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How Many Likes on Bumble? A Quick Overview

Most dating sites have only a limited number of free swipes, which is quite bothersome. Sadly, Bumble not only has this limit but also doesn't clarify what the limit is. So let us look into how many free swipes Bumble offers and how you can maximize them or get more swipes.
Understanding Bumble's Like Limit

Bumble is one of the most, if not the most, popular dating app out there. With its idea to let women reach out to matches rather than the other way around, it was quite the game changer in the online dating industry.

But one thing that bothers many users is their daily like limit. Like most other dating apps, Bumble limits its free users when it comes to the number of their likes and swipes.

But the problem is that we don’t know how Bumble works regarding its limits for its free users, and no one wants to be blindsided by the Out-of-Likes notification on a dating app.

Whether you are a new user or an old user, you must have been baffled by Bumble’s elusive like and swipe limit at some point.

So, if you are, like many others trying to figure out how many swipes and likes you can get per day and how you can increase that, you have come to the right place.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What is Bumble’s daily limit on likes?
  2. Why does a dating app like Bumble put a limit on the number of likes?
  3. How can you work with and around this swipe limit?
What is Bumble’s daily limit on likes?

What is Bumble’s daily limit on likes?

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This is a tricky question; many sites claim unlimited swipes are a feature of the Bumble app. While that may have been true for the dating app, it no longer holds true. Like most dating apps, Bumble now has a limit on likes and swipes but is not transparent about the exact number.

It uses an algorithm based on user behavior to determine the number of likes a user gets daily. This can vary from 25-50 likes, depending on how active you are on the app and how quickly you swipe through profiles.

If you are swiping through too fast, the number of swipes and likes you get in 24 hours will decrease. But if you slow down, you can get more likes for 24 hours, even on the free version. Once you have run out, your likes will reset in 24 hours exactly. So if the notification pops up at 6 pm, you will get a new set of likes at 6 pm the next day.

So girl (or guy), do not swipe recklessly if you want to increase the number of free likes and more matches daily.

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Why does a dating app like Bumble put a limit on the number of likes?

Why does a dating app like Bumble put a limit on the number of likes?

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There are various reasons why dating apps have limited likes and swipes. Here are two of the biggest reasons behind this decision.

Helps people to get quality matches

Although Bumble did see many meaningful connections even with their unlimited swipes. But now they want to encourage people further to get quality matches when swiping through the app.

Having a limit like this makes people more mindful and careful about whom they swipe left and right on. Knowing you have limited likes would mean people put more thought into whom they swipe right on. This would mean they would only pick people they truly think they can connect with.

This would increase the chances of these right swipes converting into something more serious, which is obviously part of the user experience and something all dating apps and dating sites wish to improve.

Pushes premium services such as Bumble Premium and Bumble Boost

Another obvious reason that exists but Bumble and other dating apps will obviously not state is that limiting swipes encourages people to purchase their premium services.

This is not just about increasing revenue but also separating the more serious users from the casual ones and, most importantly, bots.

Users looking for unlimited swipes or more matches can simply pay for a premium service, which is golden… to a certain extent.

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How can you work with and around this swipe limit?

How can you work with and around this swipe limit?

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Can you get unlimited likes?

The answer to this frequently asked question is yes, but only if you are willing to pay for Bumble Premium or Bumble Boost.

So let’s discuss these premium services and whether they are worth the subscription.

Bumble Boost Vs Bumble Premium

There are certain features that are the same in both these premium services, but if you pay a bit extra and subscribe to Bumble Premium, you get services of Bumble Boost and some additional features.

The answer to the question of how many swipes you get with each premium service is the same- UNLIMITED.

In Bumble Boost, you also get to Backtrack, so if there is an accidental left swipe on a potential match, you can undo that and swipe right on them. You can also rematch with expired matches and extend your time limit by 24 hours on unlimited matches so you can message a match later if you are busy but don’t want to lose the match.

Bumble Boost also gives you five SuperSwipes each week and even puts your Bumble profile in the Spotlight once each week, both of which are bound to increase the number of potential matches.

All these features are part of Bumble Premium, too, but with this package, you get even more add-ons. With a premium account, you also get to add unlimited Advanced Filters. So if there are certain fields where you want to filter people even more, Advanced Filters has your back.

Additionally, you get a Beeline. This shows a list of people who swiped right on your Bumble profile, but you haven’t swiped on them.

Another great feature Bumble Premium has for its paid subscribers is its Travel Mode. If you are a paid subscriber in a different city for a few days and wish to meet people there and go on a Bumble date, Bumble lets you change your location to that new city. It also shows others that you are a visitor.

Are They Worth It?

This is a subjective question and varies based on your expectations from Bumble. If you want to maximize your chances of finding Bumble matches, subscribing to a premium service can definitely help with that.

Bumble also allows you to subscribe to a premium service on a daily basis, so you can initially test them out, see if they are for you, and then make the decision.


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Some may think that having such limited likes for free members based on their activities is too strict a criteria, but Bumble does so to ensure that you are more thoughtful when you swipe left or right.

This increases your chances of finding better potential matches and going on your first date using the free version.

Online dating is rather tricky, and judging a person based solely on their profile can be difficult. A poor first impression based on one or two bad prompts may lead to someone you are actually compatible with being swiped left.

This is why you need to be more mindful of your swiping activities, and Bumble helps you by setting its own limits and offering things like Backtrack in its premium services.

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