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6+ Reasons Why Badoo Doesn't Work For Guys (Clearly Explained)

Let your online dating destiny shine, and learn why a popular dating app, Badoo, is not working in your favor.
Why Badoo Doesn't Work For Guys?

When we first sign up on online dating sites, we all have a perception that our days of being lonely and single are over. But soon, you realize that it's the other way around.

You set up a profile, send messages, and swipe right numerous profiles but haven't gotten a response that can spark a happy relationship. This is the dilemma a lot of guys on dating apps go through. But today, we offer you a bird’s eye view of the situation as to why the Badoo dating app is not working for you.

We have compiled the primary reasons behind this pitfall and what in your badoo profile can help you turn around your dating destiny.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What makes the dating app Badoo different from other online dating sites?
  2. Reasons why your Badoo profile is not working?
  3. Guaranteed Ways To Create An Attractive Profile On Badoo:
What makes the dating app Badoo different from other online dating sites?

What makes the dating app Badoo different from other online dating sites?

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Badoo is considered one of the best dating sites for getting dates in real life. The platform has fresh energetic vibes that cater majorly to the younger generation.

The dating site can be a pure heaven for you if you are looking for casual dates, hookups, and relationships to some extent. The app is highly hailed for its interesting features that are available for free. Start your love search from your neighborhood using their 'People Nearby' feature. Or you can try your luck by matching with people from different countries using the feature 'Badoo Encounters'.

You can even express yourself through 15-second short 'Clips'. It lets you get better visibility and higher scores on Badoo's profile score system.

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Reasons why your Badoo profile is not working?

Reasons why your Badoo profile is not working?

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Badoo is a popular dating app that has become why people find true love in real life. The app's CMO suggests that around 91,000 singles delete the app weekly and choose the option 'I met someone on Badoo' when asked why.

Some of the reasons that might be hindering your progress on the app can be:

1. Gender Imbalance:

Badoo, boasting a user base exceeding 250 million, encounters a notable gender imbalance with 35% men and 65% women. This skewed ratio intensifies the competitive landscape for men, necessitating a strategic approach to distinguish themselves and secure meaningful connections.

With a plethora of options available to women, their ability to be more selective in their choices places them in a position of leverage. This selectivity, while empowering for women, presents a challenge for men as they compete with heightened competition and a greater need to craft better profiles that stand out.

2. Profile quality:

Your profile is a visual representation of your personality. If you wish to attract positive attention from potential matches, you need to portray yourself extraordinarily well. You must use the best profile pictures, genuine details, and compelling information. You can take inspiration from the top profiles of other guys to create an equally attractive profile.

3. Inactive profiles:

The algorithm of dating apps prioritizes active users. Therefore, you need to log in to your profile daily instead of once in a Blue Moon to get better matches and increase your visibility on the platform. Generally, evenings and weekends tend to be peak times when people are more active on dating apps. So, you can try your luck on such hours.

4. User engagement:

There might be a chance that your particular geographical area might have less active and engaged users. It would affect your success on Badoo. But you can try experimenting with different locations and giving people from different areas and locations a chance.

5. Boring bio:

Did you just copy-paste the best bio you found online? Well, it might be affecting your chances of getting noticed. Numerous other dating profiles might be using the same bio, reducing your chances of getting noticed to known. So, come up with a genuine bio that reflects your interests, personality, and sense of humor significantly to enhance your chances of attracting meaningful connections.

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Guaranteed Ways To Create An Attractive Profile On Badoo:

Guaranteed Ways To Create An Attractive Profile On Badoo:

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1. Choose the best profile pictures:

It's a reality we all judge a book by its cover. And that's what is going to happen with your Badoo Profile. You need the best primary photo, especially when your picture will appear in the 'People Nearby' section.

Your photo needs to be worthy of attention. To make sure you're using the right pictures, you can ask your female friends to rate your pictures. Plus, we would suggest you change your profile photos often. Once you have analyzed which photos worked the best, you can rotate them on and off. It improves your visibility and chances of getting more likes and matches.

2. Highlight your passion:

You might have ignored the interest and hobbies section, but highlighting what makes you happy and motivated always impresses a girl. Besides, the Badoo algorithm will use these interests to match you with users having similar interests. Choose your options wisely because these things might become the basis for your future dates later. So, choose interests that interest you.

3. Craft an interesting ‘About Me’:

Online dating is usually about photos, but bios give a better explanation of your personality to other users. If a girl ever becomes indecisive about you, she will have your bio to make up her mind. Plus, an engaging bio also serves as a great conversation starter. Don’t write a novel about yourself in the bio section. Just keep it simple, engaging, and humorous, if possible, to make it more memorable.

4. Benefit from the Badoo premium features:

Premium features are there for a reason. They improve your visibility, increase your chances of finding a better match, and let you enjoy a better limelight. A little investment goes a long way. For instance, a premium feature like ‘Super Powers’ lets you see who wants to meet you, who tagged you as favorites, direct chat access to the best women on Badoo, activates invisible mode, lets you send messages to new users, and a lot more.

The dating app favors appealing premium features that can make a huge difference in your dating experience. And if the return on investment means you got to date your dream girl, then we would say it's all worth it.

5. Initiate thoughtful conversations:

When initiating conversations on dating apps like Badoo, the key is to move beyond generic openers and showcase a genuine interest in the other person. Rather than relying on boring Hey and Hye, take the time to carefully read the other users' profiles and find elements that resonate with you.

Reference specific details such as shared hobbies, interests, or something unique from their photos. For example, if they mention a favorite book, movie, or hobby, use that as a conversation starter. This demonstrates that you've invested time in understanding their profile and sets the stage for a more personalized and engaging interaction.

6. Keep your profile updated:

Continuously updating your profile on dating apps like Badoo is a strategic move beyond merely refreshing content—it signals to potential matches that you are an active and engaged participant in the platform.

Regular updates demonstrate that you are invested in your online presence, showcasing a dynamic and evolving personality. Add new information about your life, experiences, or any noteworthy achievements to provide a comprehensive view of who you are for more success.


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Badoo is a perfect online dating app to find true love in real life. While the platform boasts a massive user base and innovative features, dating experts often point to the prevalence of fake profiles and the dynamics of user engagement as critical elements influencing success rates.

Success and likes on Badoo, and similar dating apps, is a journey that involves crafting compelling profiles, thoughtful interactions, and staying informed about the evolving landscape of online dating to increase the likelihood of more meaningful connections.

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