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The Best Perfect First Date Bumble Prompt Answers 2023

Bumble can be a tricky dating app to navigate at times, which is why making a great first impression is so important. These are the best perfect first date Bumble answers you can use to get more matches and find your perfect person.
the best perfect first date bumble prompt answers 2022

If you’ve been using Bumble regularly and haven’t yet found your perfect partner – it may be time to change your strategy and start using Bumble prompts.

Bumble prompts are a great way to break the ice and attract matches that you genuinely connect with. Bumble’s “the best perfect date” prompt is the perfect prompt to use to help you find a match who loves your first date ideas so much, they want to share them with you too.

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Bumble’s best perfect first date prompt as well as examples that will help you land a first date and get more matches.

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Table of Content

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  1. Why Should You Use The Best Perfect First Date Bumble Prompt?
  2. Perfect First Date: The 11 Best Prompt Answers for Bumble
why should you use the best perfect first date bumble prompt

Why Should You Use The Best Perfect First Date Bumble Prompt?

Bumble’s first date prompt is a simple prompt you can use to show potential matches who you are, and what a first date with you would look like. It’s a great way to find matches who share similar interests with you, and makes for an opportunity to share first date ideas.

When curating your best perfect date prompt answer, make sure that what you write reflects a first date you would actually see yourself going on. This will help you weed through matches who you don’t have much in common with, and instead connect you with someone who could be your new partner. Here are the best first date Bumble answers that will help you get more matches.

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perfect first date the 11 best prompt answers for bumble

Perfect First Date: The 11 Best Prompt Answers for Bumble

With these perfect first date Bumble answer examples, you’ll be on dates before you know it. Use these answers to the popular prompt to help you get more matches on the app.

1. Go to the nearest arcade and try to break every high score while drinking slushies — middle school style.

This is the perfect date for someone who loves to have fun and is looking for something more spontaneous than a dinner date. With this prompt, you'll get to know exactly how your potential match likes to have fun.

2. Letting me analyze your zodiac chart.

This first date idea is a great way to help you and your date get to know each other. As far as conversation topics go, this is definitely a unique and fun way to start an engaging conversation. Your zodiac charts can be a fun, intriguing way to talk about your interests, values, and personality traits.

3. Staying in for the night to watch scary movies and binge on Tom and Jerry’s together.

If you're a homebody and want to spend a night in on the first date, this is the perfect prompt answer to use. A good first date is one where you can get to know each other, and spending time at home binging on scary movies and ice cream is a great way to do that.

4. Visit a fortune teller to find out if we have a future, then get ice cream to talk about our impending divorce.

This funny first date prompt answer is one of the more light-hearted answers that will show your match that you're not the type of guy to take himself too seriously. If you want to make your match laugh while getting to know their thoughts about first date ideas, use this answer.

5. Fake being a tourist and go on a sightseeing tour of the city, even though I’ve lived here for years.

Show your match that the two of you would have a spontaneous, fun dating life if you were together with this first date idea. This answer will attract a person who loves to go out and explore places and would do something fun like go on a sightseeing tour. If this sounds like you, this is the best answer for you to use.

6. The whitest possible activity on earth… pay farmers to pick their apples for them, then go home and bake an apple pie.

If your love language is doing activities together, this is the perfect idea for a first date. You and your match can get to know each other while you go to a farm for your date. Girls love farms, so this is a great idea for a first date.

7. Have a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant, and then make an art class painting.

Nothing says romance like a cute dinner date followed by an art class. Your match will love that you planned something romantic and thoughtful for the first date and will be smitten by the end of the night.

8. Watch the sunset, drink wine and talk about how the world is ending, but keep getting distracted by how beautiful the sunset is.

If you're a romantic at heart, this is a first date that definitely says romance. One of the best ways to get to know someone is by spending time with each other, away from the hustle and bustle of the regular day-to-day. If y

9. Go to a vineyard and pretend like we know about wine until we drink enough that we really are wine experts.

Your match will love this fun first date where you can take a trip to a vineyard, get to know each other, and enjoy a bit of wine too. It's something fun the two of you can do if you want to go on a unique, spontaneous first date.

10. Sync our Spotify accounts and DJ our first date and rate each other’s song choices.

This is a great first date if your date is a music lover and you're looking to have a bonding experience. As far as first date ideas go - this is such a unique and fun idea for a first date that your match won't be able to say no to.

11. Salsa night in the city. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to salsa – I’ll teach you.

If you want to learn more about your date's body language, a salsa class in the city is the go-to date option for you. Take a salsa class with your date and spend the night dancing with each other. It's romantic and will help get rid of the awkward first-date jitters.

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