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Tinder openers guide: what to message, concepts and practical examples

In this post we give you the list of best Tinder openers in addition to some real life examples. We also teach you how to use a screenshot from inside the app as part of your opener.
tinder openers guide what to message concepts and practical examples

We all know how tinder works: swipe left if you don't like the person, and right if you do. If two people both swiped right on each other, they can chat in a private conversation.

But what happens when you want to start a conversation with someone? Do you send them a "hey" message?

How about starting with something more creative? What is the perfect Tinder opener?

This article will guide you through some of the most successful tinder openers ever used so that your first messages are always interesting!

A classic Tinder interaction will go as -tinder openers   - messages  -dating.

This article focuses on what you should write as a first message, the different types of concepts and mindsets know, and finally some practical examples.

We advise that you read this post carefully because we want to help people avoid making mistakes with their opening lines and have better success rates.

"You never get asecond chance to make a goodfirst impression". Will Rogers

First impressions are very important. And like the rest, you can work on them to be sharper!

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Tinder openers: what to know first - Mindsets.
  2. What is a good first message on tinder?
  3. How to open on Tinder?
  4. The 5 best Tinder openers
tinder openers what to know first  mindsets

Tinder openers: what to know first - Mindsets.

Some people think that it is all almost random. That's the biggest mistake.

Girls will react more to certain ways of texting than others. If you get some positive feedback, try the same in your next message.

That's the key point of this article in my opinion:it does not hurt to try.

Make your own experience, be creative, and try to observe what work and what does not. See how people reply.

Indeed, being creative is not something just gifted at birth. That's something one can work on with various exercises tips and tricks.

One thing that will surely block you from developing that creativity and skills would certainly be to no try anything, wait to get the PERFECT line or answer. Trust yourself.

If it is not perfect today, it can be tomorrow with work!

However, disclaimer I'll probably repeat: the most important is to go step by step.

Start with a solid profile, a solid Tinder bio. This will change completely your perception and response rates!

Small aside. Did you know it is possible to make your profile more attractive in 2 minutes and get more matches every day?

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what is a good first message on tinder

What is a good first message on tinder?

ROAST, fix your profile

A good message is impactful and leaves a good first impression. You want to stand out and make yourself memorable so that they will be intrigued enough to read your message which is where the fun begins!

Generally speaking, your job is to bring material in the conversation. The first message will be key to :

  • Get the person intrigued by you.
  • Set the vibe of your interaction.
  • Give material to the girl to send the ball back to you.

There are some general DONT's to avoid:

  • Don't ask random questions, that have very short YES / NO answers. People don't know you yet. That is a sneaky way of putting the burden of the conversation back on the other person! You want to take charge.
  • Don't be random. You have to stand out from the competition.
  • Generate too many bad emotions. It can seem obvious, but given what we wrote above, it could seem a good idea to strike the bad emotions.
  • Don't unload your heart too fast! Don't be too attainable. I've been there. If the girl looks like your dream girl, don't send a paragraph selling yourself too fast.

This list should already give you hints on what to do!

You want it to be personal and show how interested you actually are in this person.

Last thing, use all tools at your disposal!

If you can send GIFs, why not use them? It is possible to send voice notes? Do it. Can you use photos or voice notes? Why not try something there too?

We still give a few guidelines for the opener:

  • Be short.
  • Use your sense of humor and emotions.
  • Don't be boring, bring material.
how to open on tinder

How to open on Tinder?

You can say hi for sure. It is basic, and can do the trick if you have a solid profile next to it.

However what is the probability of someone responding to this?

Picture this.

You are an attractive woman, with dozens of matches. And here you are. Most guys dont even talk to you. Among those who do, many ask something easy, a quite fake:

"Hey honey how are you?"

"You're having a good week end?

How motivated are you to answer?

Important thing.  We mentioned it in our article about who should message first. It is most important to message FAST.

So don't put yourself under too much pressure. If you engage fast you are already better than many guys. If you take risks that's even better.

And if you follow our advices, your will really standout!

As for asking questions in general, thats obviously a good strategy!

This is because it lets you know what to talk about, as well as if the person has read your profile. So, yes:  ask questions and make sure that there's something interesting in them so they can't just answer "yes" or "no".

Try to find some impactful questions. Some that will trigger emotions, curiosity, and desire to answer. It may not be easy to find one. Trust me, I know it all too well!

A good question should for instance put a smile on a person's face, and trigger the needs in her finger to answer right away!This can also be done by touching that person in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable and they want to protest.

Finally it can be something relying on curiosity to be a simple click-bait. It works wonders. But stay playful!

Both will give you an answer, and then its on to text!

Last word on this part: all this creativity can be really developed with time. Don't just give up after a few tries!

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the 5 best tinder openers

The 5 best Tinder openers

After looking at some basics, it's time to get practical. Let's look at how we can do openers well.


A very good Tinder icebreaker! Especially when you don't have much to bounce on on the profile. It is probably the most generic opener here.

Mentioned earlier, a good GIF with a funny Hello is good. Especially if your profile has the friendly / good vibe essence.

GIF opener

Something like this one is efficient.

Sometimes, after the GIF (which you can use to show how funny you are), you can put a sentence about who I am. You can link the two of us by using a line that says

"this is me and my ____."


"This is us trying to ____"

and so on.

The observer

The toughest of this list, but also the most useful. What you need to do here, is observe something on the girl's photos, and extract a good opener from it, that will strike her, make an impression.

If you find a dog in any of her photos, then great! You can bounce on this.

If she's wearing glasses or holding books on some pictures, try to extract something about that and mention it at the beginning of your initial message.

Tinder opener yoga

With that photo on the girl's profile, you could open with something like:

"I'm sure you have no idea of how to un-tie those arms at that moment"

Or anything else very genuine.

It is hard if you are not used to training your creativity. But the effect is guaranteed if you made an effort!

The over-the-top

"Some rules are meant to be bent, others broken"

Once said a wise man.

This one is a perfect application of that!

This opener is based on showing EXAGGERATED enthusiasm. It is very likely to generate a positive emotional response.

Warning: it can't be done if you have a cheap profile, without GREAT pictures. You are risking of looking won over too fast.


Tinder opener best example

The best way to be able to get positive reactions from this opener, is to start by getting a strong profile.

If you haven't done so yet, checkout our tool ROAST and start improving it TODAY!

If you want more examples of openers, make sure to check this guide.

The negative / challenging

I stated earlier that you can spike not only positive emotions. This one aims at putting the girl on the grill a little.

It HAS to stay playful. Don't be mean. Don't MEAN anything mean!

The idea is just to spike the classic


A bit.

Try something like

Tinder challenging opener

Or also:

Tinder challenging opener

Both make it look like the girl is trying to win you over.

They are short, emotional, probably unusual: perfect.

The funny question

For the last one, we show you how questions can be used.

You can ask a simple question, make it funny, implying things, bringing emotions.

It is short as mentioned, shows that you are smart and funny. But not too much forward!

Quick example:

Tinder bait opener

Have something prepared  😈.

Bonus note

A small note to avoid some details and flaws. Think that people may have smart photos activated!

Therefore, what you see as their last photo may not be the same for them. It can lead to some confusion.

Example of a lame opener:

That painful expression on your last picture!

You can expect a big misunderstanding if the last picture for her is very random.

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Tinder checklists

Trusted by 171,792 happy users

You now are equipped with the basics and some examples.

You can get other inspirations all over  the web. Tinder itself even posted a blog post about that. You can check it out!

However, dont forget one thing. Good openers are good until they are not. And that is often when they get too widespread among the population. Be careful of little lines you find, that may be used by many.

Instead try to master the mechanisms!

You can pickup new trendy ones if you get them early enough and ride the wave.

Otherwise remember. Make your own experience, checkout what works and doesn't.

We have done a lot of trial and error for you. That means that we already know what works and what doesn't work. You will save a lot of time by using our advice!

Before you leave, how about knowing how strong is your dating profile?

This profile review will finally allow you to know how to make your profile more attractive, and get more matches and dates with people you really like.

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