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Tinder Just For You: How This New Feature Works (2024 Edition)

Wondering what the Tinder Just For You feature is all about? Keep reading to find out more about the app you'll soon have access to on your Tinder account.
Exploring Tinder's 'Just for You' Feature: A Deep Dive

Tinder is constantly rolling out new features of the app to create a better experience for users. There’s a new feature that Tinder is currently testing out that’s aimed at improving women’s user experience on the app. The feature, called, “Just For You” will offer women a curated selection of high-quality profiles that they will be more likely to engage with and swipe right on.

One of the biggest issues women face while using Tinder is having to swipe through countless low-quality profiles to find potential matches they are compatible with. This feature may be able to help with that and is expected to launch in late summer. Fortunately, Tinder is testing a new feature that may give women more swipe worthy potential matches.

Here is everything you need to know about this new upcoming feature.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What is Tinder Just For You Feature?
  2. Benefits of Tinder Just For You
  3. Is Tinder Just for You worth it?
What is Tinder Just For You Feature?

What is Tinder Just For You Feature?

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This feature will work similarly to — but not exactly like the Tinder Top Picks feature. The feature offers a limited curated selection of high-quality profiles that users must pay for in order to have access to. With the top picks feature, you need to purchase Tinder gold or Tinder platinum to chat with more than just one of the 10 curated picks.

With the newest feature that’s still in the works, women will be able to benefit from having a handpicked selection of Tinder users like Tinder top picks that make for a better match. Gone will be the days of constantly swiping through countless profiles, only to find unsuitable matches and having to swipe left more than right when online dating.

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Benefits of Tinder Just For You

Benefits of Tinder Just For You

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Unlike the Tinder top picks feature, which you'll to choose between a Tinder Gold and Platinum subscription for, the just for you feature has yet to release information about the price of this feature. You'll not only get Tinder top picks right to your profile, but will also get extra features as well.

This feature will also offer text prompts, quizzes, and polls on profiles so that women can have a more meaningful and engaging experience with others. 

Text Prompts

Women will have an easier time not only finding more matches, but will also be able to have more engaging and fun conversations with the extra bonus features. Text prompts are great for starting a conversation or breaking the ice when you’re not sure what to say, while quizzes can be a fun way to keep a conversation going.


Polls are also a fun way to get to know matches and to keep a conversation from going dry. You can talk about your similar answers and interests through an engaging poll on either profile. The better the conversations you have on Tinder, the better your chances are of being asked out on a date and meeting your potential perfect partner.

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Is Tinder Just for You worth it?

Is Tinder Just for You worth it?


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Many people find the Tinder algorithm finds top quality matches with Tinder top picks, which can give you insight into how well this new feature will work. Tinder gold subscribers and platinum members benefit from Tinder top picks, so you may find a lot of benefits with this similar feature.

When the feature is finally officially rolled out by Tinder, you may be wondering whether it’s worth it or not. The feature provides you with a personalized experience with the app that is based on your likes, swiping patterns, and other details. This means that all of the profiles in your feed won’t be random, but rather chosen for you by Tinder as top picks.

If you’re looking to find matches that are more suited to you and need a Tinder boost for matches, then this feature is definitely worth it. The top picks selection has the top Tinder picks available, with potential matches that are of top tier, which you can expect with this exclusive feature.


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The Tinder picks feature has many great reviews, and since Tinder's just for you is a similar addition to the app, you'll enjoy Tinder top picks right at the tips of your fingers. Whether you're a platinum member, a Tinder gold member, or have the free version of the app, you may be able to boost your online dating game with this exclusive feature.

If you struggle to find matches you genuinely like and want to get to know outside of the app, then this feature will also benefit you. 

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