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Tinder boost (2023 edition) - All you need to know before using one

Wondering if a Tinder Boost is worth it? Here's everything you need to know, including the cost and how to use it!
tinder boost all you need to know before using one  2022 edition

Do you want your tinder to blow up? Tinder boosts are the best way to do that.

They can get your tinder profile in front of more people, and when they see it, it's likely they will swipe right on you! Tinder boosts are simple to use, but there is a lot of confusion about how exactly tinder boosts work. In this article I am going to walk through the basics of tinder boosts so that everyone can take advantage of them without wasting money or time.

I will try to give hands-on and real life metrics on what you can achieve with boosts! Tell me your experience in comments!

We are going to walk you through everything you need to know about Tinder Boosts. Feel free to jump to any special part if you can't wait for it!

It is important to understand how this feature works. It has paved the way for the other versions: Bumble Boost and Hinge Boost. They have slight differences, and you can learn more in our articles about each version.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. How does Tinder Boost work?
  2. How to get Tinder Boost? How much do they cost?
  3. 3 good reasons to use Tinder boosts
  4. 3 reasons why your boost may not work
  5. Do's and Don't's of Tinder boost
  6. Tinder super boost and extra boosting times.
  7. Tinder BOOST FAQ, all your questions answered
how does tinder boost work

How does Tinder Boost work?

Steps before reseting

The basic Tinder boost lasts for half an hour. It is super simple: Your profile will be placed at the top of many users' dating profiles during that time period so you'll receive more swipes and matches on your account!

Tinder claims to expose your profile to x10 more profiles than usual! HUGE.

Two little tips to understand straight away about Tinder Boost/

First of all, Your position in the decks after the Boosts is heavily correlated to your original position. Therefore, the better ELO you had, the more likely you REALLY end up on the very top for many users.

Second thing, during the Boost, my experiments have shown that your likes are favored too. So keep swiping!

Have you ever wondered why Dating apps are working for your friends but not you?

It's hard to know what makes a dating profile attractive, and even harder to know which pictures are good or not.

With our AI-trained on 10,000+ pictures rated by hot girls and dating experts, we can help you to choose your best pics and stand out.

Make your dating profile more attractive in just 2 minutes.

how to get tinder boost how much do they cost

How to get Tinder Boost? How much do they cost?

Steps before reseting

To get a Tinder boost, you just have to tap on that little purple lightning sign.

You can then buy some if you need!

As usual with Tinder, pricing depends on your age, gender and location. At the moment, it is roughly 8 USD per boost, with decreasing prices if you buy bundles!

Hold on before you rush there. You also get a monthly free boost with all subscriptions: Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum.

Sounds good, but I can't help shedding a tear thinking of the early days with the free weekly boost! Good times!

Then you are free to use them when you want clicking that purple button: Make it them likes rain!

Warning! Tinder can be sneaky. Can't count the number of times I clicked that button by mistake, or ended up clicking boost again button after a boost. You have been warned!

3 good reasons to use tinder boosts

3 good reasons to use Tinder boosts

ROAST, get more matches

Fight the drowning syndrome

First thing is, as I described in my article about the ELO, Tinder has mechanical effects. Every time a client is boosted, or favoured in anyway, he mechanically pushes the others down in the dating profile pile.

It is really IMPOSSIBLE for any profile to stay at the top of its early performance.

Time efficiency

Swiping can be very time consuming. It works! I get many high quality matches from just regular swiping sessions, with a good profile.

It is ok to be in a hurry though. You are busy with a demanding work, and can't spend days waiting for the perfect match. Fine! Here is your shortcut, the boost.

Travel booster

Similar to the previous point, boosts are super efficient while traveling. You lend in a new area and need some quick connections. Boost are actually PERFECT when your profile as not yet been shown to many people!

A recipe for good holidays!

Small aside. Did you know it is possible to make your profile more attractive in 2 minutes and get more matches every day?

Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence trained on 10,000+ pictures rated by hot girls, you will be able to access personalized feedback and tips to boost your dating profile for good.

You will know exactly which pictures are good or not, and most importantly why.

So, what are you waiting for to take charge of your dating life?

3 reasons why your boost may not work

3 reasons why your boost may not work

Tinder get more matches

Weak profile - Low ELO score

The MAIN reason is often that your profile is too cheap. I see you complaining already but I stop you already: too cheap means you simply have not put in the work to get a good one.

Trust me, I've been there.

Getting a solid profile, with a good ELO score is mostly hard work!

But please do me a favor: don't waste your money on boosts until you already have genuine good results! Don't complain to Tinder either as they do not care!

Small population around you

If you leave in a super small area, your profile will be shown to people whatever happens. No use to buy boosts, or even Tinder Gold in that matter, like I mentioned last week!

The number of people is quite a good key of success on Tinder though.. But that is another story.

When you should not use a boost

Launching a boost on an early Monday morning is likely to be disappointing! Think about the attendance schedule we mentioned earlier!

Bonus: some range of results

When do you know that your boost works well? No one shares metrics, I will!

To give you an idea of what works and what does not, here is a range of results I had in the past.

With an average, not optimized profile, without even paying a subscription, I would get 15 average quality likes during a boost. Not great heh!

On the other hand, after carefully working on my profile, resetting it correctly, with platinum subscription activated, I toped at 150 likes in half an hour. Now we are talking!

This level is obviously the super high end of the spectrum.

With a good profile, you can expect something in the 50-80 likes during a boost.

dos and donts of tinder boost

Do's and Don't's of Tinder boost

Tinder get more matches


1. Get a solid profile

First and MOST important step. I will never say it loud enough.

Boosts buy you exposure. Not success!

If your profile does not have regular matches that suit you, with a subscription, then work on that! Make sure your name reflects your actual name. If it doesn't, change it.

Go checkout our profile review ROAST.

The best first step you can take!

2. Be ACTIVE while boosting

First thing I noticed with my first boosts: the multiplier drops to 0 if Tinder is not opened on my phone!

Therefore make sure to keep it active.

And pro tip, opening Tinder often is a good strategy to get a high ELO! This is a little hack, but we state many others in our article about the best tinder hacks!

3. Swipe while boosting

Being active is good, swiping is better.

Swipe when you have tinder boost running! Those swipes will likely be pushed too. You can get a great number of additional matches that way.

A shame to leave them on the side no?


1. Do experiments

Boosting is game time. Or even money time! That's not the time you want to do experiments on!

You don't try out a new pic, unless you have money to throw around, or a new bio and so on.

Be efficient!

2. Randomly activate boosts

Time is super important! We said it already, but the time of the week can change dramatically the outcome.

I did the experiment for you, and I would not leave peak hours anymore!

Small aside. Did you know it is possible to make your profile more attractive in 2 minutes and get more matches every day?

Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence trained on 10,000+ pictures rated by hot girls, you will be able to access personalized feedback and tips to boost your dating profile for good.

You will know exactly which pictures are good or not, and most importantly why.

So, what are you waiting for to take charge of your dating life?

tinder super boost and extra boosting times

Tinder super boost and extra boosting times.

ROAST, get more matches

Tinder Boost are a super renewable and never ending revenue source for Tinder. What do you do in that case? You expand it!

Tinder Super Boost is the big brother of Tinder Boost. It is for paying users only!

You can just use it at night (thats actually great given what we wrote before). There are several versions:

  • 3h boost for around 30 USD.
  • 6h boost 60 USD
  • 12h boost 120 USD

Huge investment. Huge returns!

It is reserved for the wealthiest, that want the most volume and results. You are advised.

Certainly don't use this unless you have a very successful profile already!

tinder boost faq all your questions answered

Tinder BOOST FAQ, all your questions answered

Tinder get more matches

What does a Tinder boost do?

In a nutshell, a Tinder boost puts you ahead of others tinder users. Your account comes under the lights, and joins the top profiles. It gives you the opportunity to stack a lot of new likes!

Indeed, if no one sees your profile, how could they swipe right on you!

Of course, the effect of the boost depends on the moment you use them. use it at the best time for the optimal effect!

When should I use Tinder boost?

One of the smartest questions right there! You are free to use your boosts when you want to. But you should use them when it is most useful.

Well, then, what is usefulexactly? Easy: when a lot of people you like are swiping too.

If you are not super specific about the type of people you are attracted too, I can tell you the key facts about dating apps attendance:

  • People are mostly swiping during evening / nights.
  • Best days are Sunday, Monday and Thursday.

You know what you have to do!

Unlike what most say, I will add a bit there. If you are attracted by nightbirds, you may be tempted to use it during week-end late nights for instance!

That's the NICHE strategy we talk a lot about with our clients.

Make your experiments and let us know what works best for you.

Is boosting on Tinder worth it?

Tinder boosts are so worth it.

 Do not hesitate to spend a few bucks for tinder boost if you can afford them!

You will get more matches and tinder likes with increased exposure of your account, which is what tinder is all about in the end!

However, ultimate warning. They are like that nice extra push, for accounts already well functioning. It is like a multiplier effect, to use to the fullest once you have made the work to solidify your profile on the picture from a photo and texting perspective.

The boost feature is the best way too get tons of new likes and potential matches when you know it is time to use Tinder!

I wouldn't use several boosts combined (in a row). It is to use sporadically. One of my favorite premium features for sure! To be totally honest, thats the kind of paid feature I can't resist to test on any dating app.

As per the boost cost, it is an investment, but I personally value my time a lot so it is worth it.

It seems fair to me to hit that purple lightning bolt icon, get a lot of likes, and then wait one or two weeks to hit it again!

How long do the boost REALLY last?

Well, by some girl will see your profile after the 30min span. This is why the effect lasts more, and why you should swipe while boosting.

I sometimes get effects DAYS after the boost has gone!

Can someone see if I used a boost?

Using Tinder, you will personally see the origin of some matches:

  • Matches from your like queue (Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum only).
  • Boost (with the purple lighting).
  • Super likes.

However, except super likes, people can not know that you have been using a boost!

Dating Profile Review

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Tinder checklists

Trusted by 107,873 happy users

Hope you liked it! I summarized my findings from years of trial and errors, that should cut your learning curve already.

Reach out to us if you want to go further, faster, and skyrocket your objectives!

Before you leave, how about knowing how strong is your dating profile?

This profile review will finally allow you to know how to make your profile more attractive, and get more matches and dates with people you really like.

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