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When Exactly Do Tinder Likes Reset and Replenish?

Your Tinder likes get refilled based on a schedule determined by gender and age, but also by how you use the app. Follow these tips so you can get more right swipes with each Tinder reset.
How to reset your likes on Tinder?

How to reset your likes on Tinder?

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  • Enhance your match rate by optimizing your profile and swiping during peak reset times.
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Using Tinder is all about making your Tinder account work for you. Knowing how to get more matches and more dates. Naturally, you'd want to know how many likes on Tinder you get per day. But it's actually a pretty complicated answer.

In short, you automatically get a certain number of likes based on your age, gender, and location. But how you act on the app also determines how many likes you can give.

The app can detect if you're there to be polite with people, or if you're just there to troll. It's the difference between gaining a lot of visibility and a higher match rate, and getting shadow banned without your knowledge and deciding to delete account out of frustration and disappointment.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. When Do Tinder Likes Reset?
  2. How Does My Swiping Behavior Affect My Matching?
  3. Paying For Tinder Gets You Unlimited Likes, But...
When Do Tinder Likes Reset?

When Do Tinder Likes Reset?

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Tinder likes reset on a specific schedule based on the location, gender, age, and behavior of the user, and Tinder doesn't state exactly how many likes that comes out to. Here is what we know about how Tinder doles out its likes.

It seems that guys can give 25 to 50 likes on Tinder every 12 hours, while girls can give 50 or more every 12 hours. Let's face it, men are more likely to swipe right on every pretty face they see and leave matches hanging. On the other hand, women put a lot of thought into right swipes and hope that their match puts in some effort.

Some locations allow the same amount of likes every 24 hours. Some locations reset likes at midnight, rather than making you wait hours after the last like you gave. It has something to do with the density of other users in the surrounding area.

To sum up, your daily Tinder like count is based on these things:

1. Your age

2. Your gender

3. Your location

And you can have somewhere between 25-60 likes a day based on these factors.

Finally, the part that you can control -- as well as the part that improves your chances on the app in general: how you use the app will affect how many likes you can use and even how many likes you get on Tinder.

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How Does My Swiping Behavior Affect My Matching?

How Does My Swiping Behavior Affect My Matching?

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Many have a cynical view of Tinder as a hook-up app where it's impossible to form a meaningful connection, but actually, Tinder cares deeply about giving people a good experience. The Tinder app rewards kindness and maturity. One way it does this is by invisibly penalizing those who just swipe right.

You'll get far fewer likes on Tinder per day if you're only giving right swipes. You can be sure of that.

The Tinder algorithm wants you to be selective, and it wants you to act as though you're actually looking for a connection. In fact, the dating app will reward you by chatting actively with your matches, so don't leave a match sitting!

When you have frequent positive interactions, your Tinder account will actually become visible to more people -- strengthening your chances of matching with the right person. Now that you know that dating apps are watching how you perform, it makes you want to approach it differently, doesn't it?

Here's how you can get more likes per day:

1. Don't swipe right all the time. Be selective.

2. Swipe right only on people you think you'll have a good conversation with.

3. Have a good conversation with your matches!

These rules are actually quite effective. Once you start trying to have nice chats with people, you stop needing a lot of likes per day! You'll naturally become more focused on the people you end up talking to.

People who just spam the app with right swipes can be sure to match with someone very rarely, if ever.

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Paying For Tinder Gets You Unlimited Likes, But...

Paying For Tinder Gets You Unlimited Likes, But...


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The only way to bypass the likes limit is to have a paid Tinder account. However, you won't get more matches by paying for Tinder Gold.

You see, the factors that influence Tinder likes are also what make you successful at dating in general. The Tinder algorithm rewards the kind of behavior that attracts people. Getting more right swipes has nothing to do with getting more matches. Everyone will still get the same profile picture and person who doesn't know how to use the app effectively (no offense).

That brings us to another thing that gets more people to see your Tinder account: your profile.

The way your Tinder profile and Tinder pics are set up go a long way towards how many matches you get. It has to have the right kinds of pictures and a thoughtfully-written bio. This is something you have to do whether you're using the free version or you have a paid subscription. There's no getting around it.

Here's how to make your profile get you more Tinder likes:

1. Have more than one picture!

2. Have a friendly smile in most or all of your pics.

3. Avoid group photos, and blur the photos of everyone that isn't you.

4. Write an original bio that will draw a person in.

You won't need more Tinder likes or a new Tinder account if you use these tips, because the matches will start flowing. Don't uninstall Tinder just yet; take these tips into account and see how your experience changes.


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So there you have it. Your Tinder likes are determined by strange patterns that you can never know precisely -- but you can boost your profile to make them work for you. Just behave yourself and use the app like you actually want to befriend people. Maybe it's time to reinstall Tinder and make a new account?

If you want more personalized advice on how to turn your Tinder likes into Tinder matches, consider having ROAST spruce up your new account. ROAST is a team of dating app pros who know what works on Tinder and what doesn't. They'll help make your profile the best it can be, so more people like you and more people match with you. Make the most of the next Tinder reset by enlisting the help of ROAST. Start by taking their quiz.

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