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How To Get More Matches on Bumble in 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Want to increase your chances of getting matches and going on more dates on Bumble? This guide provides valuable tips and strategies to optimize your profile and stand out in the crowd.
How To Get More Matches On Bumble?

Swipe right or left on Bumble for nothing? Keep calm. Read here for real advice that will guarantee you matches. If you don’t know about Bumble, it is one of the most used dating apps.

Bumble has an interesting feature where a woman sends a message to initiate conversation and make the first move. Although this works well for some people, it creates a greater challenge for guys in attracting attention. However, don’t worry!

Starting from creating a profile that can’t be ignored up to choosing an appealing profile photo – we will give you tips that will elevate your potential match rate. Also, we will discuss messaging tricks and ways of creating deep relationships after matching.

Are you a newbie at Bumble dating app or struggling to improve your performance? Take a seat and keep reading.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. How to Match on Bumble
How to Match on Bumble

How to Match on Bumble

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It is necessary to match on Bumble. Shouldn’t you get a few dates here and there if it’s important for one to have an “open” heart? No matches – no luck in meeting that person.

With so many people now turning to dating apps as standard, why shouldn’t these people use BumbleBumble since it enables them to interact with others who could be their lovers or friends?

Nevertheless, it can be difficult to stand out among the millions of users worldwide and gain attention from others.

One has matched on Bumble due to mutual interest shown through this important act. The fact that someone else took an interest in your profile also implies that there could be chemistry between both you.

This validation occurs immediately and gives confidence that makes one say they should message now. There are ways to turn more prospect matches into chats. Here are some of them:

Optimize Your Profile

An attractive profile on Bumble works as a must-have attribute for any individual who wishes to pull in probable lovers within the domain of online dating.

Think about your profile as the preliminary statement and use it in your favor! Here are some tips on how to spruce up your profile game:

  • Let them see your true colors: Show the world the true “you” in your bio, and don’t be fake with people. Make it smart and original—let it demonstrate why you are unique and provide a glimpse into your personality. After all, there’s nothing like some good old authentic charm!

  • Add some conversation starters: One easy way to do this is by putting interesting flirty questions or statements in your bio because then someone can easily respond to your first message. Say no to generic "Hey" and "Hi"!

  • Express that you’re daring: Most individuals fancy personalities that dare take risks, including those of other similar traits themselves. Flaunt this site by adding pictures showing you engaged in thrilling experiences such as mountain climbing, parachuting, discovering new games, and so on.

  • Do you have interests? Show off! What will make you passionate will also ignite passion in another person (or make it really simple for them to ask about)! Include things you love, whether it is cooking, helping out, or playing guitar!

  • Keep it concise and interesting: Although one should be short, being to the point does not imply dullness. Hence, incorporate relevant particulars without going too far, which will leave someone confused.

Remember that improving your profile for Bumble means portraying yourself at your utmost potential!

Use High-Quality Photos

In today’s visually driven world, first impressions are made in a matter of seconds - so make them count. Clear, eye-catching Tinder premiere photos are what will stop people from scrolling and paying attention to your profile.


Blurry or low-resolution pictures look unprofessional and don’t allow others to get an accurate impression of you. By using high-quality images, you’ll be able to show yourself off in the best light possible.


While physical attraction certainly isn’t everything, it does play a role in online dating - especially at first glance when all users have to go on is your photo (especially for guys!).


If someone can see you properly, then they’ll be much more likely to right-swipe into getting-to-know-you territory than if they’ve only got half an idea about what you look like.


But clear isn’t all that counts: Your pictures should also reflect different parts of your life and personality for maximum results.


This means including shots of doing things that make you happy or highlighting hobbies – anything that helps paint a picture of who you really are will help other people feel like there’s something solid connecting the two of you.


Having high-quality photos shows potential matches that looking good online is important to you – just as it is with them – which could be seen as a positive trait.

However, using unreal images is prohibited by all means. On Tinder, there is a selfie validation feature that helps create real relationships and provides the utmost user safety.

Craft an Interesting Bio

Your Tinder bio should make someone on Bumble be interested in you. It could ensure that you remain in memory of someone even after he or she has swiped left or right. So, how do you craft an outstanding bio that will leave people amazed?

  • Be real: Refrain from clichés and the temptation to package yourself. Don’t worry; there would be no room for such a character. Embrace this space; showcase your oddness to create an insight into what makes one possible match “click.”

  • Show, don’t tell: Instead of stating, “I’m adventurous” or “I love baking,” use other ways of expressing such ideas, such as fictional stories or examples.

  • Inject humor: One witty remark might deceive some potential followers into believing they should right-swipe that person because their humor is similar to yours.

  • Keep it concise: Forget about writing long biographies about yourself; just go with short, catchy statements that define your identity but not all at once.

  • Stay positive: Avoid negativity and swearing unless absolutely necessary... if ever!

  • Create intrigue: You can leave a gap there for anybody’s opinion or ask for some help – so people will be really keen to write back (even without understanding why).

Be Active and Responsive

Looking forward to improving your chances of getting a date on Bumble? Then, you have to become a very engaged and responsible user. The dating game is fast-paced, and it speaks a lot if you show that you are involved.

To begin with, ensure that you swipe right on profiles that interest you daily. Stop waiting for the matches – act yourself! The more you swipe, the better the chance of increasing your visibility to other users, hence gaining more matches.

After all this, what should one do with a match if not letting the conversation die down? To advance anywhere, one has to respond promptly and fake no narcissism in reality.

Meaningful engagement is an indication that one puts effort towards creating links of unity. Ask a girl some interesting questions. Or share some funny insights with guys.

Remember: online dating isn't a spectator sport. It requires participation. By swiping regularly and responding promptly, others will see that you possess courage and passion, as well as regard for their time.

Utilize Bumble's Additional Features

If you want to squeeze everything possible from this dating app, consider using Bumble Premium. We would like to share with you four additional options that can dramatically increase your success on this application.

  • Bumble Boost: Do you know that paying for an add-on also allows you to know who has already swiped right on you? Why? This will enable you to prioritize matches and hence enhance your chances of getting linked up. Additionally, you get the Backtrack feature that allows one to take back a wrong swipe left because, honestly, we all do it sometimes!

  • SuperSwipe: How about signaling someone who hasn’t seen your profile yet? Use the “SuperSwipe”. It shows that you like it very much, and it will most likely lead to getting a match.

  • Travel Mode: The use of travel mode is an interesting option when one plans to move to another town or country pretty soon. With this setting turned on, your search area will cover places you’d like – meaning you’ll have a chance to meet locals while on vacation.

  • Advanced Filters: Another strength of Bumble, compared to others, lies in its sophisticated filtering tools that let users refine searches in many ways, like age range, location proximity from the user, and so on.

In contrast to a free version, combining these add-ons will lead to an unbelievable number of matches, and the experience of using it all will be phenomenal!

Stay Positive and Persistent

If you don’t get a match straight away on Bumble, it’s important to keep positive and persistent. Remember – finding the right person takes time and effort.

Getting no matches when you first start swiping can be demoralizing, but rather than giving up altogether, see it as an opportunity for growth. Every swipe is a chance to connect with someone new and interesting.

Sometimes, whether you get a match or not is down to timing. People may not have seen your profile yet, or they might just be busy living their lives. Just because something hasn’t happened within seconds doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out there who will be thrilled to meet you.

Enjoy the experience of online dating and learn from every interaction. Focus on what does happen rather than what doesn’t. Engage in conversations with people you do match with and enjoy getting to know them without putting too much pressure on yourself for immediate success.

Persistence pays off when it comes to dating online: take inspiration from stories of people who found love months – or even years – after starting their search. Your perfect person could literally be just one swipe away.

So stay hopeful, keep that positive mindset going, and keep swiping! Good things come to those who do that Bumble work with enthusiasm and patience.


Get data-driven feedback and clear actions to boost your profile now, get more matches and find the one.


Join 304,615 happy users


Becoming an expert at matching on Bumble is not easy, but it can increase your chances of finding the right connection. Just remember – optimize your profile with great photos, stay positive and persistent, and you will find someone special.

Keep in mind online dating has to take some time – don't get disheartened if no instant Bumble matches appear. We're sure that, soon, you'll get that long-awaited match queue.

So swipe away, talk to people - and have fun along the way – with a great profile and mindset, like-minded people are going to be excited to meet you. Who knows what will happen if you put all of these tips into practice?

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