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A Comprehensive Guide on Hinge Voice Prompt (2023 Update)

Hinge has changed the entire dating game yet again with its unique Hinge voice prompts. Now it all depends on your hot voice and witty answers to win an ideal match. Here’s how to use the voice prompt feature correctly.
a comprehensive guide on hinge voice prompt 2022 update

Hinge, one of the top trending dating apps, just released its new voice prompt feature allowing users to portray their personality on an online platform better.

You can get on your amusing expeditions of using this unique feature to add a new dimension to your profile, but there are certain aspects you need to first. Some voice prompt options work better than others.

To help you understand this and a lot more, we have compiled a quick guide for Hinge’s new voice prompt feature below.

So, let’s explore this further.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What are Hinge Voice Prompts?
  2. How to add Voice Prompts on Hinge?
  3. The success of the Voice Prompt Feature
  4. Voice Prompt Tips by our Dating Experts
what are hinge voice prompts

What are Hinge Voice Prompts?

A Hinge voice prompt feature allows you to record your answers in your voice. These pre-recorded answers help you build up your image even before you have met your potential matches in person. Regular Hinge prompt answers are just short snippets of text, but the voice prompt lets you answer questions in a more personable way.

For instance, if you hate pineapple on pizza, you can use a voice prompt to condemn this horrible combination more clearly. Besides, they are more likely to remember your recorded response as compared to the written answers.

A recent study concluded that 65% of users found the voice option helpful in analyzing the other person’s interest in this match.

During a press release in October 2021, Hinge’s director of relationship science, Logan Ury, demonstrated that voice prompts give you an idea of how the other person makes you feel and what you are dealing with.

Do remember that Hinge voice prompts are entirely different from voice notes. You send voice notes only to people you match with. Anyone visiting your profile can access your voice prompt answers before giving you a heart icon for a match.

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how to add voice prompts on hinge

How to add Voice Prompts on Hinge?

ROAST, make your profile work

Before recording any voice note, the app will require permission to access your phone’s microphone and speech recognition to enable this audio feature.

To grant proper permissions for adding a voice prompt to your Hinge dating profile, follow the below instructions:

  • Navigate to the profile editing screen through your avatar in the menu bar.

  • At the profile icon, there is a Voice Prompt section below the photo lineup.

  • Tap on Select a prompt and choose from over 100 voice prompts. However, the selection changes periodically.

  • Choose a voice prompt you wish to answer.

  • A recording screen will appear. Tap on the microphone icon to record your voice, and tap the button again to stop the recording. Make sure to play it back before posting it.

  • Re-record the voice memo if you are not satisfied with the results.

  • Once ready, hit the Done button to upload your voice prompt below your profile picture.

There is a little X in the upper right corner to change the uploaded voice prompts on the editing screen.

the success of the voice prompt feature

The success of the Voice Prompt Feature

The biggest question that arises here is, are voice prompt features worth it? According to researchers, the human voice can play a vital role in creating a more significant impact and initiating a stronger connection. Adding a voice prompt builds a distinct sensory experience along with the visual effects of profile pictures and prompt answers. Logan further revealed that the successful polling in the company led to the adoption of this new feature.

About 52% of users reported learning more about their potential matches from their voice recordings. But this positive outcome doesn’t entirely depend on your unique replies to the Hinge prompt questions; instead, it must also carry the right tone.

For instance, recording your voice prompts with an extremely low voice will pose that you lack confidence and won’t be fun to be around. But when your answers are delivered in a natural, engaging tone, the listener gets the impression of your true, high-spirited personality.

Have you ever wondered why Dating apps are working for your friends but not you?

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voice prompt tips by our dating experts

Voice Prompt Tips by our Dating Experts

It would help if you were extremely careful with your voice recordings, as you can only add one voice prompt to your Hinge profile. Our experts suggest these top 3 Hinge voice prompt tips for you.

Tip #1: Choosing the best Hinge Voice Prompts

There are numerous Hinge prompt options to choose from, which often makes it challenging to pick the right ones. Avoid picking randomly from the list because some prompt answers can be more compelling as compared to others.

You can start by avoiding the voice prompts that have negative answers because negativity is something you are avoiding here. On a dating app, negativity impacts the fun and can lead to losing matches.

Answering unnecessary questions like ‘A quick rant about bad traffic or people who don’t return shopping carts’ are details you can replace with better prompts.

Suggested Hinge Voice Prompts

The best voice prompts are those that reflect your charismatic personality. So, you have to first decide upon what aspect of your character you want to be highlighted. You can rave about your favorite hobby or unique talent, as it can be the best way to start a conversation on a dating app. Choose something that excites you because that’s the vibe you must build for your profile.

The top voice prompts that you can pick from to talk about your passion can be:

  1. Believe it or not, I

  2. Best travel story

  3. I geek out on

  4. I go crazy for

  5. I won’t shut up about

  6. Something I want to try with you is

  7. This is my year for

  8. This year I really want to

  9. My happy place is

  10. Fact about me that surprises people

Some funny Hinge prompt to display your witty sense of humor is also an ideal choice:

  1. Dating me is like

  2. I’ll brag about you to my friends if

  3. My best dad joke

  4. My best celebrity impression

  5. One thing I’ll never do again

  6. Unusual skills

  7. We’re the same type of weird if

  8. The worst idea I’ve ever had

Sometimes sarcasm or funny remarks might not be received by others positively. The best practice is to avoid regular, overly rehearsed answers because they will bore your date and won’t bring a response to your messages.

Tip #2: Making a natural delivery

Your voice prompt gets the highlighted position on your profile. So, it would help if you ensured that your weird dialogue delivery does not make your possible matches run for their life.

Keep your delivery and tone authentic, and don’t fake your accent and voice into something you do not usually use. Do not re-record the answers because your initial deliveries tend to be the most natural ones.

Tip #3: Keep your prompts short

The Hinge allows recording 30 seconds of voice recording, but we suggest you keep it short and sweet. You are not giving an award-winning speech or a lecture here.

Try to deliver your message in five to ten seconds duration. Record your answers in a quiet place with no traffic or children yelling in the background.

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The Hinge voice prompt is a new feature that gives you the freedom to put out your better, clearer perspective in just 30 seconds. Combining that alluring personality with the right voice message can take you to amazing places. If you can't deliver a good humorous joke, maybe its best to leave the funny prompt answers to the non-voice answers.

But avoid the voice prompts if you lack vocal attractiveness, or you can start with one voice prompt to test how people react. Voice prompts are important because they are going to be at the forefront of online dating apps shortly. Since you can only use one voice prompt on your profile, it's important to make sure you use the best Hinge prompt answers on your regular prompts.

If you need some inspiration, check out this quick list of the best Hinge prompt answers for girls or for guys.

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