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Best hinge prompt answers for girls

Unlike other dating sites, your Hinge bio is made up of answers to the Hinge prompts of your choice. In order to take advantage of this unique feature and create a strong Hinge profile, we offer some insight and examples.
best hinge prompt answers for girls

Writers all have one thing in common — whether you're a world-famous novelist or an average dating app user — a blank page is terrifying. That's why Hinge prompts are so helpful, rather than writing an "about me" section from scratch, Hinge prompts get your ideas flowing while giving you an opportunity to show yourself to your best advantage.

Good Hinge prompts allow you to get men's attention, make them smile, and teach them something about what you're like to date, all at once. Just be sure to change things up now and then. Hinge is always adding new prompts, so it's worth keeping your profile fresh so you're not using the same Hinge prompts as every other girl out there.

As helpful as it is to have a Hinge prompt to get you started, it can still feel overwhelming to choose from the many Hinge prompt options they offer, not to mention coming up with the best Hinge prompt answers.

That's why we've made a list to help get you started. Just make sure you don't copy our suggestions word-for-word. Instead, use these Hinge prompt answers for inspiration and make them your own.

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  1. Let's go for the tips!
lets go for the tips

Let's go for the tips!

#1: I get along best with people who

What are you looking for from a first date? If you want him to call the shots, but still get what you want, here's a great opportunity to drop a hint. "People who cook me amazing meals," or "Anyone who gives a great foot rub."

#2: A life goal of mine

If you're looking for a serious relationship or life partner, it's important to make sure you use your hinge answer to make sure you're on the same page with your potential match. This prompt is a great opportunity to make sure your goals align before you get in too deep. Don't wait until the wedding day to find out hubby-to-be aspires to be a professional couch potato!

"I want to climb Mt. Everest on my honeymoon."

#3: Change my mind about

Like a healthy debate? Here's a great way to invite discussion. Not only will they learn something about you, but it'll be tempting to match and start a conversation. Try something like the best of the Batman movies or the best holiday if you want to keep your debate on light terms. And of course, any comic reference is likely to get a guy's attention.

"Marvel is better than DC — change my mind."

#4: My most controversial opinion

One of the best Hinge prompt answers that you can have is definitely in response to this prompt. Here you've got a chance to keep things light, like discussing pizza toppings, or go big with a political or religious stance that is sure to weed out folks who aren't the right fit for you. Really want to make people uncomfortable? Try saying you like cinnamon-flavored toothpaste.

This can also be a great chance to figure out what kind of gender divide he expects around the house if you're looking to cohabitate someday.

"Men should do all the housework."

#5: Dating me is like

This prompt is an opportunity to describe a feeling that will make all Hinge users want to match with you. For example, "Dating me is like realizing you forgot about daylight savings time and have an extra hour to sleep."

#6: My most irrational fear

People answer this prompt in many different ways. Some choose to be vulnerable and share something real about themselves, others take the opportunity to show off their sense of humor and make a joke. For example, being real could sound like, "My most irrational fear is becoming my mother," or if you want to keep it light, "A bowl of peeled grapes — I still haven't gotten over the haunted house I visited in the 5th grade."

And if you're looking for someone who will always take care of spiders for you, now's your chance to say so.

#7: The worst idea I've ever had

This is a great choice if you want to give funny Hinge prompt answers. And at the same time, you're offering a glimpse of the funny banter someone can look forward to on a first date. "Worst idea? Thinking there was no such thing as too much garlic."

Sometimes people think girls on dating apps take themselves too seriously — this is a chance to prove those people wrong.

#8: I'll know it's time to delete Hinge when

This prompt is another opportunity to indicate if you're using online dating in hopes of finding someone to settle down with. Use this prompt to indicate who your perfect fit is, such as, "When I find a six-foot-tall cat lover who can make pizza from scratch."

#9: A shower thought I recently had

If you're looking through Hinge's prompts hoping for a way to show off your personality, this one is for you. Literally anything you were hoping to say can fall into the category of shower thought. So whether you want to focus on funny Hinge answers or the best conversation starters, this prompt is for you.

Try something like, "Salad is always better when someone else makes it," or "Hearing your favorite song on a popular TV show is so validating."

#10: My biggest date fail

Here's another chance to put yourself out there and be vulnerable — and maybe get a laugh at the same time. Hopefully, the other person is taking notes about what not to do. This is also an opportunity to tease a story you'd tell over text or on a date, for example, "The first date that ended in the emergency room"

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Girls — you may have the dating advantage when it comes to numbers, but that doesn't mean finding the right person is easy. If there's information you know you want to get across in your Hinge dating profile, scroll through the options until you find the particular prompt that will fit your needs. Not all prompts are created equal, and you want to choose wisely when it comes to filling the limited space offered.

While aiming for clever Hinge prompt answers is one option, ultimately the best prompts are ones that give you an opportunity to give unique answers. Meanwhile, bad hinge prompts are any that inspire only one word answers or otherwise tempt you to waste space better used to screen for an ideal Hinge match. Don't forget to use a Hinge voice prompt. They are a must for anyone looking to get a match.

When it comes to online dating questions, you're in control. So don't be tempted to answer the first few prompts offered to you — instead, make a thoughtful choice that will help you make the most of this dating site.

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