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How to Take Good Pictures for Bumble: From Selfies to Action Shots

Gone are the days of zero likes and messages from girls on Bumble. Because now, you can build a solid Bumble profile using our Bumble profile tips and tricks.
How To Take Good Pictures For Bumble?

Bumble, a formidable competitor to Tinder, has carved out its unique space in the dating app world. With a user base of just over 5 million people, it ranks as the second most popular dating app in the US.

While there are certainly similarities between Bumble and Tinder - both use a swiping interface and provide daily matches - there are also key differences.

Most notably, Bumble gives women the power to start conversations with matches, putting control firmly in their hands.

Additionally, the types of users in online dating on Bumble are often more mature and sophisticated, seeking serious relationships rather than casual hookups. And with a gender ratio of about 50-50, both men and women have an equal opportunity to find love through their Bumble profile.

But what sets Bumble apart from other dating sites is the emphasis on presenting yourself in the best possible light. To make the most of your Bumble dating profile, it's important to choose interesting and flattering profile photos that showcase your unique style and personality.

Whether searching for a soulmate or just dipping your toes into the online dating pool, Bumble is a fantastic option for those seeking something different from the norm.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Must-Have Bumble Profile Pictures for Guys
  2. Bad Bumble Profile Pictures: 6 Classic Mistakes to Avoid!
Must-Have Bumble Profile Pictures for Guys

Must-Have Bumble Profile Pictures for Guys

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1. The first photo: Closely Cropped Headshot

A new Hinge study revealed that men with a clear headshot in a first picture are 102% more likely to receive a like than the average photo. It also concludes that selfies are 40% less likely to receive a like than an average photo, and the chances further reduce by 90% if your selfie is taken in a bathroom.

So, the story's moral is that the first photo of your profile needs to be a headshot that presents yourself as vibrant, cool, and natural. Getting noticed on a dating app is challenging, but a good headshot for a profile picture will give you a much-needed limelight.

To build a genuine connection with any girl, you need to make her believe that you are safe and worth her right swipe or a first message, which you can do with a good profile photo.

For an eye-catching headshot, choose a good photo with a bright smile, HD quality, and good lighting, as it can go a long way in endearing yourself to a stranger swiping through Bumble for her next heartbreaker.



2. The Second: Full Body Shot

One photo of a full-body shot can showcase your physical traits, but it's also important to show your personality through your photos. If you're adventurous, why not post a picture of yourself rock climbing or hiking in the mountains? It not only shows that you're physically fit but also that you enjoy pushing yourself and taking on challenges.

A good photo taken in a studio by professional photographers is great, but using a picture of you riding a horse in fields is another delight to the eyes. It shows your fun side, ensuring the right swipe for you. Moreover, a Hinge study revealed that athletic photos are 45% more likely to receive a like than an average photo.

Your photo-playing badminton is great, but let it rest in your phone's library and go for something athletic and adventurous. Remember, the key to choosing dating profile photos is that they must highlight your best physical traits and tell a story about your personality and interests.



3. The Next: Favorite Hobby Shot

What you like to do in your free time and what interests you are some of the concerns of every girl who comes across your profile will have. Therefore using a hobby picture for your next Bumble picture makes all the sense.

It doesn't matter if you have weird hobbies because if she is truly for you, she will accept the real “You.”

Being unabashed in showing who you are will filter out women that aren’t compatible. Better filter now than later. So, anything that makes you different from all the other guys she might have come across on the platform, you need to bring it to your Bumble profile.

Here are a few suggestions:

• Outdoor Activities - hiking, camping, or rock climbing shows your adventurous side and are a good conversation starter for potential matches with similar share interests.

• Creative Pursuits - artist, musician, or writer, consider posting photos of yourself while creating something. It shows your creative side and gives a glimpse into your passions and hobbies.

• Sports: Playing your favorite sport or participating in a fitness challenge can be a great way to showcase your athleticism and competitive spirit.

• Travel: If you enjoy traveling, posting photos of yourself in exotic locations can be a great way to show off your adventurous spirit and love of new experiences.



4. The Pet Appreciation Shot

Dogs are the men’s best mates, And if you are using them to appear super cute on your Bumble profile to impress your dream girl, then there’s nothing wrong with it. It can help you showcase your softer side and potentially catch the eye of someone special.

However, no matter how cute your dog is, the center of attention should be your presence. You don't want your dog to take the entire limelight. Also important to show off your personality and sense of humor, so don't be afraid to show off your playful side in your photos.

It's worth noting that women find a kind man and caring towards animals very attractive. So if you have a dog or other pets, it's great to include them in your profile as long as they are a genuine part of your life. Just don't go around stealing your neighbor’s dog for a picture.



5. The Group Shots

On dating apps, most people make the grave mistake of posting a group photo as the main profile picture on Bumble. Guys, how is the girl going to recognize you from those people?

Social shots with your friends are recommended for later pictures on the profile, but they also need to be all about you.

When it comes to group shots, it's important to be discerning. Don't just settle for the first picture you find in your phone's library - take the time to gather and consider several options before posting. Look for group shots in which you are the center of attention, and ensure that you are the best-looking person in the group. It will help you to stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression.

Remember, high-quality, best Bumble profiles are all about attention to detail and a willingness to give extra effort to showcase your best self. So take your time, be selective, and choose photos wisely - your future match will thank you for it!



6. The Gentleman Shot

As for your dating profile, don't skimp on your profile photo. Now is the time to make the biggest impression to win over your favorite girl. A stylish blazer, a nice hairstyle, and the most enchanting smile are all enough to make her fall for you.

On dating apps, women appreciate class and sophistication, so don't shy away from flaunting your charming personality. Make sure your GQ photo must be posted in the first, second, or third of your profile pics. The photo will make the biggest impact and leave the best impression. So don't bury it in the back of your photo lineup.

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Bad Bumble Profile Pictures: 6 Classic Mistakes to Avoid!

Bad Bumble Profile Pictures: 6 Classic Mistakes to Avoid!

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• Messy background: They are distracting and unattractive and distract the attention from your picture.


• Too many selfies: A couple or two are fine, but too many selfies make you look like a narcissist and self-centered person with zero friends.


• Scary photos: Online dating is about building trust through your profile picture and bio. Scary photos can make women uncomfortable, making them swipe left of your profile.


• Don't wear sunglasses: They can cover your face, make her question your features, and make you look like you are hiding something.


• Not smiling: You need to show her that you are a great energetic guy full of love and life. So not smiling is not going to work.


• Timid Body language: Make sure you appear open and confident about your personality in your pictures because you need her to believe that you love yourself.


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Today online dating is all about having great profile pictures and equally competitive bio. Similarly, you need the best photos and even better Bumble bios on your profile to make a substantial impact on Bumble. Considering our Bumble profile tips, we can guarantee you a prosperous future on dating apps like Bumble.

If you are indecisive between profile pictures, take help from a friend or family for suggestions.

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