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Tinder Features

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We explain you how to get more matches with these free and paid Tinder Features.

Pay special attention to the following ones. Just click each link to understand more about each of these features.

  • Tinder Super Boost - An enhanced version of the regular Boost, the Super Boost pushes your profile to the front of the queue for a prolonged period, increasing your visibility and chances of getting matches. It's most effective during peak evening hours.
  • Tinder Read Receipts - On Tinder, when you send a message, read receipts let you see if the recipient has opened it, provided they have this feature turned on.
  • Tinder Primetime Boost - While not an official feature at the time of my last update in September 2021, Tinder often tests new features. Primetime Boost might be a new or renamed feature that promotes your profile during high-activity periods.
  • Tinder Smart Photo - This feature tests all your profile photos and selects the one most likely to get you a right swipe. It essentially rotates your primary photo between the images you've uploaded and determines which one performs best.
  • Tinder Passport - This is a premium feature that allows users to change their location to connect with people in other cities or countries. It's handy for those who want to establish connections before traveling.
  • Tinder Swipe Surge - This notifies you when there's a spike in Tinder usage in your area, increasing your chances of matching with someone. During a Swipe Surge, activity can be up to 15x higher.
  • Tinder Gold - A premium subscription plan that offers all the features of Tinder Plus, but with the addition of seeing who has already liked you before you swipe.
  • Tinder Gold, Plus & Platinum - Find the difference between these three features.
  • Tinder Super Like - Instead of the usual 'like', a Super Like notifies the recipient that you have strong interest in them. Users get a limited number of Super Likes, but more can be purchased.

Want more details about each of these Tinder features? Keep reading, as we have many articles to help you choose the right one for you.

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