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Tinder statistics 2023: All you need to know about the dating app!

What to know what the statistics say about this popular dating app? We've come through the numbers to give you the lowdown on Tinder users and Tinder usage statistics so you can make the most of your dating app experience.
tinder statistics 2022 all you need to know about the dating app

People often say that online dating is a numbers game, but that's only partially true. Yes, it can be helpful to understand the Tinder statistics before you download the dating app so you fully understand what you're getting into.

But the Tinder statistics aren't the whole story. Remember, Tinder stats tell you about averages. But in order to get Tinder matches, the goal is to be above average.

Several dating apps are available, but no one has yet "mastered them all." How should the ideal dating app appear? Is it Bumble-style lighthearted fun, or appearance-focused like Tinder?

So if you follow all of our advice about building your profile, choosing pictures, sending messages, and more, you'll be doing a lot better than average Tinder users.

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  1. Tinder at a glance
  2. Habits, time spent, user relationships, revenues
tinder at a glance

Tinder at a glance

  • There are 75 million active Tinder users each month

  • More than 70% of Tinder users are men

  • 50% of Tinder users are gen-Z

  • Active users spend up to 90 minutes a day on Tinder

  • Tinder made 1.6 billion dollars last year

How many people use Tinder?

Perhaps one of the most important statistics to consider when choosing dating apps, is how many users are on that platform. The best-designed app in the world will be useless if there aren't enough people on there for you to meet.

One way that some love seekers have found success is by using an app like Hinge or Tinder to meet new people in person. There are 75 million Tinder users active every month. And that "active users" part is important. Just because someone has downloaded dating apps doesn't mean they're a meaningful part of the dating pool — for our purposes, we only care about active Tinder users.

Sounds impressive, right? But that doesn't tell the whole story either. You also need to think about Tinder demographics like the number of users in your area and users in your gender preference and age range.

Tinder users by gender

Depending on the data source, 70-80% of Tinder users are men, and 20-30% are women. That's quite a difference! As you can see, that's a dramatic male to female ratio as female users are greatly outnumbered on the app. Most Hinge users are men, 64% and 36% female compared to Tinder.

The Tinder gender ratio can't be taken entirely at face value, because Tinder also has other gender options you can choose, although they still seem to categorize you into the male or female pile even if you identify as non-binary.

The other complicating factor is that simply looking at the number of female users and male users doesn't tell you what those people are looking for. So you still don't know the exact numbers of your competition. For example, if you're a male user wanting to date a women, you may not be competing with all the other men on the app, because some of them will be men looking for men.

Tinder users age statistics

Another important factor is the number of Tinder users in each age group. While folks of all ages (18+) use the app, the population skews young. In fact, averages put the typical Tinder user in their low-to-mid-20s, with the men just slightly older than the women.

Another way to break it down is to say that gen Z Tinder users account for a whopping 50% of people on the app, while millennials make up another 17-18%.

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habits time spent user relationships revenues

Habits, time spent, user relationships, revenues

How long do people spend on Tinder each day?

On average, active users spend about 30-90 minutes a day on Tinder, but that's broken up into sessions that are less than 10 minutes each. Some of that time will be spent swiping, and some will be spent sending or answering message but the numbers make one thing clear — people are thinking fast.

People generally spend about an hour on the Badoo app or other dating apps. This varies depending on how active someone is on the app. Some people spend more time chatting with others, while others simply browse through profiles.

From deciding who to swipe on to who to send a message to and what to say, it's clear that people are not agonizing over the details. And this means a few things for your Tinder experience.

For one thing, it's another reason not to take anything that happens online too seriously. It's clear that people aren't putting a lot of thought into their actions. And it's also clear that you can do better than the average user by being more thoughtful yourself.

Are Tinder users single?

Tinder statistics show that roughly 30% of Tinder users are married. But before you get your mind blown by that number, consider this — some of those users are still dating ethically.

While it's tempting to assume those folks are cheating, polyamory and other forms of ethical non-monogamy are gaining in popularity, especially among younger people, so those numbers are going to be reflected on online dating apps.

Backing up the open relationship theory is that in addition to the married folks, another 12% of Tinder users report being in a relationship.

Are Tinder users really connecting?

Believe it or not, roughly 30 million matches happen every single day. And they've wracked up roughly 60 billion matches worldwide! With numbers like that, it's easy to believe there's someone out there for everyone.

Across all dating app users — including Tinder users and other popular dating apps, roughly 13% got married to someone they met online. Those are pretty good odds if you're looking for a life partner, especially when you consider that in the grand scheme of things, even the most Popular dating app hasn't been around very long.

Do you have to pay for it?

By now you've seen that incredible numbers of people who use the Tinder dating app to find matches and dates, but are those folks paying to up their chances? You might be surprised by the answer! Only around 10% of Tinder subscribers are springing for Tinder gold or other paid options.

What about Tinder revenue statistics?

Even if the majority of Tinder users aren't paying for the service, you don't need a high percentage when you're talking about user numbers in the billions.

Tinder's revenue has increased every year since its parent company went public and raked in a whopping 1.6 billion dollars last year.

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Like any tool, Tinder statistics can help you do a better job using the dating app, but they don't give you the whole picture. Remember while you're thinking about statistics on the Tinder app, or any of the other dating apps, that stats are just one piece of the overall online dating puzzle.

Your own personal Tinder success rate will have a lot more to do with how you take advantage of this online dating platform, and make sure you stand out from other Tinder profiles users are likely to see.

Remember, most Tinder users are only online for a few minutes at a time, and they're making quick decisions. You can use that information to feel overwhelmed, or you can see it as an opportunity. We recommend the latter.

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