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The Complete Guide to Hinge Prompt Answers (2024 Update)

Get more matches on Hinge using these prompt answers. Use this guide to boost your dating game. Learn what prompt answers are, how they work, and why they're important.
Hinge Prompt Answers

If you're using the Hinge dating app for the first time, you may have noticed that their profiles don't include standard bios. Instead, each user can choose the best Hinge prompts to answer in their online dating profile. Since these prompts and answers are essentially Hinge's version of a dating app profile, they could be one of the most important aspects of your Hinge profile.

Hinge prompt answers help you display your personality, engage other people's interest, and hopefully get more matches.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What are Hinge prompt answers?
  2. How to use Hinge prompt answers at your advantage
  3. Why you should use prompt on Hinge
  4. Hinge prompt answers FAQ
what are hinge prompt answers

What are Hinge prompt answers?

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PROMPT Examples

When you fill out a Hinge dating profile, you'll be given the option to answer various Hinge prompts. The answers to these prompts function much like Tinder bios, since they're a way for you to tell everyone about yourself. Some prompts are Hinge voice prompts that allow you to upload a voice recording as your answer.

Since everyone on the platform is selecting from the same Hinge prompts, you can expect a certain amount of overlap from one Hinge profile to the next. However, there's a practically infinite amount of variation in the answers. Hinge prompts are designed to elicit all kinds of answers, from funny Hinge prompt answers, to serious ones, to everything in between.

The best Hinge prompt answers are the ones that combine humor, personal details, and authenticity to draw the attention of potential matches. Even if you decide to use the most popular Hinge prompts like so many others, you could still come up with the funniest Hinge answers.

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how to use hinge prompt answers at your advantage

How to use Hinge prompt answers at your advantage

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PROMPT Examples

The process is simple - you'll automatically see the Hinge prompt menu when you're setting up your Hinge dating app profile. Select the ones you want to include on your profile, and come up with some witty answers.

Do you want to include a recent shower thought that may or may not be relevant? Maybe you'll pose as a dating coach, and tell everyone what they should be doing on a typical Sunday afternoon.

Even bad Hinge prompts can be turned around with enough imagination. Want to know what the worst Hinge prompts are? They're the ones that invite the most cliche answers. Prompts like "A random fact I love" or "Unusual skills" often produce answers boring enough to make you want to delete Hinge. The good news? Now that you know what to look out for, you can avoid this common pitfall and produce the best Hinge answers that potential matches could ask for!

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why you should use prompt on hinge

Why you should use prompt on Hinge

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PROMPT Examples

In a nutshell, using Hinge answers will get you more matches. Even fairly mediocre Hinge answers will get the job done, although maybe a little less effectively. Consider the average Hinge profile. There will be an assortment of profile pictures, which play a big part in determining whether or not you're attracted to someone. But what about finding out if they're actually a good match? For that, you'll need more than just some photos; you'll also need potential matches to answer Hinge prompts.

Hinge Photo Prompt

What would your reaction be if you saw this photo on a dating app? Clearly he's a good-looking guy, and the picture seems to indicate that he enjoys leaving the house for some fun times. But what drives him to get out of the house - is it drinks with friends, or romantic dates with someone who likes the same type of music as he does? You'd only be able to find out by reading his Hinge answers!

Hinge Photo Prompt

This type of profile picture would present the same situation. There has to be a cool story behind this photo, but unless he's answered some Hinge prompts, you might not feel very motivated to find out.

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hinge prompt answers faq

Hinge prompt answers FAQ

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Hinge prompts are a unique feature among dating apps, so you may have some questions about them. Below you'll find the most common questions about Hinge prompts, plus a few that you may not have thought of yet.

How many Hinge prompts can I use?

Each user can choose from over 80 different prompts; they're limited to three prompts on their profile at once.

What about Hinge video prompts?

If you want to answer Hinge prompts with a video in addition to text, you have the option to do that as well! Hinge video prompts can be accessed by tapping the Photo button on the right side of your navigation bar, then tapping the Pencil button, and then tapping the box that appears underneath "Video Prompt". Each user can add one video prompt to their Hinge profile, in addition to the three prompts they already have.

Do Hinge prompts work?

If you use them correctly, they generally result in more matches. The best Hinge prompt answers usually get the most matches, such as self-deprecating or funny Hinge answers.

Can I change my Hinge answers?

Yes you can! As long as you stay within the limit, you can change both your Hinge prompt answers and the Hinge prompts themselves.

What are the best Hinge prompts?

That all depends on how you use them, but some Hinge prompts are more popular than others. Here are some examples:

  • I bet you can't - A great Hinge prompt for anyone who's overly competitive.

  • My most irrational fear - Get real with potential matches.

  • Most spontaneous thing I've done - Let people know what happens when you feel like taking a chance.

  • Two truths and a lie - This is a good one for cultivating curiosity.

  • Weirdest gift I've ever given or received - Want to tell a funny story? Pick this Hinge prompt.

  • Worst idea I've ever had - Nobody's perfect, and you might as well let everyone know that you're no exception on your Hinge profile.

  • Dating me is like - Here's a great Hinge prompt if you want to be up-front about yourself to other users.

  • The dorkiest thing about me is - Even if you aren't a dork, you may still have some endearingly dorky traits.

  • My simple pleasures - Keep it short and sweet by letting people know what you like.

  • My biggest date fail - If other users know what rock-bottom looks like for you, they might feel a little better about not being quite perfect.

  • Give me travel tips for - Do you want to communicate your love for travel? Ask other users for travel tips! You might even end up telling someone your latest travel story too.

  • Worst fad I participated in - The Hinge dating app is full of people who grew up in the 90s, so you know this one has to be popular.

  • First round is on me if - An icebreaker that helps with show some humor to a potential match.

Is Hinge the only dating app that uses prompts and answers?

That's correct - you'll only find this feature on Hinge.

Do I always have to use creative Hinge answers?

While nobody's monitoring to make sure you're using funny Hinge prompt answers, it definitely helps your case to be as creative as possible when answering Hinge prompts.

What makes a good Hinge prompt answer?

The best Hinge prompt answers aim for a combination of honesty and showmanship. Describe yourself truthfully, because you that's just a good idea when you're looking for a romantic partner. You should also show off whatever makes you unique, because that's what will attract potential matches. The best Hinge prompt answers for guys and for girls often feature a mixture of honesty and humor.

Are Hinge prompt answers supposed to be conversation starters, or just information about myself?

Most of them will fall somwhere on this spectrum. Some Hinge prompts can produce answers that are simply odd, and practically beg for further explanation; those are the conversation starters. Others, like a Hinge prompt about your bucket list, is more on the "personal information" side of things. However, they all fulfill the purpose of online dating questions: telling potential matches the most interesting facts about yourself.

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How will this Hinge prompt answers guide influence your dating app strategy?

Whether you recently discovered the Hinge dating app, or you're a seasoned pro, there's no harm in learning more about how to use your online dating app of choice. Results aren't guaranteed on dating apps, but it's a fairly safe bet that a winning combination of knowledge and effort will be rewarded. Using funny Hinge prompt answers can also give you an edge in the dating game.

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