAST is an app that includes an AI service that rates how well the picture will perform. It rates it based on lighting, composition, smile, and pose. Always good to have a little more certainty. Try ROAST today.

Tip 2: Upload High-Resolution Images

Other than the primary photo, additional photos also play a vital role in attracting more people to your profile. If you post stock or random images, the chances that more people will connect with you will be minimal.

Therefore, remember to pick out high-resolution images from a professional camera, as people prefer picking potential dates with simple and natural pictures.

Hinge man singing

Here is an example of a picture that you can add for this as well. It could be of anything that you like to do, be it singing, dancing, trekking, or sports.

Tip 3: Show Your Funny Side

It is a fact that everybody loves sharing a laugh. The Hinge allows you to reveal your funny side with humorous and creative prompts. However, it would help if you avoided copying answers from other users and making any comments that may hurt the political, racial, or socio-economic views of others.

Keep things upbeat, and remember to have fun, as the purpose of Hinge is to connect you with like-minded people.

Group pic for Hinge

You can add an image with your friends to show your funny side. It will also give the other person an idea of your social life as well.

Humor is all about balancing the tone, and you want to make sure all the elements fall into place correctly. You can talk to an expert at ROAST to see if your combination of joke and profile pic is working. Then they’ll tell you exactly how to improve it, so you know exactly what you’re doing on Hinge. Try it today.

Tip 4: Choose Positive Prompts

Knowing that a poor selection of prompts can ruin your hinge profile is essential. Hence, it would help if you focused on the prompts that give information regarding your taste, preferences, and lifestyle.

Below are the simple yet effective prompt examples you can add to your profile.

  • I’m regular at

  • I got detention for

  • My simple pleasures

  • I geek out on

  • A random fact I love is

  • Best travel story

Yes, these are pretty simple, but they can allow others to get to know you better.

Tip 5: Make One Prompt About Them

Yes, marketing yourself intriguingly and appealingly is your primary goal, but including a bit about the one you’re looking for would be a wise move too.

Research shows that approximately 70% of your dating profile should be about yourself, whereas the remaining 30% should describe the type of person you’re looking for. It’s the most attractive and effective combination.

Moreover, as explained above, you need to keep your answer positive here, as describing what you don’t want in your ideal partner may end up making you sound picky and judgmental. We’ve listed some of the best hinge profile examples for prompts below.

1. We’ll get along if

You have a valid passport and a good pair of hiking boots.

2. I’ll fall for you if

You can keep up with me on bike rides and scenic hikes. Plus, a passion for yoga would boost your chances!

Notice how non-physical attributes are described here by mentioning a hobby you wish to have in common. Such prompts can imply that you’re looking for a non-superficial relationship and will give the other person some insight into what dating you might be like. Plus, it can also serve as a great date idea too.

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6 best hinge prompts to use and how to answer them

6 Best Hinge Prompts to Use and How to Answer Them

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If you’re new to Hinge, you should know that adding prompts is mandatory for you to set up your hinge account. Along with adding the right hinge prompts, you need to know how to respond to them in the right way too.

So, here are the best hinge profile prompts that can help you in this regard.

Prompt 1: Go-To Karaoke Song

It is perhaps one of the top three prompts to add to your hinge profile. To answer it, you can show your music taste and state your favorite song; otherwise, you can use some wit here too.

Prompt 2: Two Truths and A Lie

It would be best to tackle this hinge prompt by making your truths interesting and your lies wild and funny.

Prompt 3: My Most Irrational Fear

This hinge prompt isn’t particularly easy as you wouldn’t want to make yourself excessively vulnerable on your hinge profile. So, avoid adding any pathological fear. Instead, go for a fear that you know is a bit silly. This can be a funny Hinge prompt for guys depending on your answer.

Prompt 4: Worst Roommate Story

The key to answering this hinge prompt is to pick an epic story you can explain in a maximum of two lines. Or you can opt for the method of giving funny hinge answers and cracking a joke. This is a great Hinge prompt for girls or guys!

Don’t give too much information here; if it’s a story about a falling out, best to keep it secret for now. Also, you can ask someone if the story paints you in a positive light — and if that matches your profile picture. People will come up with all sorts of assumptions based on your bio and profile pic. Take control with ROAST. They’ll make you a personalized profile that gives off the exact vibe you think you’re giving. Start by taking their short quiz.

Prompt 5: A Shower Thought I Had Recently

The shower is the sacred place where most philosophizing happens, and you get the weirdest and random thoughts. So, you’ve got to state your most random shower thought.

Prompt 6: Most Spontaneous Thing I’ve Done

It is one of those where you must give a creative hinge answer as the response can show your level of adventure, creating a great connection. So, if you’re someone who lives life without a schedule and goes on unplanned trips, you will be highly likely to find a partner in crime who would be thrilled to embark on those excursions with you.

If you’ve got five pictures of you hiking and this prompt, you might be overdoing it a little (unless you’re really passionate about outdoor activities). Have a variety of pictures and a bio that complements them. The experts at ROAST can tell you how you’re doing at a glance. They’ll work with you to make it all come off better, and you’ll start matching with more people overnight. Try ROAST today.


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Join 304,615 happy users


You don’t want to copy and paste any of these in case someone else uses them. The trick is to personalize them to you. If you just want the profile made so it’s over and done with, you can consult with ROAST. They’ll make you the best profile possible so you can just jump on and start matching. Try it today.

We hope that our list of best hinge profile examples and hinge prompt answers prove to be beneficial for you and you can find the right life partner for yourself. Remember to use the best prompts and answer them in the best way possible so they become the perfect conversation starter for you.

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