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7 Tips To Improve Your Bumble Profile And Get More Matches in 2023

Do you find it difficult to get a date on the Bumble app? You're not alone. Here are some super easy tips to help you create a perfect bumble profile and attract more attention.
7 tips to improve your bumble profile and get more matches in 2022

Online dating apps like Bumble have piqued a lot of interest recently because we all crave to establish social connections with other people. And all we need to get started is a mobile device and an internet connection. Even though it sounds easy to accomplish, most people still find it difficult to get potential matches and build a healthy relationship.

There are several reasons why you haven't had much success with online dating. But your profile is probably the main reason. Even if you're aesthetically pleasing, people may swipe left on your dating profile if you have a boring bio or stick to cliches.

This article outlines some of the best Bumble profile tips. If you can implement these tips today, you'd stand a better chance of getting more matches and more dates even if you're not as posh as a model or a TV superstar.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Use Captivating Photos
  2. Craft an Outstanding Bio
  3. Update Your Profile Often
  4. Take Advantage of Bumble Badges
  5. Be Real And Positive
use captivating photos

Use Captivating Photos

Your picture is the first thing that other users notice about you. It's your best chance to make a good impression. In a split second, they can decide if you're likable, trustworthy, or smart. So invest some time in the most important aspect of your online presence.

Ideally, your first photo should be a solo photo capturing your face. Avoid wearing sunglasses or using Snapchat-style cartoonish filters. These artificial effects can be misleading, so avoid them and keep your appearance real. Make eye contact with the camera and turn up a golden smile. It fosters the feeling of connection and establishes a sense of trust.

The second photo can help tell a story about your personality, interests, or occupation. For example, if you enjoy diving, you can include a picture of you underwater. Group photos are welcome too, but make sure you're well noticeable. You can also take a photo that captures your office in the background. Although it's not compulsory, hiring a professional photographer can make a huge difference.

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craft an outstanding bio

Craft an Outstanding Bio

Two things before reseting your account

After pictures, Bumble bios are the next important element that can help you make a strong impression. The best Bumble bios are those that summarize your personality and character in the least amount of text possible.

So try to keep your bio short and interesting. Most people often talk about their date preferences and deal breakers in their bios, but this may not be the best detail to include as it can prevent you from meeting other wonderful people who don't match your preferences.

Talking about your passion is a great place to start. But try not to mention obvious things like traveling, or hiking. Someone who shares the same interests as you would feel inclined to connect with you, seeing that you both have something in common. Such bios are excellent conversation starters. People who find your bio interesting will make the first move. And when they send messages, they'd already have a topic to discuss.

To create witty/funny bumble profiles demands some creativity, but not everyone has a knack for it. If that's you, consider checking out fascinating bio examples for more tips. But don't copy someone's bio verbatim. Do some hard work to customize it a bit so your profile doesn't come off as a cliche.

update your profile often

Update Your Profile Often

You're not the same person you were three months ago. Your physical traits must have improved. Your interests, extraversion, and openness to new experiences must have changed. You could have found a new hobby, left your old job, or graduated college. Some significant changes in your life over the past weeks or months should reflect on your profile.

Besides helping other people to get acquainted with who you are in the present moment, Bumble algorithm also works in your favor when you update your dating profile. It will treat you like a new user and show your profile to more people. Needless to say, more exposure on the dating app increases your chances of getting a perfect match.

Try updating your profile at least once a month. Recent photos are a must. Don't use the same clothes, background, or angle as you did in your previous pictures. Other minor fixes are all you need instead of a full-time revamp. It only takes a couple of minutes.

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take advantage of bumble badges

Take Advantage of Bumble Badges

Steps before reseting

Bumble Badges are an exciting feature that can help users describe their personality in more detail without taking up space in their bio. How are these Badges relevant to optimizing your Bumble profile? They help connect you to people who are more likely to be interested in you.

Other Bumble users could include your Badge as a criterion when setting Advanced Filters, so the more Badges you add to your profile, the more likely you are to appear in their searches. Additionally, it would be easier to connect with these users since you share a common interest.

You can select up to five basic Badges. These include Basic Info, Interest, Bumble Friends, Bumble Business, and COVID-19 Badges. There are several Badge variants in each category that can give you more exposure to other users. So make sure you provide as many details about yourself as you can.

be real and positive

Be Real And Positive

The aim of looking for potential matches is to go on actual dates, right? And possibly build meaningful relationships from there? But you'll hardly get to the latter stage of the dating experience if you're dishonest with the details you provide on your profile.

Most people are often compelled to front a fake personality as honesty can leave them vulnerable to rejection or hurt. But this is not the right way to approach online dating. Having a good bumble profile with a less appealing personality doesn't add up. No one in this world is flawless, so don't even try to be.

Let's assume you eventually go out on a date, and your match finds out that you're not truly who you said you are; what will happen next? Of course, the relationship won't stand a chance to bloom.

Be your best self. And someone who fancies you will come along.

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Dating is a two-sided marketplace; therefore, you have to position yourself to make people like you. And that's what these bumble profile tips will help you achieve. Also, remember that the popular dating app is engineered to allow you to have fun.

So amidst all the hard work involved in creating your profile, try not to take yourself or your matches too seriously, and you'll stand a great chance of getting a match, going out on your first date, or even finding true love. If you need more tips, check out our profile tips for Hinge, maybe you'll find some inspiration there.

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