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Badoo Statistics: Surprising Facts About The Dating App

To further understand this dating app and its efficacy since 2006, here are some interesting statistics about Badoo. 
badoo statistics surprising facts about the dating app

Badoo is a popular communication platform created in 2006 and functions as a dating app and social media service open primarily to adults. On the dating app, users can create a Badoo account via a Facebook account or email address without paying any registration fees. 

This free app access also provides users basic features like reading and sending messages, uploading pictures and videos, searching for members, and using Badoo live. Furthermore, the app offers a similar matching mechanism as Tinder, where you swipe to recent or accept people. 

To further understand this dating app and its efficacy since 2006, here are some interesting statistics about Badoo. 

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Table of Content

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  1. How Much Does Badoo Make? 
  2. How Many People Use Badoo?
  3. Who Uses Badoo?
  4. How Long Do Badoo Users Spend on Badoo?
  5. Does Badoo Cost Anything?
how much does badoo make 

How Much Does Badoo Make? 

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Bumble Inc, owners of Badoo app, revealed its 4th quarter 2021 earnings, which showed a 3.5% decrease in revenue where it made $57.7 million compared to its $59.8 million from 2020. However, despite this minor decrease, the dating app came out ahead for the year 2021, having $232.8 million in 2021 compared to $221.7 million for all of 2020.

Furthermore, in 2022, Badoo will have over 318 million users, and the total monthly paying customers will be 100 million. Ultimately, despite the steep competition, the dating app has managed to stay competitive throughout the decades. 

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how many people use badoo

How Many People Use Badoo?

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The true measure of dating apps and their efficacy is how many individuals use the software. Essentially, this factor helps spread word of mouth and give better reviews, ensuring the platform stays profitable over time. 

Badoo is one of the largest dating apps globally, with 318 million users across 190 countries. Furthermore, the brand has up to 250 employees to ensure each user gets quality service to connect with people and experience happiness. 

These numbers are massive and even larger than most platforms like CNN and Tinder, which have 78 million and 75 million users, respectively. So ultimately, Badoo has substantial traction in the online space and is a big contender. 

who uses badoo

Who Uses Badoo?

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Besides being a dating app, Badoo is also used for making new friends, connecting with loved ones, and conversing with colleagues. Since its launch, the fast growth has been amongst adults aged between 25 and 35. 

This factor redeems it from its previous title as one of many apps for teenagers looking to pass the time. Surprisingly, this dominating demographic of 25 and 35 years olds makes up 40.57% of its users. 

Besides finding a romantic partner in Badoo, adults use the platform to start businesses, find jobs, join soccer teams, and more. Furthermore, while Badoo is a global company, it's not popular worldwide as other apps dominate specific regions. 

Nevertheless, Badoo is well-known in countries like France, Brazil, and Italy and has the biggest growth in Argentina, Germany, and Poland. So it's a big deal in three locations, similar to how apps like Bumble and Tinder took over the United States. 

Ultimately, people enjoy meeting other like-minded individuals on dating apps, and Badoo has created an effective platform to make this desire possible. 

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how long do badoo users spend on badoo

How Long Do Badoo Users Spend on Badoo?

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The average time new users and old ones spend on an app helps discern whether it's worth your while to visit the same platform. According to a recent survey by Badoo, its database of over 300 million users spend an average of 90 minutes using its features daily. 

These features include regular chatting, calling via video, find matches, or any other element. It's worth mentioning that this average daily time is quite impressive, considering the average time users spend on other apps like Instagram is a mere 29 minutes daily. 

The Badoo survey also revealed that while they spend 90 minutes on the app, people log in up to 10 times throughout the day, with each session lasting roughly 9 minutes. Therefore, Badoo users aren't glued to their screens for over an hour trying to find new people. 

They merely visit Badoo briefly throughout the day for updates on new things and never realize how much time was dedicated to the app overall. 

does badoo cost anything

Does Badoo Cost Anything?

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Like many dating apps and web site(s), Badoo app is free to download and access on mobile devices. The freemium allows you to read and send messages, view pictures, use Badoo live, and connect with other members. 

However, there are additional features that require payment to unlock, and some of these features include being able to:

  • Undo your previous vote
  • See who liked your profile in Encounters
  • Contact users immediately
  • See who added you to their “Favourites” list
  • Browse through profiles anonymously
  • Chat with popular Badoo users

Here's more information on these premium Badoo app features and in-app purchases:

  • Super Powers

Badoo presents a premium function known as Super Powers, which allows you to see who added you to their favorite list. The subscription costs $24.99 for three months and $59.99 for a Lifetime Super Power pass. 

*Note: Options exist to buy the subscription for one week, one month, or six months on Badoo.

  • Seven-day trial

The seven-day free trial on Badoo offers you free Super Powers to unlock your favorites folder, chat with popular users, see who liked you, go incognito, chat with popular users, and many more. 

  • Credits

Badoo premium allows you to increase your popularity; however, this action will cost credits. This currency costs $1.50 for 100 and goes up to $19.99 for 2,750 credits, which you can also spend on multiple items within the dating app. 

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Ultimately, Badoo is a popular social network with more active users than other popular platforms. So, if you're interested in using this app to connect with friends or meet people for a better dating experience or any other reason, these facts can help get you your desired result. Badoo is definitely one of the best hookup sites out there today. You might also be interested in Tinder statistics or Hinge statistics if you're trying to find the best dating platform.

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