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How to get more matches on Raya in 2024

Looking for tips on how to be successful on the exclusive dating app Raya? Our article covers everything you need to know about optimizing your profile to get the matches you're looking for.
How To Get More Matches On Raya?

The fewer people on a dating app, the less information leaks out about how it works. And with Raya billing itself as an exclusive dating app, it can feel tricky to get the info you need. After all, why would people on a celebrity dating app spill the goods?

Well, don't worry. The information you need is right here. And once you've gotten your Raya membership, you can follow our tips to get more matches on Raya.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. How to get more matches on Raya for guys: 6 hacks
  2. How to get better matches on Raya for girls: 5 tips
How to get more matches on Raya for guys: 6 hacks

How to get more matches on Raya for guys: 6 hacks

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What's the point of getting on an ultra-exclusive dating app if you don't end up with any matches? Bragging rights aside, the point of a dating site is to get dates! And while the Raya app has it's own system and culture you need to get used to, it's still online dating. And many of the same tips apply — even once you're a Raya member.

#1: Remember it's a small world, especially in the Raya community

Unlike Tinder, which is so full of people you might not worry about your reputation — on Raya reputation is (almost) everything. From giving up your phone's contacts to get a referral to sharing your Instagram account, how you behave on the app AND in real life matters.

#2: Look for your ideal partner

Just because you've been granted access to an amazing pool of high quality matches, doesn't mean all the users are the right fit for your dating style. You still need to be looking for other users that are the right kind of match for you. Because if you're being too generic, your profile won't click for anyone.

#3: Make the most of a short bio

Although Raya doesn't require a bio, only the most famous users can get away with leaving this section blank. Potential matches have too many choices for you to not take every opportunity to stand out. So keep in mind the short attention span of most dating app users and sum up with dating you is like in just a few sentences.

#4: Pay for extra features

Despite the high profile required to have a Raya account, it's not a very expensive dating app. In fact, the Raya membership pricing is pretty similar to other dating apps in terms of the pricing of premium options. And while the free version of most apps is good enough, it's often worthwhile to spend a few extra bucks. And that's definitely true on Raya, where you need all the advantages you can get.

#5: Use social mode

Raya has options for not just dating, but for networking too. But if you're looking for dates, you'll want to be in social mode. This not only changes how you're shown on the app, but gives you a chance to see who's actually in your location at any given time, so you know who you can make a date with quickly.

#6: Be prepared to travel the world

Considering Raya's target market, many of its users are on the move. From movie premiers to fashion weeks, someone might be in New York one day and Los Angeles the next. This can make planning dates tricky, but if you're living the jet-setting lifestyle already, this can be ideal.

You can plan to meet up with people when you're going to be at the same festivals and events, which is almost impossible with mainstream dating apps.

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How to get better matches on Raya for girls: 5 tips

How to get better matches on Raya for girls: 5 tips

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If you're trying to bag your celebrity crush on Raya, you've got a lot of competition. Even with a strict application process, every Raya user is trying to make a dream match. And that's doubly true when it comes to "normal" people trying to match with famous people. So it's really worth finding a way to stand out.

#1: Curate your photo slideshow

Raya shows your images as part of a slideshow. And while profile pictures are always important, they really need to make the cut here. Not only that, but they need to make sense in order and not have any jarring outliers.

Make sure your pictures look good when they run together, and don't have any weird changes like multiple hair colors or a wide range of ages. You need to show your best pics, and they should all be current.

#2: Choose the right song.

Song? You read that right. On Raya, your images play as a slideshow set to music. So, you basically need to choose the soundtrack for your dating profile. And just like in the movies, the right soundtrack can make or break the experience. So make sure you choose something that's fun, that says something about who you are and sets the right tone for the rest of your profile.

#3: Show you're already one of the cool people

Sure, you've got a lot going for you if you made the cut and got on the app. But your job doesn't stop there. Even after you get through the waiting list, you're always proving yourself. Use your photos and profile to show that you already attend the hot parties and events — and that you're not just on the app to get good invitations as a plus one.

People on this app want a date that can hold their own when cameras are flashing.

#4: Prove you share a common bond

Raya is full of users who work in creative industries (not just movies!) So be sure to show off your talents and accomplishments and leave enough info in your dating profile to talk shop with potential matches. Part of the point of the Raya community is to offer networking, not just dates, so take advantage of those features.

#5: Stand out from the average person on the app

The whole reason a famous actor, or other celebrity, would get on Raya is to avoid people who are star-stuck, or behave awkwardly around them. So you want to make it clear that you know how to hold your own around fame.

Even if you're not one of the influential people Raya is aimed at, you likely have a large following on Instagram or you wouldn't have made the cut. So use your photos and bio to prove you know how to rub elbows with the best crowds.


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The biggest struggle with the Raya dating app is making the cut in the first place. But once you're part of the Raya app, and mingling with other Raya members, you still need to make an effort. Sure, just being on the app means other Raya members might give you the benefit of the doubt, but you still need to be an interesting date.

Being famous or attractive simply isn't enough. Raya members still want to make meaningful connections and have a good time! So just like on any other dating app, you need to show why someone should match with you and give you a chance.

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