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14 Best Bumble Openers To Spark Meaningful Conversations

Finding the best Bumble opener is super important. Given the mechanics of Bumble, it will have even more impact than on other apps. We give you all the weapons in this article, from GIF to teasing lines
Best Bumble Openers

Multiple dating apps exist, but Bumble is a common choice due to positive feedback such as having better people, up-to-date features, and an intuitive user interface. Ultimately, they make online dating a fun and hassle-free way to meet people.

However, no matter how long you've been on dating apps like Bumble, starting a conversation after getting matched can be tricky. You don't want to be boring or desperate, but cool, clever, and confident. People often wonder, "Who messages first?", and the easiest answer is the first person to come up with a killer opener!

Fortunately, our recommended best Bumble openers are here, allowing you to start a comfortable interaction where you're also perceived as a person of value.  A few details can take you from the worst dating app opener to the greatest dating app opener!

Of course, the best tinder openers are likely to be successful on other dating apps. And if you find a fantastic opener, send it to us!

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Top 14 Good Bumble Openers
Top 14 Good Bumble Openers

Top 14 Good Bumble Openers

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1. A GIF or Meme

An opening line doesn't always have to be a sentence; they can be media files. We've noticed that sending your new match a Meme or GIF that compels a reaction is an excellent way to start the conversation on an energetic level. Ensure the GIF or Meme is up-to-date, relatable, or understandable since not getting the joke can backfire greatly.

2. Lemon Emoji + "Sorry, I couldn't find an opening lime."

Puns are a great source of entertainment when both parties understand the humor behind the sentence. Fortunately, you can instantly become likable on Bumble with your first message by sending a lemon emoji followed by "Sorry, I couldn't find an opening lime." The sentence is easy to understand and will get a giggle from the recipient.

3. "A [insert recipient's job]? It's an honor to be in your presence!"

The best Bumble first message has just a touch of flattery. This opening line is ideal when the recipient's career stands out to you; politician, zoologist, female mechanic, pilot, etc. Irrespective of the profession, giving them unearned worship and praise will get them laughing and making easy conversation.

4. “I've seen everything on Netflix. Have you watched anything interesting lately?”

People are enthusiastic to talk about the latest movie or TV show like "Avengers: Infinity War" or "Squid game." This fact makes it worthwhile to open an interaction with something they're most likely going to talk about. Also, this opening line gives you a reason to check in a few hours to share your thoughts.

5. "To be honest, that first smiling pic knocked me out. You seem like a fun person!"

Sometimes, a genuine compliment is strong enough to break the ice and begin a conversation. For example, simply saying nice things about their dating app profile, personality, or picture can instantly make you likable.

5." Let's play two truths and a lie. You go first!"

Wanna break the ice and get to know each other entertainingly? Two truths and a lie is a one of the best opening lines. This simple game requires each person to make three statements about themselves, where two are factual, but one is incorrect. Then, the other participant had to guess which claim was a lie. Ultimately, it's a nice conversation starter that makes you appear confident and witty.

It can be tough to think of one for yourself, especially if you feel you haven’t led a very interesting life. But you almost certainly have — and a dating profile coach can help you show that. ROAST is a service that highlights your best personality traits and makes them shine. They’ll help you write the perfect bio, and they’ve even got an AI that analyzes how your picture will perform on the app. Try ROAST today.

6. “I'm super hungry and need options. What are you making for dinner?”

Besides nourishment, food is a joy-giver. Conversing with food as the opening line allows the interaction to go different ways. You can talk about recipe ideas, cooking experiences, favorite meals, etc. There are a million things you can do with food, making it arguably the best dating app opener.

7. "Is that a [insert pet type/breed], what's its name?"

People love their pets to the moon and back and will go through thick and thin to see them healthy. Well, you could ride on that undying love by appreciating their pet. You can complement its fur, size, or any relevant attribute that will inspire a positive conversation.

It’s all about making the conversation about something you’re interested in. If you’re genuinely interested in the topic, you’ll be able to engage honestly with whoever you’re talking to. For more advice like this, including what to change and improve about your Bumble profile, check out ROAST. ROAST is a service that streamlines the profile creation process so you can get right to talking. They’ll also tell you what people expect on dating apps, and how they commonly respond to certain messages. Try ROAST today.

8. "Coffee this weekend? I can guarantee nothing but a fun conversation."

You can opt for a more direct Bumble opener by immediately asking them out on a first date. This method is effective because everyone on Bumble is willing to meet and connect. Therefore, since they match with you, they'll more likely accept your invitation or build rapport first before going on a date.

9. "Would you rather [insert two options]."

"Would you rather be a millionaire or a broke person with superpowers?". "Would you rather…" is a fun game with thought-provoking options that shed more light on one's personality once answered. You can bring the fun to your match and make a good first impression with something worth considering.

10. “Imagine we're on our first date in a [insert eatery]. I ask you to grab a drink for me. What do you get?“

Get to know each other interestingly by creating realistic scenarios. The picture should have them perform an action or give a reaction, allowing you to learn more about them or get them to ask questions about yourself. In other words, it's an excellent way to get someone's attention and build a connection.

11. Creatively Combine your Emojis

Instead of typing letters, convey your message with a string of emojis. For example, 🍕👫❓, which is an invitation to go on a date. This is one of the cute openers on Bumble, where the recipient understands the subtle message and can communicate the same way or via text. Nevertheless, it's a worthwhile ice breaker.

12. "Where's your favorite restaurant in the city? Mine is [insert favorite restaurant."

If you prefer a casual Bumble conversation starter, then asking their opinion or recommendation is ideal. However, to be more effective, you have to answer the question yourself, guiding the recipient on the kind of answer you want.

13. “Come here often?” + Smiling Emoji

Sending "Come here often?" carries the same humor as "Fancy seeing you here" it's funny, quirky, and one of the cute openers for Bumble. To ensure your recipient understands the humor, include a smiling emoji "🙂." It's the facial expression that naturally goes with the opener.

14. "Can I interest you in some mediocre conversation?”

Blunt honesty is an admirable trait, and bringing that factor at the beginning of your interaction facilitates a connection boosting conversation. It's a casual Bumble opener for breaking the ice and is a recommended option if you're not a witty conversationalist. Sometimes a little self-deprecating humor makes for a funny Bumble opener.

The line between charming and self-deprecating is a blurry one, and your profile determines which side of the line you fall on. Don’t leave anything to chance; ask someone how it comes off. Oh, and make sure you ask a professional like someone from ROAST. ROAST is a service that’s dedicated to improving your game on dating apps. They’ll coach you on how to attract the right people and keep them interested. Try ROAST today.

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Having a cute first message or clever opening lines is a step in the right direction for good interactions. However, the follow-up text matters as well. For this reason, we recommend picking an opener that's consistent with your personality and current emotion, as you're more likely to continue the conversation that way. If you need more help picking what to say, check out our Bumble openers guide.

You can also get a second opinion from an expert. ROAST is a team of individuals who have studied how people perceive each other on dating apps. They’ll be able to tell you if your profile is working — or if something needs tweaking. After their help, you won’t need to worry anymore. Your profile will start getting more likes and matches on Bumble, now that it has the right bio and the right profile. Try ROAST today.

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