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No Luck on Bumble: Why It’s Happening And How To Fix It in 2024

Is checking your Bumble account leaving you feeling lonely and disappointed? Find out how you can fix your profile to get you more matches than before.
Why No Luck On Bumble?

Bumble can be a fun app to date on but if you’re not getting any matches, you won’t have anyone to talk to and it can get boring pretty quickly. Dating apps can be disappointing if you aren't able to find hot girls, let alone matches with your account.

With a few simple changes, you can take your profile to being forgettable, to attracting more likes, matches and meaningful connections than before.

Here is why you're not having any luck on Bumble, and how to fix it.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Reasons Your Bumble Profile Isn’t Getting You Matches
  2. How To Fix Your Bumble Profile And Get More Matches
Reasons Your Bumble Profile Isn’t Getting You Matches

Reasons Your Bumble Profile Isn’t Getting You Matches


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Feeling nervous that you might be shadowbanned? Don’t stress just yet—you may not be getting matches on your profile for a variety of reasons. Not getting any likes or matches on Bumble is normal and happens to a lot of guys in the world of online dating.

Here are the top reasons for getting no matches on dating sites like Bumble.

1. You have too many group photos

If you have a lot of group photos on the dating app, swap them out for photos of you engaging in your hobbies or passions. Group photos don't always work well, as women can't tell which one you are and if you have an attractive friend, they could end up liking them more than you.

2. You’re too picky

Online dating apps like Bumble don't always make it easy to find compatible matches, so your best chance is to not be too picky with who you swipe right on. By being picky, you'll be limiting yourself to less Bumble matches, and could be missing out on Bumble users who like you.

Go into it with an open mind, and swipe right more often on the dating app to increase your chances of getting a date in real life.

3. Your profile isn’t filled out completely

If your profile isn't filled out all the way, you won't find the most relevant users to you and could be missing out on potential matches. Some women look out for only verified profiles and without a complete profile, you won't be able to verify your Bumble profile.

Fill out every section of the Bumble profile section to ensure your dating profile is complete and ready to meet new people.

4. You’re looking for hookups

Bumble is an app most people use to find serious relationships. If serious relationships aren't your thing and you've made that clear to Bumble matches or on your profile, you won't get many matches. You may be a good guy, but women won't want to swipe right on you if all you want is casual sex or no strings attached.

5. Your bio is boring

Bumble matches look at your profile picture and your bio to figure out if you're worth swiping right on. After nailing your profile picture, you need to create an interesting Bumble bio to catch a woman's attention. Make sure it's not boring and isn't just a short and sweet sentence about you, your job or University, height and hobbies.

6. You have too many selfies

Selfies are a no-no when it comes to online dating. Choose photos that show you doing something, or that were taken of you by a friend. Bumble users want to see pictures of you doing interesting and fun things, as selfies are considered self-centered and vain.

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How To Fix Your Bumble Profile And Get More Matches

How To Fix Your Bumble Profile And Get More Matches

No matches?

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Fortunately, fixing your Bumble profile doesn’t have to be difficult. With a few changes to your Bumble settings and online dating profile, you'll be able to get more matches and dates in real life.

1. Add attractive photos of yourself

Your photos need to be attractive on the Bumble app, as this is what most matches look for. Guys will be picking their hottest photos, so ensure your pictures are attractive and won't be getting women to swipe left.

2. Be more open-minded

Be more open to women on the app, and don't swipe left on the majority of the profiles you come across. You'll have more matches if you keep an open mind and swipe women based on more than just their looks. This will help boost your match rate and may even help you meet a genuine connection.

3. Fill out your profile properly and completely

In order to meet people on the app, you have to fill out your profile completely and properly. If it's not filled out properly and completely, you could be flagged as a fake profile by women, or repel women away who think you're hiding something. Don't leave anything out and be honest on your profile for the best results.

4. Be open to something more

Since Bumble is typically used to find serious relationships, be open to finding something more serious. You may be surprised to find yourself talking in a conversation with someone you like more than a friend. Don't be closed off to dating and finding a relationship on the app, even if that's not what you're actively looking for.

5. Use Bumble prompts in your bio

Bumble prompts are an excellent feature that can help you break the ice and make the first move in an engaging and fun way. Ask your match a question, play a game, or have them answer your prompt to start a fun dating conversation. The right answers to Bumble prompts can help you get more matches, which will help you get closer to landing a date in real life.

6. Get rid of the selfies

Delete the selfies, even if you think you look attractive in the photo. While you might look good, a woman will still judge the pictures, and majority of them will think you're too conceited to be taken seriously. You'll have women swiping left so instead, add photos of you doing something you love or with your family to show your real self and a glimpse into who you are as a person, which women love to see.


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Dating apps like Bumble are tricky to navigate but with the right profile, conversation starters, and approach, you'll be able to find success on the app. Turn your luck around on Bumble by making a few simple changes to your profile.

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