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Lox Club, 7 Profile Tips to Get More Matches Fast

If you're struggling to create a profile on the Lox Club dating app—we've got you! Here are our best tips, along with common mistakes to avoid. Once you've read what we have to say, you'll be ready to create a Lox Club profile that gets you the results (and dates!) you're looking for.
Lox Club Profile Tips for Success

Whenever a new dating app hits the scene, there's a bit of uncertainty about what's going to work in this new space. And that's certainly true for Lox Club, a dating app marketed towards Jewish singles, or at least people who can roll with the culturally Jewish. (Apparently liking Jewish deli food is enough!)

Unlike Tinder and other dating apps that have been around for a while, you can't just post a shirtless selfie and a few emojis and expect to get matches. Nope, the stakes are a bit higher here. If you want results, prepare to share a brief career history along with your other interests.

Basically, think about what you'd share with someone you met at a work event, rather than at a downtown club when you first meet.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Most Common mistakes on Lox Club
  2. Our Best Tips to Match on Lox Club
  3. FAQ
Most Common mistakes on Lox Club

Most Common mistakes on Lox Club

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Creating a great Lox Club profile doesn't have to be difficult, but there are some common pitfalls you should be careful to avoid. And while there's no one answer for what potential matches are looking for, there are some common mistakes that will make other users think twice before making you a match.

Using a bad first picture

You get one chance to make a good first impression, and your primary profile photo is it. If that doesn't catch the other user's eye, they're not going to give the rest of your content a chance. For that reason, you should spend most of your effort getting a great shot to share, even if that means hiring a professional. But most of the time you can get a friend's help, or even get really clever with timers or remotes. But no selfies here!

Relying on group pictures

We get it, you want to prove that you have friends and that you're fun to be around. And maybe most of your activity photos are group shots. But group pictures are notoriously tricky on dating apps. No one wants to play a game of Where's Waldo to figure out who you are in the shot—so most of the time, people will keep scrolling.

The only way to justify a group photo is if you've already had enough solo photos that it's absolutely clear what you look like, and it's completely obvious who you are in the group. And even then, it had better be an amazing shot to justify inclusion.

Leaving your bio blank

  • Skipping the bio section is a big no-no on any dating app, but on high-end dating apps like Lox Club, it's a major reason for not getting matches. People in the Lox Club community aren't just looking for a pretty face, they want to know everything from your career history to your future ambitions, and there's no way to share those details without writing a few words.

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Our Best Tips to Match on Lox Club

Our Best Tips to Match on Lox Club

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Choose a great portrait for your first photo

What's a portrait? Think LinkedIn photo, but more interesting. A good headshot portrait shows your whole face and part of your upper body. You don't want to go full body shot for your first image, because that won't give a good enough view of your face.

This first image should be a realistic and flattering representation of what you actually look like, while giving a hit of your personality, too. It might sound like a tall order, but getting it right pays off.

Write a bio like you actually care

You can no longer assume that your pictures are going to do all the work and that no one reads the bio. Now, more than ever, people care what you have to say at least as much as how you look. (And on Lox Club, your words might matter even more than your pictures.)

If people are considering dating for the long term, a pretty face isn't enough. They need to know that your life goals are in alignment, and that includes everything from your career to whether or not you want kids and a white picket fence.

Know what you're looking for

Have you ever gone job hunting when you were the picky one? Imagine what dating would be like if it were the same way. While it's important not to be too picky, your profile should make clear the kind of person you're trying to attract.

These days, a lot of people are career minded, so what will that look like when people pair up? Do you want someone who works the same long hours that you do, and still wants to party hard in their free time? Or someone who understands the stresses of grad school?

Consider all these lifestyle factors and more as you're crafting your profile so that you'll find the right person for the life you're trying to build.

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Figuring out how to create a profile on an app that compares to "pretentious social clubs" can be tricky. But once you get the hang of the vibe they're going for, it all falls into place.

How do I get accepted to Lox Club?

Lox Club isn't quite as exclusive as apps like Raya, but there's still an application process. So it's only worth diving in if you're willing to wait for an acceptance and spend a little money once you're in. Yep, once the membership committee decides which potential users make the cut, you'll still need to pay for your membership.

While making fun of the application is tempting, you're not going to get accepted to the service if you don't bring some sincerity to your answers. After all, they're clear about having ridiculously high standards. So being a little tongue in cheek is okay, but only if the core of your information sells you as a member.

How do I make my Lox Club profile better?

Take an honest look at your photos and edit brutally. Anything that you're not 100% satisfied with should get cut. This isn't the time to compromise. You're better off having fewer, better photos than leaving in a couple of duds that could ruin the impression that you're making.

For starters, be sure you're sharing all your basic info, while still looking both interesting and down to earth. No problem, right? Just try to imagine whether you could say the words in your profile out loud to someone you just met. If the answer is no, then it's time for a rewrite.

What should I write in my Lox Club profile?

Keep in mind the priorities of Lox Club members and write a profile that you'd be willing to show a date's parents. Talk about where you went to school, what you do for work, and what you see yourself doing in five years. Almost like a job interview—which it is. You're basically writing a cover letter for why someone should date you.


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Every dating app has its niche, and this so-called elite Jewish dating app is no different. That means you can't just copy and paste the same content from one app to another. You need to customize your profile for every dating site you decide to use, and that's doubly true for this new breed of exclusive dating app.

People can smell generic or reused content from a mile away, and that's just not going to cut it here. But that's okay! Writing original content, and picking new photos, doesn't need to be as hard as it sometimes feels.

Think of it like choosing an outfit for a party— for every new event you attend you're considering what the weather is like, what venue you're going to, and who's going to be there. Figuring out the vibe of a new dating app is just like that. And when you figure out how to fit in with the culture, you'll get the results you're looking for.

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