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Bumble Rematch: A Complete Guide to Rematch in 2023

Bumble Rematch is a premium feature of Bumble that allows you to reset expired matches and get a second chance to start the conversation.
bumble rematch a complete guide to match and match in 2022

Bumble is a dating app that's made a name for itself as a female-centric, LGTBQ-friendly place for individuals to find romance, friendships, and more.

Bumble started out as a dating app that was 100% free. This was great for those who just wanted a casual online dating experience, but it may have seemed a bit lacking for anyone who wanted to supercharge their online dating efforts. Starting in 2016, though, users have been able to purchase Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium memberships to access even more features.

One of these features is the Bumble Rematch feature, which you can learn more about below!

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Table of Content

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  1. What is Bumble Rematch?
  2. How to use Bumble Rematch
  3. Why you should use Bumble Rematch
  4. Bumble Rematch FAQ
what is bumble rematch

What is Bumble Rematch?

Bumble Rematch is a premium feature of Bumble that allows you to reset expired matches and get a second chance to start the conversation.

If you have a free account, your Bumble matches will expire after 24 hours if a conversation doesn't get started. This is meant to discourage procrastination after matching with someone, but it also means that some matches may be lost if you aren't on the app every single day. With Bumble Rematch, you can re-initiate expired conversations, and get a second chance at making that special connection.

There are certain limitations to using this feature, though. For example, you only have the option to use Bumble Rematch if you weren't the person who initiated the first match.

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how to use bumble rematch

How to use Bumble Rematch

Do this before reseting

First of all, you have to purchase a Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium membership. Once that's done, you'll be able to use the Rematch feature.

Next, take a look at your Bumble match section: you'll see not only your current matches, but also your expired matches. Now that the Rematch feature is active, you can tap on any expired match, select "Rematch", and begin another 24-hour grace period.

why you should use bumble rematch

Why you should use Bumble Rematch

The online dating experience is full of variables. Did you fail to get a match because the other person wasn't interested, or because they just didn't have a chance to start a conversation within the required time frame? Bumble Rematch won't change someone's mind, but it can help recover lost connections that slipped through the cracks the first time around.

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bumble rematch faq

Bumble Rematch FAQ

Since this feature is fairly new, a lot of people are still figuring out how it works. Here are the most common questions that Bumble users have about the new Rematch feature.

Can I get expired matches back with Bumble Rematch?

Yes - that's the whole point! If you want to rematch with someone, all you have to do is look them up in your match queue. Expired matches will be displayed along with current ones, and you can use the Rematch feature to reopen the conversation.

How many times can I use the Rematch feature?

Users with free Bumble accounts get one free rematch every 24-hour period, so you can technically use the feature for free. If you really want to take advantage of it, though, you'll have to purchase a paid membership (more on that below).

Is it weird to rematch with someone on Bumble?

That depends. If you're doing it for the first time, then that isn't weird at all. If you've done it several times with the same person, though, that might seem a bit odd. That being said, this is an online dating app, not Victorian-era courtship. If the feature is there to use, don't be shy about using it!

Is the Bumble Rematch feature free?

If you're just using it once per day, it's free. For unlimited rematches, you'll have to purchase a Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium membership.

How much does Bumble Rematch cost?

This feature comes as part of Bumble's paid memberships; you'll get unlimited Rematches for either one. The Bumble Boost membership costs $16.99/month, while the Bumble Premium membership costs $39.99/month. You can whittle down the monthly cost by paying for three to six months at once, or by purchasing a lifetime membership.

Is Bumble Rematch the same thing as Extend?

These are two separate features, but they still have similarities. Bumble Rematch can be used with expired matches; it gives you another 24-hour grace period in which the other person can respond. The Bumble Extend feature lets you extend the time limit on current matches if you don't want them to expire.

Can I use the Bumble Rematch feature if I accidentally swipe left on someone?

If you swiped left on someone without meaning to, the Bumble Rematch feature won't help you much. However, the Backtrack feature could save the day - simply shake your phone to undo the action. Users with free accounts can use the Backtrack feature three times per three hours, and those with paid memberships get unlimited Backtracks.

Does the Rematch feature work in Bumble Bizz Mode or BFF Mode?

It definitely does! The Rematch feature works with any expired match on Bumble.

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Do you think that using Bumble Rematch could spice up your online dating experience?

Bumble has many features to prevent it from being a total free-for-all, such as the 24-hour time limit for starting conversations with new matches. This makes it a bit less of a rodeo than apps like Tinder, but it can also cramp your style if you or your potential matches can't check on notifications every single day.

With Bumble Rematch, you can boost your chances of success in online dating without that much extra effort.

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