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No Luck on Badoo: How To Get More Matches On The App in 2024

Are you finding it difficult to get new matches on Badoo? If so, you could benefit from fixing your dating profile to attract more matches on the dating app.
Why No Luck On Badoo?

Badoo is a popular dating site and social discovery app that millions of singles use to meet potential partners. With Badoo, you can meet people through encounters, which is based on compatible matches, or connect with people nearby. While the app offers many ways to meet potential matches, it can be frustrating when you’re having no luck on Badoo despite your efforts. 

These are the best tips to boost your online dating profile and find a good match.

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Table of Contents

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  1. Reasons Your Badoo Profile Isn’t Getting You Matches
  2. Ways To Fix Your Badoo Profile To Land More Matches
Reasons Your Badoo Profile Isn’t Getting You Matches

Reasons Your Badoo Profile Isn’t Getting You Matches

Want more matches?

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If you want to be another success story on the popular dating app, you'll need to overhaul your profile and improve your online dating life. These are the main reasons that people experience trouble finding matches or getting likes on dating sites like Badoo.

1. Your profile pictures don't show variety

If your profile pictures aren't impressing the user base, you may need more variety on your profile. Show off your best self with your best pics to impress other users. Browse people's profiles to gain some inspiration for your profile.

2. You’re not active enough

Dating apps like Badoo prioritize active users. If you're more active, you'll get more matches as the algorithm will prioritize your dating profile and connect you with compatible users. Ensure that you're logging on to the app regularly to keep your activity up.

3. Your bio is boring

An interesting bio goes a long way on dating apps like Badoo. Improve your online dating game by showing your fun side and getting rid of your boring, basic bio. Women are more likely to be swiping left on bios that don't tell them much about you or catch their attention.

4. You’re way too picky

If you're swiping left constantly, you're getting rid of potential matches that could have an interest in you. Don't spend your time swiping left because you're picky. Dating apps won't prioritize or boost your profile if you're not giving any other users a chance.

5. Your profile isn’t completely filled out

Don't forget to fill out your profile completely. Add profile pictures, a bio, and answer any questions. Your profile won't look legitimate and women prefer verified profiles. The most important thing is that your profile doesn't come off as fake or as a catfish.

6. Your settings are too restrictive

If your settings are too restrictive and your profile is only reaching a small area around you, you could be missing women who are interested in you. You'll find many more matches by opening up your features and becoming accessible to more people around you.

7. You live in a small town

Living in a small town could be impacting your success rate on the dating app. Your settings need to be open so that you can find as many potential matches as possible.

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Ways To Fix Your Badoo Profile To Land More Matches

Ways To Fix Your Badoo Profile To Land More Matches

Want more matches?

ROAST can help you improve your dating profile so you can easily get more matches.


By making a few changes to your Badoo profile, you'll be able to elevate your dating app profile and find more success. You don't need paid features to find success on Badoo—here are the top ways to fix your Badoo profile to land more matches.

1. Upload unique, fun, and attractive pictures

Upload fun, attractive pictures of you in different scenarios and get rid of any of the negative ones. Women want to see a variety of photos that show off your hobbies, passions, and other interesting parts of your life. Use photos that friends or family have taken of you for the best results with matches.

2. Be active daily

To have a good chance at gaining more matches, be one of those guys who is active on Badoo daily. Send messages, talk to your matches, and show interest in different profiles. Dating apps will prioritize your profile if you're active which is why it is vital to invest time in your profile.

3. Write a compelling bio

As with any other dating app like Tinder or Bumble, you have a few characters to write up a good bio. Write a compelling bio that's attractive to women by showing your personality and adding a bit of humor to your bio. Women show interest in bios that are funny, charming, and stand out, so don't be afraid to show who you are on your profile.

4. Give other profiles a chance

Don't discard other profiles right away. By being super picky and judging profiles base on their first picture, you won't attract the right person or matches to your profile. Take more than photos into account, and let yourself date on the app by talking to different women. While a first picture is important, it shouldn't be the only aspect of a profile you take into consideration before swiping right.

5. Fill out your entire profile

Don't forget to fill out your entire profile to optimize your account and increase your chances of finding the perfect match. Upload all of your profile pictures, fill out your bio, and answer any questions the app asks so that women feel comfortable with your complete, legitimate profile.

6. Open up your settings

Setting restrictive filters will only keep you from getting more matches and messages on the app. Open up your filters like location and age to reach a wide pool of women. With this strategy, you'll have the chance to connect with more potential matches.

7. Use the app while traveling

While there isn't much you can do if you live in a small town and have access to a small pool of users, you can use the app while traveling. Even if you're in a different city or town, turn on the app while traveling to reach new users. This way, you'll have access to more matches that aren't solely from where you live.


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Join 304,615 happy users


Badoo is a great dating app to use when you're looking to get yourself a date in real life. With a solid profile and thought-out strategy, you'll be able to optimize your profile and get more likes and potential matches who are eager to get to know you.

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