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Decoding Why Doesn't Work For Guys-5 Mistakes and Tips!

Do you not have any luck finding love online? Explore the reasons why your Match profile is not working with bonus tips on making a stronger profile to attract high-quality women.
Why Match Com Doesn't Work For Guys?

Modern dating is no longer a walk in the park. With millions of profiles on dating sites, the decision and competition have become more challenging. But we can assure you that online dating apps are more about following the proper process to create an emotional connection with potential matches.

If you think that a popular dating site like is not working in your favor, then we promise you that it doesn't matter if you are an average guy, and neither is the algorithm to be blamed. There's a possibility that your online dating profile is missing something. Having a keen eye on all internet dating sites, we promise they are boiling with cringe-worthy profiles.

Let's make sure you're not one of those profiles and see what can make or break a dating profile for a higher response rate.

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Table of Contents

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  1. Why is a popular online dating site?
  2. Online Dating App Tips for Match:
Online Dating App Tips for Match:

Online Dating App Tips for Match:

No matches?

ROAST can help you understand WHY and HOW to fix it.


Mistake #1: You chose a boring bio for your profile:

Most people make the grave mistake of choosing the most unattractive bio for their profile. It shows that you are either trying too hard or have a seriously boring personality. You might have chosen the best shot for your profile picture, but negative vibes from your bio are enough to put off any woman.

Tip #1: Use a customized bio that reflects your personality:

No woman needs to read a boring quote or your life motto copied from Google on your profile. She needs something that she can either relate to, or that will give her insight into your charming personality. Keep your bio short and crisp, and if possible, try to come up with something funny that tells about you because most women prefer a man who can make her laugh.

Mistake #2: Consider dating as a number game:

It's a common belief that the more people you meet and date, the more chances you have of finding a good match. But that's not the case. It only tires your brain as you are feeding it with numerous choices, making it even more overwhelming to choose the right person.

Tip #2: Take a break from time to time:

The anxiety of finding the best can cause severe burnout. So when you feel too pressurized about making a decision, take a short break from the dating site; also, use free sites like Match with the mindset that you are not for everyone. Set some standards for yourself; it will help you attract higher quality matches and avoid all the women who don't feel right without unnecessary pressure.

Mistake #3: Your pictures are giving her a headache:

Your pictures tell a lot about your personality, taste, and interests. Believe us, shirtless selfies in a gloomy bathroom or gym photos are the biggest turnoff for a girl, even if you have the hottest body. Also, too many group photos and a picture from your childhood might feel cute to you, but many women take that as a sign to swipe left your profile.

Tip #3: Choose profile pictures that will attract high-quality women:

Delete all such photos that are low quality and that fail to bring out the best in you. Choose pictures taken in good lighting. Add some headshots and also a full body shot to show her your well-built physique.

Put aesthetic SOLO photos. You can choose something from your recent travel photos or something where you seem to be indulged in your favorite activity. You can also use a photo with your cute little pet to show her your caring personality. Also, add one group photo in which you look the best to show your social life.

Mistake #4: You have an incomplete profile:

You posted just one or two photos with incomplete information about your passion and interests, which shows your non-serious attitude toward dating. It shows her that you are not serious about the relationship and are not ready to put in the effort, making her leave you alone. Plus, an incomplete profile gives her doubts about your personality. She can't analyze what you are like, nor can she find common grounds for starting a conversation.

Tip #4: Fill out your profile completely:

Most guys leave their profile information incomplete, which is the guaranteed method for a lifetime of a single hood. Post at least three and a maximum of 6 pictures featuring your different styles and angles.

Fill in all your details carefully to attract more women. What do you like, what are your values and interests, and is there anything that will make her curious to ask more about you? To get an idea of what a great profile looks like, take inspiration from the top profiles on the app and see what makes them different from others to rank on top.

Mistake #5: Starting the wrong conversations:

We all have been through this. It's a pointless conversation that doesn't seem to go beyond two replies. For instance, hey, how are you? What a cute pet! What is its name? Everyone hates small talk. They are not only boring. Instead, they just kill the mood and vibe. If, by any chance, you can cut off this small talk and find something meaningful to talk about, it will give you great success in achieving your goals.

Tip #5: Ask interesting open-ended questions:

If you wish to build a strong relationship, you need to ask deep, meaningful questions that will help you assess who they are, what makes them happy, what their priorities are, etc.

For instance, You can ask what makes them happy, who the most important person in their life is, etc. The right question will help you break the ice and allow you to continue the conversation beyond the hello.

Plus, some might not choose to answer, and it will help you eliminate the profiles who are not serious about making an effort, giving you less stress about filtering the profiles.


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The dating app is a full-time job requiring you to be active and smart. You must keep your profile updated with recent photos and relatable bio information. Also, you cannot continue using the same pickup lines all the time.

Try to customize your messages based on the profile of the person you're interacting with. It will make the other person feel more special and motivated to reply.

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