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The Best Bumble Profile Examples in 2024

Boost your dating game with these jaw-dropping Bumble profile examples! Stand out from the crowd and attract your perfect match. These are the best examples that will help you get more dates.
Bumble Profile Examples

Online dating platforms like Bumble are one of the easiest ways to meet potential future partners. But, creating the perfect profile that gets noticed by others can be tricky. Your profile photos and Bumble bio are two of the most important aspects of your profile. They’re the first thing your matches will see, so you want to make sure they’re in top shape before diving into the world of swiping on online dating apps.

With these Bumble profile examples and Bumble bio ideas, you’ll be able to boost your dating profile and help your Bumble profile stand out.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. The Best Bumble Profile Photo Examples
  2. Best Bumble Bio Examples and Tips To Land A First Date
the best bumble profile photo examples

The Best Bumble Profile Photo Examples

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Your profile photo is the first thing matches will see and is the first impression they’ll get of you. You want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward with your profile photos to attract higher quality matches. Selecting the best profile photos is essential to finding success on dating apps like Bumble.

These Bumble profile photo examples and Bumble bio tips will help you seal the deal with your matches.

1. Use a photo that showcases your confidence

Best Bumble Pic

People gravitate towards someone who radiates confidence- so make sure your profile photos reflect your self-confidence. With a photo that delivers confidence, potential matches will get a great sense of who you are.

2. Avoid photos that cover your face and group photos

Don't choose photos that cover your face (ditch the sunglasses and hats). You also don't want to confuse your matches by using a group photo as your first picture. Never use a group photo as your profile photo on a dating site. Your matches won't know who you are, and they may stop swiping to find out. Instead, use a photo of just yourself so that your matches know exactly what you look like.

3. Don’t forget to smile

Tinder profile pic

A photo of you smiling will show your matches that you're a positive, happy person who is confident in their own skin. Bumble users will be more inclined to swipe right on you if they feel comfortable and see you smiling in your Bumble profile picture.

4. Choose photos that show off your hobbies

Best Bumble Pic

Whether you play guitar, are a professional photographer, or love spending time in the outdoors, make sure to showcase that in your Bumble photos. A good Bumble profile should showcase your hobbies, interests, and your best traits. Women want to know who you are and the more they know through your profile, the more comfortable they will be swiping right, and ultimately starting a conversation with you.

5. Let your matches see your sense of style

Best Bumble Pic

Girls love when a guy has great photos that show off his style. Your matches will want to know about your sense of style and how you dress. Bumble profiles that don't show a full body-length photo will often get fewer matches since users can't tell what you look like. Since your style is an expression of who you are, make sure to use your best photos to impress your potential dates.

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best bumble bio examples and tips to land a first date

Best Bumble Bio Examples and Tips To Land A First Date


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Your bio is where potential matches really get to know you and what you’re all about. It can be daunting trying to curate the perfect Bumble bio that reflects your personality, and also turns heads on the app. Whether you choose to use Bumble prompts or fill out your bio yourself, you will want to create a great bio that catches the attention of matches. These are the best Bumble bio examples and tips to help you boost matches.

1. Use self deprecating humor

Some of the best Bumble bios out there are the ones that use self deprecating humor. Show matches you're not afraid to laugh at yourself and are up for having a good time. Online dating should be fun, and women will feel more comfortable with you if they're having a good time. Here are funny Bumble bios you can use on your dating profile:

  • Am I a good person? No. Am I trying to be better? Also no.

  • Looking for a girl who can transform my house into a home, meaning I have no idea how to decorate the inside... it's

  • You're single, I'm single. You know what that means? Nobody wants us.

2. Write out your unpopular opinions

Unpopular opinions on Bumble work as great conversation starters and make for a good Bumble bio. Instead of choosing an unpopular opinion that is controversial, choose opinions that are steeped in pop culture. This will give your match an easy opportunity to start an interesting conversation.

  • Brussel sprouts are the tastiest raw.
    Tom Cruise is an amazing actor.
    Mini-golf is boring and all-around horrible.

  • Memory foam is extremely uncomfortable.
    Snakes make great pets.
    Androids > Apple.

  • The movie is better than the book.
    Starbucks has terrible coffee.
    Tangled > Frozen.

3. List your favorite things

Keep things simple and let your match get to know you better by listing your favorite things. This is a great opportunity to let your match know more about you, and give them a chance to bond with you over similar interests. Here are a few examples of Bumble bio examples you can use to list your favorite things:

  • The smell of air outside after it rains, road trips with no set destination, stand-up comedy.
  • A cozy night watching Netflix, getting takeout on a Friday, any cute dog.

4. Play two truths and a lie

Why not make online dating fun by playing two truths and a lie. Your match will have a good time trying to figure out which one is the lie while also getting to know you better. Here are Bumble bio examples that use two truths and a lie:

  • I'm a published author, I have met the Queen, and I'm a scuba diver.
  • I watch reality TV for a living, I have two cats, and I have an irrational fear of moths.


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Creating a Bumble profile that has eye-catching photos and a great bio takes effort and can be time-consuming. With these Bumble profile examples and tips, you'll be a Bumble dating pro and have dates lined up before you know it.

Hopefully these Bumble bio ideas help you find your next match.

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