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How to take Pictures for Tinder

Tinder photos are the primary point of attraction that girls consider before swiping left or right. Explore how to take pictures for Tinder to live the glamorous dating life you have always dreamed of.
how to take pictures for tinder

Tinder pics are a huge nightmare for most guys. Their biggest concerns include which Tinder pictures will best portray their personality and bring high-quality matches for them.

Nowadays, women no longer wish to see those pathetic bathroom selfies and 6-pack shirtless pics. The biggest secret to success on Tinder is the quality of your Tinder pictures. But despite this fact, many guys seem confused about what would be the best photos to get more matches.

Our today’s ultimate guide will deal with tips and steps on getting good Tinder pictures to make attractive girls message you. So, no more guessing games, and get prepared to match with more women for a successful online dating experience.

On other dating apps, you can also use these Tinder photo tips for your profile pics.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Tips on taking good Tinder pictures
  2. Significant Principles of Good Tinder Photos
  3. Dos of taking a picture for Tinder
tips on taking good tinder pictures

Tips on taking good Tinder pictures

Here are some quick Tinder tips for your dating profiles

  • Quality photos taken by a professional photographer are guaranteed to bring better results than random selfies.

  • Keep your smile genuine. Think of something that makes you happy and smiling.

  • Avoid using group photos in which you are not the center of focus, especially for the first two pictures. However, group shots that show your active, fun social life can create a great impression.

  • Shirtless pics are a typical style many guys adopt for their Tinder profile pictures. But they are not suitable for everyone. It only applies to h who has a great body and look attractive in their shirtless six-packs.

  • Avoid posting pictures with other girls. It gives an impression that you already have a girlfriend, making your matches swipe left on you.

  • Get an outside opinion on your best Tinder photos to get what girls think about you.

  • Avoid selfies because they are usually discouraged in online dating, but it's an exception if you are engaged in an unusual activity like sky diving, traveling, etc. However, the best Tinder pictures consist of entire body shots instead of selfies.

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significant principles of good tinder photos

Significant Principles of Good Tinder Photos

Tinder get more matches

To ensure you post the best pictures on your Tinder profile, make these three principles your basic standard to become irresistible to the beautiful women of Tinder.

Quality Pictures

Quality pictures are neither blur, unfocused, grainy, or pixelated. To avoid capturing bad pictures, use natural light and a good camera for your pictures. Using a DSLR will automatically enhance your picture quality.

Use good pictures

Weird facial expressions, lousy body language, bad outfits, and poor grooming are some pictures that make you unattractive and unacceptable in the dating world. Bad body posture will ruin your nice outfit and a good photo. Therefore it's best to use pictures in which you are the shining star, clearly visible on the front with confidence and in your element.

Should be natural

Looking natural and candid in your pictures makes you more attractive and a fun guy than in strictly posed shots. It would be best if you made it look like you were living in the moment and someone with a camera clicked your fabulous picture.

dos of taking a picture for tinder

Dos of taking a picture for Tinder

1. Get a grooming session booked

No high-end camera can deliver good photos if you are not appropriately groomed. Therefore before making any efforts to take pictures, get a fresh haircut and trim your facial hair to bring out the Ryan Gosling in your personality.

An unshowered guy with messy hair and a beard is just the last thing girl wants to deal with. A good haircut makes a guy more attractive, decent, and responsible.

The current trend is that of shorter hair on the sides and longer on the top, which is fundamental that every guy can pull off.


2. Selfies only when they show your personality

We all are guilty of taking countless pictures whenever we see a mirror. So, why not use it in our favor to show our unique style and personality? Pictures on your Tinder profile with different outfits make you more exciting and attractive. If you can’t style your outfits on point, you can take inspiration from others until you develop your style and aesthetics.


3. Use acceptable poses

Some guys on Tinder end up with poses that make no sense. If you want to appear different and try new poses, make sure they are cute, funny, or sophisticated. Strange poses can destroy a person’s dating life.

Some of the poses that made us question our existence that you need to avoid at all costs are:

  • The arm-behind-the-head-with-no-pants pose

  • The “hand on the chin but not joking” pose

  • The “on the phone” pose

  • The “Mmhm” face pose, etc.


4. A picture with a dog

A picture with a cute dog is always the most attractive point for girls . Women adore dogs, and you can use them to get their attention and initiate conversation.

Whether it's your dog, your friend’s pup, or a cute little dog in a park, get just one picture for your Tinder profile.


5. Get help from friends or professionals

Suppose you cannot click good pictures on your own. Get a friend to help you with the task. For exceptional results, you can even hire a professional photographer trained in shooting dating photos and help you build a stunning dating portfolio.

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The first rule of success on any dating app, whether Tinder or Hinge, is to post the best quality photos that show your charming personality. And most girls prefer guys with decent haircuts, suitable dressing styles, and high-quality photos that highlight their positive features.

Now that you know what things can make a girl’s heart crazy, go out and get those matches to work in your favor for a meaningful relationship.

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