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We'll Get Along If: Best Answers for your Bumble and Hinge Profiles

“We’ll Get Along If” is a popular Hinge and Bumble prompt that can help you create an attractive profile for an ideal match. Keep reading for more tips and ideas.
best prompt answer to:‘Will Get Along If’ on Bumble

Whether a Hinge user or a Bumble addict, you must have come across the famous “We’ll get along if” prompt. It is considered one of the best Hinge prompts because it allows Hinge users to express their expectations loud and clear.

Modern dating is more complicated and overly competitive than dating in older times. One wrong move is enough to scare off your matches since they won’t mind trying their luck with other matches; after all, dating apps are crawling with millions of users.

Therefore, building your Hinge prompt answers on a shared interest, hobby, dilemma, or life goal is crucial to ensure you have things to talk about. In today’s article, we bring funny Hinge answers for the “We’ll Get Along If” prompt to help you match your dream date soon.

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Before we look at a few examples, let’s see how Bumble and Hinge prompt work.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. How does Bumble and Hinge Prompts Work?
  2. Best Bumble Prompt Answers for “We’ll Get Along If”
  3. Best Hinge Prompt Answers for “We’ll Get Along If”
How does Bumble and Hinge Prompts Work?

How does Bumble and Hinge Prompts Work?

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Hinge is a dating app designed to be deleted once you have built a good relationship with your Hinge match, whereas Bumble is more like Tinder but privileges women to make the first move.

These prompts reflect your personality, travel story, and simple pleasures. They can range from simple questions like the biggest date fail to shower thought, the worst fad, or the weirdest gift you ever received.

Both apps require users to answer three choice prompts while adding humor to their profile.

We believe Hinge is more aimed at helping you build a long-term relationship, and Bumble lets you find friends and business connections rather than just dates. Hinge statistics reflect that 75% of the people that match on Hinge prefer to go on a second date with the same person.

The user base data for dating apps revealed that Hinge has more users between 30-49 years of age, and Bumble has 18-29 years old. Once people have enough of the Tinder and Bumble casual hookups, they end up at Hinge for a serious relationship.

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Best Bumble Prompt Answers for “We’ll Get Along If”

Best Bumble Prompt Answers for “We’ll Get Along If”

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You need the best answers to make your Bumble profile appear more than just a random match. To help you maximize your chances, we bring you the best Bumble prompt answers.

Example #1: You can flirt in more than one language

Showing your skills to speak multiple languages conveys that you are a master of languages and prefer your match to be the same. Through this Bumble answer, you are expressing that dating me is like knowing different cultures, being an educated guy, and will be more fun to be around. It’s like narrating a long story in minimum words.

Example #2: You can make a margarita to go with my mole poblano

Mexican food is all over the internet these days. Here you are not just expressing your love of Mexican food; instead, you are deliberately describing your unusual skills of being a great chef. If you reveal your passion for food, go into detail and tell what you prefer, your favorite restaurant, etc.

Example #3: You buy all your socks from Etsy

We know this Bumble answer is a little silly, but Etsy is a massive platform with millions of users. So this can be a green flag to increase your chances of finding someone from the same forum and building a relationship over your shared experiences and simple pleasures.

However, if you are not someone who shops on Etsy, try a famous club or group you take pride in. Because, in the end, you want someone to share the same type of humor.

Example# 4: You brush your teeth in the shower.

Brushing teeth in the shower is another unusual yet realistic sort of tribe you can also brag about on Hinge and Bumble. A simple brush in the shower shows their personality and interests. If you are using Hinge’s prompts, you need to be a little more expressive and precise. But such dating profile answers are great to stand out.

Example# 5: You believe that Drake’s new album is far better than Kanye’s.”

Talking about the most controversial opinion is one way to start conversations. It addresses your take on recent events around the globe. Or you can talk about famous conspiracy theories like the conspiracy of Avril Lavigne because when in doubt, use funny answers to make her laugh.

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Best Hinge Prompt Answers for “We’ll Get Along If”

Best Hinge Prompt Answers for “We’ll Get Along If”

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Example #6: You don’t look over my shoulder when I am Ready.

Bonding over pet peeves helps you build a better, stronger relationship. Using the Bumble answers to express your dislikes enables you to be on the same page with your match from day one. What if they are also irritated with the same thing? Studies revealed that bonding over pet peeves could be adequate for a long-term relationship.

Example #7: You’re trying to delete all your dating apps.

Answering the Bumble questions with their tagline is a genius way to express your intentions. Being transparent with your choice to delete Hinge and other dating apps lets you filter out results that are not into serious relationships. However, women on other dating apps are also weirdly attracted to something more substantial than a casual fling.

Example #8: You get along with the current woman in my life, Lola, my pit bull.

A Hinge study states that people with dog photos are likely to receive more likes than average profiles. So, why not use our favorite being on earth and a funny picture that surprises people and helps get more likes on dating sites? Plus, dogs serve as great conversation starters with a woman that can eventually result in a first date at a dog park.

Example #9: You (occasionally) stage fictional conversations with friends, enemies, crushes, etc.

We all are guilty of such conversations with ourselves. Building scenarios and conversations that might never happen in reality. Well, bring that on Hinge and Bumble and express your heart out. Tell me about your personality and beliefs. Don’t worry if she weeds out the conversation because you have successfully dodged someone, not your type.

Example #10: Your ideal first date involves ripping on Star Wars and sharing other unpopular opinions.

Finding someone with whom you can vibe out on recently discovered mutual dislikes can be on your bucket list. People’s answers can help them bond better and start conversations even with a stranger. However, keep your answers positive and avoid hate speech, gross words, or other negative thoughts.

If you struggle to know if your responses to these prompts are up to scratch, this is a perfect reason to sign up to ROAST. We offer improved answers to these responses, guaranteed to work better than any that you could come up with on your own.

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While Bumble and Hinge prompt, appreciate you to be funny, avoid coming out as creepy and cringe because there is a fragile line between the two. Hinge questions, whether it’s about your go-to karaoke song, your most irrational fear, or a typical Sunday, answering them the right way can be fun to make your dating game top-notch.

Our few examples for “we’ll get along if” are enough to help you formulate your answers to attract an ideal date you have only seen in movies.

If you’ve tried all these tips and are still getting nowhere, look no further, ROAST is here to help you! Our AI writing and research on dating apps will help you write the best prompt responses. We can help you write the best prompt responses to get as many matches as possible!

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