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Bumble Snooze Mode 2023: What Is Is and How to Use It

Snooze Mode allows you to hide your profile on Bumble without losing your current connections or chats. Thanks to Bumble Snooze you can pause your profile for 24 hours, 72 hours, a week, or indefinitely.
bumble snooze mode 2022 what is is and how to use it

We all know the feeling of being exhausted by the constant flow of notifications and messages. And when it comes to dating apps, the sense of fatigue can be even stronger. After all, you're constantly swiping, chatting, and making plans, with little time to rest in between. That's why Bumble's snooze mode can be such a lifesaver.

Keep reading to learn how to take advantage of this feature, and use Bumble Snooze Mode for a digital detox.

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Table of Content

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  1. What is Bumble Snooze Mode?
  2. How Does Bumble Snooze Mode Work?
  3. How To Enable Bumble Snooze Mode?
  4. Is Bumble Snooze Mode A Red Flag?
  5. FAQ - All your questions about Bumble Snooze Mode Answered
what is bumble snooze mode

What is Bumble Snooze Mode?

Bumble has a number of innovative features from Bumble Rematch to Bumble Beeline to the helpful Bumble Snooze. Bumble Snooze Mode is a new feature that the app has introduced to help users take a step back from social media to focus their efforts on their mental health and well-being.

With Bumble's Snooze Mode, users can pause their activity on the app for a set amount of time and let their matches know they're unavailable. This can be a great way to take a break from dating and focus on your own needs for a little while.

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how does bumble snooze mode work

How Does Bumble Snooze Mode Work?

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If you're anticipating taking a break from social media apps for a while, you can choose to snooze your account. Voilà! You are effectively pausing your Bumble account without deleting any of your information or losing your existing connections and conversations.

You can even continue messaging with your existing matches while taking a break from making new matches. When you're ready to start swiping again, just reactivate your account and you'll be right back in the game!

Snooze is a much-needed feature for dating apps like Bumble. Anxiety can be at an all-time high if you notice someone has an "away status" for a while. And often, absence can be taken as rejection.

A Digital Detox Notification

Bumble will politely notify your matches that you're taking a break for a while. And you are letting users know that your "snooze time" is just a matter of taking a break from the app itself and not necessarily from pursuing new relationships.

As a result, you will not lose any of your existing connections or conversations if you decide to take some time off. It's a great way to recharge and come back feeling refreshed and ready to start swiping again!

how to enable bumble snooze mode

How To Enable Bumble Snooze Mode?

Bumble users can enable Snooze Mode by opening the app and clicking the gray silhouette in the bottom left corner. Find the Settings button in the top right corner and select "Snooze."

Bumble Snooze mode settings include 24-hour, 72-hour, week-long, and indefinite breaks. Statuses such as "traveling" (you can also use Bumble travel mode in this case), or"on a digital detox," can be set, but no reason needs to be given if users don't want to provide one. You don't always need an excuse to take a break.

How To Deactivate Snooze Mode?

Return to Settings and tap "deactivate snooze mode" if you wish to reactivate your Bumble profile sooner than planned.

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is bumble snooze mode a red flag

Is Bumble Snooze Mode A Red Flag?

Steps before reseting

Not necessarily. Fostering a new relationship can be draining when you're active with online dating. Focusing on yourself is healthy, and can lead to better self-awareness, which is important for your health.

Bumble believes that snooze mode is perfect for when you need a detox from online dating, whether it's because you're too busy or you're just not feeling it. Snooze mode can help you take a break without losing your connections if you're feeling burned out from talking to multiple people.

And if you're just not into online dating right now, that's perfectly normal—many users do on occasion. So there's no shame in taking a break. When you're ready to come back, Bumble will be waiting for you with new matches and fresh starts.

faq  all your questions about bumble snooze mode answered

FAQ - All your questions about Bumble Snooze Mode Answered

Can I message people while in bumble snooze mode?

Yes, you can still message your existing matches while in the Bumble app snooze mode. However, you won't be able to message anyone you weren't connected to before putting your profile on pause. Don't worry, your Bumble matches won't disappear while in Snooze Mode.

Can I still be contacted by users while in Bumble's snooze mode?

The snooze feature will hide your profile from potential matches and prevent you from appearing in the swipe carousel so no one can swipe right. Matches already on your contact list will see that you're taking a break.

Will anyone know when I'm "active" again after snoozing?

No. With Snooze, Bumble provides an online accountability tool as well as a way for users to take breaks. When you decide you're ready to reconnect to your matches after you switch out of Snooze Mode, you need to reach out to them again.

On Bumble, does snooze mode hide location?

Yes. Don't forget that you can use Snooze Mode to hide your location if you want to take a break from Bumble but don't want to delete your profile.

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Bumble's Snooze Mode is a great way to take a break from dating and focus on your own needs for a little while.

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