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The Best Bumble First Messages To Send To Start A Conversation (Examples & Tips)

If you love Bumble but aren't sure how to get the conversation started, we've got you covered. In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about the best Bumble first message to send to start a conversation.
Bumble First Message

Whether you’re on Bumble to find a steady relationship or just want a casual fling – it’s never easy sending that first opening message. Instead of waiting for a message to roll in like with other online dating apps, Bumble puts the ball in your court by letting guys sit back while women make the first move and send that opening line.

Many women find it intimidating to send a first message that isn''t just a simple "hey". It doesn’t have to be hard to curate a great first message that will spark a fun, easy-going conversation and make a good first impression.

Of course, your profile is going to inform how your first message is read. Make sure it’s setting the right tone and magnifying your best qualities as a stranger would see them. ROAST can help you construct your profile with these in mind; they’re experts who will tell you exactly how your profile is coming off and they’ll tell you exactly how to improve it. Start attracting the right people with ROAST.

These tips will help you write the best Bumble openers to start an interesting conversation with your matches.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. How To Start A Conversation On Bumble That Will Land You A More Dates
  2. 1. Use Humour To Break The Ice
  3. 2. Start With A Punny Pickup Line
  4. 3. Be Straightforward And Catch Your Match’s Attention
  5. 4. Get The Ball Rolling With A Flirty Opening Line
  6. 5. Show Your Match Your Clever Side
how to start a conversation on bumble that will land you a more dates

How To Start A Conversation On Bumble That Will Land You A More Dates

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Next Line

You’re better than the typical and bland “hey” as a first message- it's the worst opening line you could use on dating apps. Boring messages and lack lustre opening messages on dating apps typically won't get much of an answer and won't set you apart from other matches. You’ll want to message something that will catch a guy’s attention and make him excited to start a conversation with you.

Getting your first messages right takes practice and stepping outside of your comfort zone, but it doesn’t have to be all that daunting. With these tips on how to send the best opening lines on Bumble, you’ll be talking to matches and be one step closer to finding the right person for you.

Whichever one you go with, make sure it lands the way you intend. ROAST is like a marketing team, and you’re the brand; they’ll fix up your profile and tell you what vibe you’re sending. Try it today.

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1 use humour to break the ice 

1. Use Humour To Break The Ice

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Next Line

Humour is one of the quickest ways into someone’s heart, especially on a dating app. Who says dad jokes are just for the guys? Guys love women with a good sense of humor. An opening message with humor makes for great first impressions and works as a simple conversation starter.

Start off a conversation by making your match laugh with hilarious opening lines that they won't forget. Keep things lighthearted and fun by sending some funny Bumble openers.

Here are a few examples of funny opening lines to use when you send the first message:

  • Alright, I’m here. What are your two other wishes?

  • Are you my appendix? Because you give me this weird tingly feeling and I kinda want to take you out.

  • I know we’re all sick of talking about the quarantine, but I’m trying to LOCKDOWN someone like you.

  • You know, I've been waiting for you to message me, but I guess I'll take one for the team.

There’s no real way to control the delivery of the joke when it’s just text on a screen. That’s where your profile comes in. Make sure it’s set up to make that joke land the best it can. ROAST can make sure that it does. They’ll craft a profile that makes them think you’re funny — even when you aren’t. Try ROAST today.

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2 start with a punny pickup line

2. Start With A Punny Pickup Line

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Next Line

You can’t go wrong with using a pun in your first message, it'll work wonders in making a good first impression. Opening messages that use a pun will show your match that you don’t take yourself too seriously which makes all the difference in having a good chat on a dating app. Plus, it’ll definitely put a smile on their face and work as a great conversation starter about potential date ideas.

Puns aren’t to everyone’s taste, so just know that you’re probably going to land a certain kind of person with these lines. Your profile will also appeal to some type of people vs. others. You can check with ROAST to see what kind of message you’re sending. ROAST is a service that optimizes your profile for more matches and likes, but they’ll also work with you to set the right tone. Start with ROAST by taking a short quiz.

These are great punny Bumble openers you can use for your first messages:

  • I don't like dried fruits, but I’d meet you for a date.

  • I’d love to grab margaritas sometime and taco ‘bout our feelings.

  • Are you a library book? Because I’d like to check you out.

  • Are you a barista? Because I like you a latte.

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3 be straightforward and catch your match’s attention

3. Be Straightforward And Catch Your Match’s Attention

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Next Line

Sometimes, the best approach is to skip the games and be straightforward. Guys will appreciate your honesty and confidence to be so open and upfront about your feelings. By letting your matches know what you’re looking for in real life, you’ll be that much closer to finding your perfect match. Straightforward first messages also work great as conversation starters. The best way to break the ice is to jump right in.

Here are examples of straightforward opening lines and messages to use on the dating app:

  • What's a nice person like you doing in a place like this?

  • Let's cut to the chase, do you share food on a first date?

  • I think you're super cute and funny. That's it. That's the tweet.

  • Is our anniversary when we first matched or when we first messaged?

Any guy is excited to get a match on any dating app. They’ll be over the moon, even if they don’t show it. That’s why these messages work for girls better than for guys; it sets a nonchalant atmosphere right away. Make sure your profile matches that atmosphere with ROAST, who’ll build you a profile based on what your best qualities are and who you’re looking for. Try ROAST today.

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4 get the ball rolling with a flirty opening line

4. Get The Ball Rolling With A Flirty Opening Line

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Next Line

There’s nothing like a flirty opening line to get the ball rolling and spark a conversation in a fun way. Sending a flirty message will show your match that you’re interested and gives them a chance to start a playful conversation with you. Plus, flirty messages make for easy conversation starters for your matches to work with. Ask a flirty question that'll get your match to answer back more than just a simple "hey".

Make the first move with these flirty opening lines:

  • Not to be salty, but I bet a pitcher I know a better margarita place than you.

  • If I give you my number, will you text me to remind me to drink water during the day?

  • I don’t need your astrology sign, but I do want to know what the best concert you've ever been to was.

  • Want to try to explain the rules of football to me? I’ll buy drinks.

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5 show your match your clever side

5. Show Your Match Your Clever Side

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Next Line

A clever opening line is great at showing your match that you’re smart, witty, and have great banter. Your matches will appreciate the thought and time you put into your message, and there’s nothing sexier than a clever, witty opening line.

These lines will work so much better with the right profile picture at the top. How do you know which profile picture is right? There is no cut-and-dried answer to that, it’s different for everyone. But you can get a personalized and definite answer from ROAST. They’re experts at Bumble, and they know how it works better than anyone else. They’ll help you nab the right picture, and you’ll be off to the races. Try ROAST today.

Here are examples of clever first messages you can use to win your match over:

  • Glad we matched when we did, my thumb was getting tired!
  • Two wrongs don't make right, but two rights make a perfect match.
  • Some people think with their hearts, some with their heads, but I'm glad we both think with our thumbs.
  • Hmm, I think your first message to me must have gotten lost in cyberspace... It's OK. I'll send you one.
  • If you had to describe my profile in three words, what would you choose? And why would they be iconic, perfect, and flawless?

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Don’t Get Disheartened – Keep Trying!

If you’ve sent a few first messages and have yet to get an answer, don’t get too down on yourself. It can be easy to feel discouraged when you don’t get a reply back after you make the first move but keep in mind that Bumble only gives users 24 hours to message back the person's profile expires.

You could try again with a profile that’s truly stunning. ROAST can make you a profile that achieves a combination of influencer-level professionalism and a look like you’re not even trying that hard. Impress more people with ROAST.

A lot of the time, people don’t check their phones often enough to message back matches. Keep trying and don’t worry about those who don’t reply to your opening line- they just weren’t your perfect match!

Use this Bumble openers guide as your go to opening message that will get guys excited to answer and talk to you. Sometimes it helps to get inspiration from the best Hinge opening lines when crafting your next opener.

Before you leave, make sure you stand out more in the dating scene!
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