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Tinder coins: all you need to know

Tinder coins are the company‚newly introduced in-app currency. With this virtual currency, you can make in-app purchases like Boosts and Super Likes.
tinder coins all you need to know

Don’t want to spend money on Boosts and Super Likes and wish there were ways to get these features for free?

Do you get tired of paying for premium features like Gold and Platinum, especially when you don't use the app as much?

Well, luckily, you have Tinder coins coming to the rescue. Brace for this new Tinder experience!

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What are Tinder Coins?
  2. How to get coins on Tinder?
  3. Why is Tinder launching its virtual currency?
  4. What can I buy with Tinder Coins?
  5. Where are Tinder coins available?
what are tinder coins

What are Tinder Coins?

Tinder coins are the company’s newly introduced in-app currency. With this virtual currency, you can make in-app purchases like Boosts and Super Likes, and other features (more on that below).

This new feature isn’t available in all countries yet but will be rolled out globally by 2022.  Think of it as a beta test for the moment. After the premium subscriptions: Tinder Gold, Tinder Platinum and Tinder Plus, all the fun additions like Swipe Surge, Swipe night and all those exciting experiences, it was time to reward its most faithful users.

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how to get coins on tinder

How to get coins on Tinder?

Tinder get more matches

To get free coins, you must open the app frequently, update your profile often, and use the app for lengthy periods of time.

Although it is free to access, if you run out of cash, you will have the option to pay for more coins (of course, did you think for a second that Tinder got into the charity business? 😉).

why is tinder launching its virtual currency

Why is Tinder launching its virtual currency?

Tinder has cited multiple reasons for the launch of coins.

They said they introduced this feature to reward users who frequently use their app. As the Tinder experience evolves, the online dating app wants people to jump in and stick around. They always look to provide a richer experience to their users.

They noticed that many users were using dating apps during the pandemic and decided coins, a new in-app currency, were a great way to keep them engaged.

Tinder also wants to monetize non-subscribers who don’t purchase options like Tinder Gold, Tinder Platinum, and Tinder Plus. So while you may get more coins for using the app often, it’s likely that you’ll eventually run out of coins, forcing you to purchase them using real cash.

Gary Swindler, the CFO of Tinder, suggested that the currency may become a mainstay in the future - most likely to keep up with the current tech-trend of using virtual coins.

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what can i buy with tinder coins

What can I buy with Tinder Coins?

Tinder get more matches

You can use this in app coin system on Super Likes, Boosts, Rewinds, See who Liked You, and other features. Rumors have it that you can use this virtual currency to purchase gifts for your matches as well (don’t do that, though - buying gifts for people you’ve never met is creepy).

Additionally, with all the metaverse craze going on, Tinder plans to join in the fray. These coins will likely come in handy then, enabling you to purchase all sorts of virtual goods.

where are tinder coins available

Where are Tinder coins available?

Tinder coins will be available in Australia soon. Match (Tinder’s parent company) said that the coins feature is already being tested in several markets, including some countries in Europe. The company also stated that it will be available to global users next year (2022).

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