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Bumble, Swipe Left of Right (2023 Edition)

Wondering what it means to swipe right or swipe left? We'll break down this common feature to help you make Bumble work for you. After all, the swipe is the ultimate judgment on Bumble profiles!
bumble swipe left of right 2022 edition

Dating apps featuring "swiping" were developed in 2013, and since then the idea of "swiping left" or "swiping right" have become common turns of phrase in the language. But that doesn't mean everyone actually understands the best strategy when it comes to deciding when to swipe left or swipe right. In fact, given that this is the core decision you need to make on a dating app, more attention should be paid to getting this right.

In order to get more matches, you need to understand how Bumble works from beginning to end. That includes everything from understanding the Bumble algorithm to knowing what your daily swipe limit is for various membership levels.

In this article we're going to focus on swiping on Bumble, and make sure you know all the most important information.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What does it mean to swipe right on Bumble?
  2. What does it mean to swipe left?
  3. What happens after you swipe right
  4. What to do if you accidentally swiped left
  5. Will you run out of profiles to swipe on?
what does it mean to swipe right on bumble

What does it mean to swipe right on Bumble?

At its most basic, when you swipe right on a person's profile, you're indicating that you're interested in the person. Then it's up to them to right swipe also — if they do, that's when you get a match.

The swipe is just the first step in the matching process. If you end up getting a match, that's when you can start thinking about the best first message to send, and how to get a strong conversation going.

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what does it mean to swipe left

What does it mean to swipe left?

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The counterpart to swiping right, swiping left means you're not interested in the user that Bumble has presented to you, whether that's because of their profile picture or any other information presented. In this case, it doesn't matter if the other user swipes left or right, they can't become a match for you.

Swiping through photos can put you into an almost trance like state, so don't forget to pay attention while you're staring at the screen! It's all too easy to left swipe by accident because you weren't paying attention. And there's a particular kind of sinking feeling you get in your gut when you realize you accidently swipe left on a person that you might have been interested in.

what happens after you swipe right

What happens after you swipe right

What happens next? That depends. If the other user has already swiped right on your profile, you'll get an immediate notification that you've got a match, and the person will be added to your match queue. You can access to the list of people that already swiped right on you via the Premium feature: Bumble Beeline.

Your match queue is the list of people available for you to initiate conversations with — or who you're waiting to have make the first move, depending on the gender breakdown. Remember, on Bumble women need to make the first move when matching with men. But with same sex matches, anyone can message first.

Finally, once you've swiped (in either direction), you're presented with the next profile and you need to decide witch way to swipe all over again.

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what to do if you accidentally swiped left

What to do if you accidentally swiped left

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If you're worried about what happens if you accidentally swiped left on someone you're interested in, or if you find yourself hitting your daily swipe limit, you might want to invest in premium options on Bumble. As a paid feature, you can backtrack on an accidental swipe and can even get an unlimited swipe limit.

So if you're willing to pay for Bumble premium, you can get even more potential matches by swiping on Bumble even more and have a way to undo accidents and even rematch with your expired matches.

will you run out of profiles to swipe on

Will you run out of profiles to swipe on?

A lot of factors dictate how many potential matches you'll find in your swipe queue.

A potential downside of paying for unlimited matches is that you could blast through everyone in your area and then find yourself running dry. Another downside of this strategy is that you may not give yourself time to focus on sending good messages to the people you've already matched with. You could also be too distracted swiping to focus on a conversation that's already started.

It also depends how many people in your area are using the app, what distance from your location you're willing to go to meet someone, and also what age range you're looking at. In general, the more flexible you can be on search parameters, the better chance you'll have meeting people that might be a good fit.

After all, you still get to decide who you right swipe, so there's no downside to fols landing in your queue who might not be a perfect match.

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Ultimately, a "swipe right" is an indication that you want to get to know someone better. It is simultaneously the most important action on a dating app and also just one piece of the puzzle.

Both of your profiles need to be compelling to catch and keep the attention of the other person, and your messaging game also needs to be on point or the match will fizzle as quickly as it began.

While it can be tempting to put a lot of thought into which way you swipe, it can be beneficial to be a little generous with your right swipes. After all, a swipe isn't a promise. You still get to talk to your match and figure out if the person is a good fit for you or not. There's no pressure to go on a date, even if you do end up getting a match. And if you really like the person, don't hesitate to use a superswipe to make sure to catch their attention.

So try to relax and not overthink your swiping choices. You'll have plenty of time to decide whether you're interested once you read their first message and beyond.

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