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Tinder plus, gold and platinum: what's the best in 2023?

Wondering if you should get Tinder Plus, Gold or Platinum? See the differences between each service and find out which one is right for you!
tinder plus gold and platinum whats the best in 2022

Tinder is a dating app, probably the most well-known in the online dating world. It's available in more than 190 countries. It has been downloaded over 20 billion times. Tinder Plus, Gold and Platinum are three different subscription options for the app.

They offer features such as unlimited likes, priority matching, one free Boost per month and much more.

Which one should you get?

Let's find out!

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Is Tinder not free?
  2. What premium subscriptions Tinder offers?
  3. Tinder Plus vs Gold
  4. Tinder Gold vs Platinum
  5. What is the best subscription for Tinder?
is tinder not free

Is Tinder not free?

Do this before reseting

Well, it was! I am an old user enough to have enjoyed the time when there was no subscription and little competition on the app. You could get results easily!

It is actually the same with many apps nowadays. Bumble has Bumble Premium. I tell you all about it in this article. And Hinge has its plan as well.

Those times are over. But guess what, with changes always comes great things!

Now Tinder is a freemium model. The company was actually saved by those paying plans it had to set up! Tinder incentivizes you to pay with several mechanics:

  • You get ads for every other match.
  • You have limitations: no more than 100 likes a day.
  • Your likes are likely to come after the paying user's ones. But that is a more sneaky one 😈.

If you are investing some time and effort into getting girls from Tinder, it may be a good thing to consider paying a subscription or buying Tinder coins.

That brings us here: among the three subscriptions, plus, gold and platinum, which one is best for me? What is the best value for money?

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what premium subscriptions tinder offers

What premium subscriptions Tinder offers?

Do this before reseting

Let's recall quickly what are the available subscriptions on the app, and all the exclusive features.

Tinder Plus: You can get unlimited likes, see who has already liked your profile, and have more control over settings. This option also removes ads from your feed, lets you change your location if necessary, and lasts for one year (less if you choose to subscribe for a shorter period).

  • You also get to rewind if you made a mistake.
  • 5 super likes per day. The little blue star icon makes a big difference.
  • 1 boost per month.

Tinder Gold: This subscription has all the features of Tinder Plus, but with more control over your profile and photo selection.

  • You get to see top picks every day.
  • The killer feature: you access your deck to see who already liked you. All those potential matches at hand.

Tinder Platinum: This option has all the features of Tinder God and 3 main perks:

  • Priority likes: your likes are higher in girl's swipe decks. A little boost!
  • See the likes you sent the last 7 days. Useful if you want to super like afterward, or check out that Instagram in the bio you missed 👀 .
  • Attach a message with your super-likes: the most appealing!

We outlined a nice summary for you!

Tinder subscriptions: Plus, Gold, Platinum

tinder plus vs gold

Tinder Plus vs Gold

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Pricing Comparison Tinder Plus vs Gold

Tinder plus starts at around 9.99$ a month, down to 4$ if you subscribe for a year.

The pricing depends on your location in the world... and your age! It jumps to 19.99$ a month if you are above 30 years old. Clearly the cheapest subscription there is!

On the other hand, Tinder Gold starts at around 14.99$ a month, bumped to 29.99$ if you are above the 30yo limit.

An advantage to Tinder Plus there!

Features Comparison Tinder Plus vs Gold

Tinder Plus already unlocks most of the features as mentioned before. You get those crazy super likes and the monthly boost.

Tinder Gold just brings the banger: you are now able to see through your deck of dating profiles, to see in advance which girl has liked you. You can select your potential match without having to swipe endlessly.

Super efficient when you combine this with boosts to get some matches quickly if you travel for instance!

You also get the tailored top picks list as a Gold member. Tinder acts as your own dating concierge, pushing your profiles you are very likely to like!

Don't get ahead of yourself though. There are cases when those perks are quite useless.

First off, if you are just kinda serious with Tinder and not an avid user, chances are you will not leverage the full potential of the features!

More important: if you live in a not-so-crowded area, you will discover your likes soon enough! No need to cheat and reveal the deck!

Having a good Tinder Profile and Tinder plus can be a good combo there.

Have you ever wondered why Dating apps are working for your friends but not you?

It's hard to know what makes a dating profile attractive, and even harder to know which pictures are good or not.

With our AI-trained on 10,000+ pictures rated by hot girls and dating experts, we can help you to choose your best pics and stand out.

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tinder gold vs platinum

Tinder Gold vs Platinum

ROAST, fix your profile

Pricing Comparison Tinder Platinum vs Gold

Tinder Platinum starts at around 19.99$ a month and reaches a cute 39.99$ if you are above 30. That begins to be noticeable!

The classic Tinder increase.

Features Comparison Tinder Platinum vs Gold

We talked about them earlier, you are paying three major things. See who you liked: I very rarely use that.

Send a message with your super like a killer to me. I notice quite a big match rate discrepancy depending on whether I send a line or not.

Warning: if you are not confident in your texting skills, it may not be the best thing to use that. Better read my article about Tinder's openers at least to avoid falling flat.

Message before match is a great feature if you did your homework!

The priority likes: This one is unclear. Your likes are said to get a small boost in the girl's swiping decks. Difficult to quantify!

However, as I wrote many times, if you have a solid profile, the thing you want to buy is precisely exposure! Having my likes boosted actually had a big impact on me. Some friends starting from the free plan got up to 10x matches a week thanks to that.

We love those priority likes!

what is the best subscription for tinder

What is the best subscription for Tinder?

ROAST, fix your profile

Let's summarize quickly the idea there. I have no one-size-fits-all answer for such a problem.

It depends mainly on your goal, objectives, and resources in your life at that moment.

  • Do you need a little boost to get more matches, or do you have time to play around with the app?
  • Are your likes generally high anyway and don't feel like paying for that priority thingy?
  • Is there no one in your area worth your while?
  • Is money an issue for you or not at all?

You need to answer those questions yourself.

I'll still draw some portraits you can refer to, that may help!

Most important: Mister no results

You have no likes or almost, in the free version. I have written it over and over again, paying is just a BOOST. It won't changed your situation if you have no results at all.

It is way better to start building a STRONG profile that gets results rather than focusing on paying to get your profile more exposed.

Broke ass student

If you have no money at all, you need to figure out what is important for you. Maybe you need to do some cuts here and there.

If you have already results, it may be a good thing to at least jump to Tinder Plus to get super likes and an occasional boost.

That is super-efficient.

The small-town person

If you have some money but live in a rural place, the strategy is clear: invest in building the strongest profile possible.

Also, invest time, and maybe money sharpening your tools about texting! You won't get thousands of tries.

You just need Tinder Plus there in my opinion. You could spend the extra money to really shine.

I want to focus on Tinder

If Tinder and dating is your focus, then my go to subscription is clearly Tinder Platinum.

I talk about that in my latest article about Tinder's algorithm. It is best to do everything to get a high rating inside Tinder's algorithm.

Buying the latest subscription is clearly one of those steps!

You will get some advance on (some of) your competition and will be all set to kill it

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Tinder checklists

Trusted by 107,873 happy users

Be sure to check out other Tinder features like Tinder Hot Takes or even Tinder Blind Date. That's all for this one, do not hesitate to tell me what you think, if I missed something, or if you liked it!

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