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Coffee Meets Bagel Boost Guide: Is it Worth It?

Thinking about upgrading your Coffee Meets Bagel dating app and enjoying exclusive and special features like Boost? Here is the ultimate guide of the dating app's Boost feature.
coffee meets bagel boost guide is it worth it

When you upgrade your Coffee Meets Bagel subscription to the Premium membership, you’ll get access to a variety of exclusive, helpful features that can bring you closer to meeting your potential match. Coffee Meets Bagel’s profile Boost feature can help you Boost your profile and make it stand out to potential matches. Here is the complete rundown of the dating app's Boost feature, and how you can use it to get more matches. 

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Table of Content

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  1. How Does Coffee Meets Bagel Boost Work? 
  2. Where To Find Boost on Coffee Meets Bagel
  3. Why You Should Use The Boost Feature
  4. The Do’s and Don’t’s of Coffee Meets Bagel Boost 
how does coffee meets bagel boost work 

How Does Coffee Meets Bagel Boost Work? 

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Coffee Meets Bagel’s Boost feature is an exclusive feature that comes with Coffee Meets Bagel’s Premium membership. With the membership, you’ll get 3 Boosts every month that are added to your account automatically. You don’t have to use your Boosts all at once – you can choose to save them and use them as you see fit. The app claims that with the Boost feature, your profile can get up to 5 times as many views as it would without the feature. Without the Premium subscription you can still use the Boost feature but you will have to pay 750 beans per Boost.

When your profile is boosted, you’ll see a lightning bolt by your icon on the upper left corner that other users will not be able to see. Other users will not know that you are using the Boost feature.

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where to find boost on coffee meets bagel

Where To Find Boost on Coffee Meets Bagel

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If you’re using an iOS device like an iPhone, simply tap on your profile icon, open your profile and see that you have a Boost available to use. Tap the Boost me button. Then, a message will appear and prompt you to tap Boost me again to complete your profile boost. When you’re searching through potential quality matches in your suggested feed, you may see the option to boost as well.

If you’re using an Android device, tap on your profile icon. On your profile, see whether you have a Boost available. Tap boost me, and then tap boost me again to complete your boost. 

why you should use the boost feature

Why You Should Use The Boost Feature

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There are many benefits of using the Boost feature on Coffee Meets Bagel Premium. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth it to invest in a premium membership for Boost, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should use the Boost feature. 

More Profile Views

Coffee Meets Bagel claims that using the Boost feature can get your profile up to five times more views. When you boost your profile, your profile is boosted and shown sooner to the front of someone else’s profile, giving you more chances of being seen and liked as a potential match.

Increased Matches

Coffee Meets Bagel also boasts that with the Premium membership’s Boost feature, you can get up to three times as many matches. Since your profile is being boosted and shown sooner to other quality matches, they will see your profile more often and quicker than other profiles you’re competing with. This can help you get more matches and help you find yourself a serious relationship.

Save Time

With the free version of Coffee Meets Bagel, you only have a limited amount of likes which means your profile may not be seen as often, and you may have to wait longer to connect with potential matches. The Boost feature saves you time waiting for matches to like you, as you won’t have to wait as long to be seen by other profiles.

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the do’s and don’t’s of coffee meets bagel boost 

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Coffee Meets Bagel Boost 

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There are some important do’s and don’t’s to consider when you’re using the Boost feature on Coffee Meets Bagel. Here are a few things to keep in mind about the exclusive Boost feature.


1. Create a solid, complete profile

Before you start using your Coffee Meets Bagel boost feature, make sure that your profile is complete, and is optimized to get you the most matches possible. You will want strong, clear profile photos that show off your best side, and an engaging bio that tells potential matches more about yourself.

2. Be active on your profile while boosting

It’s important to be active on your Coffee Meets Bagel profile when boosting. This will ensure that you don’t miss any messages from matches and that you’re constantly aware of who you match with so that you can make the first move in time. You also won’t have to worry about your conversations expiring or dying out because you didn’t check your app to reply. 

3. Be selective about who you Boost

Being selective about who you Boost on the app will help you match with profiles that you genuinely like and have the possibility of building a genuine connection with. It’s best to take your time and consider each profile, so that you can have a genuine, engaging conversation with matches. 


1. Boost random profiles

To get the most out of this premium feature, don't just randomly boost on profiles you didn’t take the time to look into or check to see if you like. If you do this, you may end up matching with profiles you don’t like or connect with and will end up wasting your boosts.

2. Experiment when boosting

While you’re boosting your profile, it’s not the best time to experiment with your own profile, as well as with the profiles you’re selecting. Stick to what has worked with you, and make sure that your profile reflects your best self. Don’t waste your boosts when experimenting with new strategies like a risky profile photo or bio. 

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If you’re looking to find more success in your online dating experience on Coffee Meets Bagel, upgrading your membership to Premium and using the boost feature can help you find more matches and go on better dates.

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