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No matches on Lox Club

So you've signed up for the Lox Club dating app but you're not getting any matches—what gives? Lox Club is among the newer dating apps that promise a more exclusive experience, and that means your old tricks don't work anymore. Read on to learn how to get results on Lox Club.
no matches on lox club

It's bad enough not getting matches on an average dating app, but if you've got to the trouble of getting accepted onto the Lox Club dating app—known as the elite Jewish dating app—it can be especially frustrating to not see results.

Th Lox Club community has high standards, even asking for a brief career history as part of the application process. So right from the start, you know that this dating app is a bit pickier when it comes to its members than most.

But making the cut with the membership committee doesn't mean you're guaranteed matches on the app. After all, their slogan says Lox Club is for Jewish people with ridiculously high standards.

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  1. Is it normal for men to get no matches on Lox Club in 2023?
  2. Why am I getting no matches on Lox Club? 5 reasons
  3. No matches on Lox Club, am I shadowbanned?
  4. How to get matches on Lox Club for guys: 5 Lox Club profile tips
is it normal for men to get no matches on lox club in 2023

Is it normal for men to get no matches on Lox Club in 2023?

Unfortunately, yes. Gone are the days when swiping on apps led to easy matches. These days, so many people have flocked to online dating apps that burnout is real, and the standards are higher.

That means it's more important than ever to put serious effort into your profile and pictures if you actually want to get matches. And especially on an app that made you wait out an application process—what's the point if you aren't going to follow through?

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why am i getting no matches on lox club 5 reasons

Why am I getting no matches on Lox Club? 5 reasons

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#1: You're still using your tired Tinder selfies from 2017

The dating game has changed (and hopefully, so have you.) Your bathroom mirror or gym selfies just aren't going to cut it anymore, especially not on the Lox Club dating app.

#2: Lox Club isn't in your city yet

Okay, maybe this one is a no-brainer. But sometimes it's not super obvious where a dating app is operating. Especially because many of them (Lox Club included) will drop you onto the waiting list until there are enough potential members waiting in your area.

#3: Lox Club is in your city, but it's still new

As a newer dating app, Lox Club isn't as popular as dating apps like Tinder or Bumble. And while fewer users can mean it's easier to stand out from the crowd, it can also mean the numbers simply don't pan out—and there aren't enough good dates to go around.

#4: You're being TOO picky

Yes, Lox Club is a tongue-in-cheek online version of pretentious social clubs, but that doesn't mean you can be hyper-specific in your dating parameters. If you specify everything from exact age to hair color, height, and even job description, you're just not going to find anyone. So one of the first things to do if you're not getting matches is to relax your search criteria.

#5: Your bio is boring

Lox Club specifically asks about career goals and future ambitions, and that means just dropping a few emojis in your bio isn't good enough. Lox Club's users are looking for people who want more than a hookup—or at a minimum, they want a fancy date first! So make sure you show what your lifestyle is like, and that you can hold a conversation, or why would someone bother to like your profile?

no matches on lox club am i shadowbanned

No matches on Lox Club, am I shadowbanned?

Sorry, no. While some social media platforms employ a shadowban to limit views of less desirable profiles, it's not really a tool utilized by dating apps. If Lox Club wants you off the app, you're just off—and you'll know it.

Like any online dating platform, it's important that you follow the rules, or face the consequences. And this is doubly true on an exclusive dating app like Lox Club. Their reputation is built on user experience, and that means they won't tolerate anyone who makes other users feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

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how to get matches on lox club for guys 5 lox club profile tips

How to get matches on Lox Club for guys: 5 Lox Club profile tips

#1: Nail your primary photo

Your main photo is the first thing that people are going to see, and only people who like the look of that image are going to bother looking at the rest of the images (let alone read your bio) so a lot of thought needs to be put into this choice.

#2: Have a niche

Yeah, we just told you not to be too picky—but you don't want to be wide open, either. If your profile is trying to attract everyone, it won't attract anyone. People need to see what you're into so they know if you'll get along. Don't just say you like sports, say what sport. (And do you play or just watch?)

#3: Stay active on the app

Potential matches are most likely to see you if you stay active because like other dating apps, the Lox Club dating app rewards activity. Get on there and swipe often, or you're missing out. Because you only get a handful of potential matches at a time, and they refresh a couple of times a day.

#4: Go to events

Like other so-called exclusive dating apps, Lox Club is bringing users together online AND in real life. And sometimes the old-fashioned way of meeting is the most effective. Apply to attend their events and see what happens when you try your opening lines face to face.

#5: Remember to have fun

Online dating (any dating, really) can be stressful. But if you don't look like you're having fun, why would anyone want to interact with you? Keep any frustration to yourself and put your best foot forward. It'll be better for everyone.

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If you're not getting any matches on Lox Club, the good news is that there's a lot you can do about it. In most cases, a few tweaks to your bio or photo choices will make Lox Club users start taking notice, and that can change the results you're getting overnight.

With a little polishing of your written bio, a hard look at the photos you're using, and a couple of reminders in your phone to swipe a couple times daily, your luck will soon change.

Like any tool, Lox Club give you the results that you work for, so putting more effort in means getting better results out.

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