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Hvordan starte en samtale på Bumble? De 14 beste samtalestarterne

En overbevisende Bumble startkonversasjon er kanskje ikke så lett som det ser ut til. Det krever innsats, kreativitet og unikhet for å fange oppmerksomheten til den du møter. Nedenfor kan du lære hvordan du gjør inntrykk med små spørsmål og åpningsreplikker.
Bumble Start Conversation

Hvis du er nedslått over mangelen på positive resultater i datinglivet ditt, er det på tide å bytte til din favorittdatingapp, Bumble. Bumble er en morsom måte å gjøre ditt ellers kjedelige datingliv mer spennende på.

I motsetning til andre datingapper lar Bumble kvinner sende den første meldingen. Det blir vanskelig når du trenger noe mer kreativt og engasjerende enn et enkelt "hei" eller "hei" for å bryte isen. Skal du bruke den berømte replikken som alle helter sier, eller skal du invitere dem på en drink i helgen?

Ifølge datingtrener Lori Ann Kret er den beste måten å gjøre et godt inntrykk på å stille åpne spørsmål som gjenspeiler personligheten din og interessen for livet ditt, sammen med en melding som kan sette i gang en diskusjon.

Her gir vi deg de beste tipsene og de beste åpningsreplikkene for å starte Bumble samtaler umiddelbart.

Nervøs for å begynne?

La oss lage den perfekte åpningen for deg på bare et øyeblikk.


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Her er oversikten over artikkelen, føl deg fri til å hoppe til delen som interesserer deg mest.

  1. Why Use Conversation Starters on Bumble?
  2. 28 Best Bumble Conversation Starters for Guys
  3. Tips to Create Great Conversation Starters on Bumble
  4. Get a Great Bumble Profile

Why Use Conversation Starters on Bumble?

Skremt av å starte en samtale?

Slapp av! Next Line analyserer og lager den perfekte åpneren for deg!

Next Line

The value of a good opening lines on Bumble should never be underestimated. In a online dating world filled with profiles and potential matches, being able to successfully open up an engaging chat with someone can set you apart from the crowd.

It’s crucial for forging connections and turning swipes into something worth meeting IRL.

Clever and fun conversation starters display quick wit, let people see what you’re all about – or perhaps make that awkward introduction feel a little less awkward. A dreary opener, by contrast, could mean missed opportunities and lots of yawning emojis.

So recognizing how important they are – because they truly are vital in terms of making matches on Bumble – is key.

Den perfekte isbryteren er bare et klikk unna.

Har du funnet den perfekte partneren og vil ikke rote det til? La oss analysere profilen deres og lage den perfekte isbryteren for å sikre en engasjerende samtale!

28 Best Bumble Conversation Starters for Guys

Lei av å bli ghostet?

La oss ta oss av det! Next Line lager engasjerende åpninger for deg på et øyeblikk!

Next Line

Are you a dating app user (on Bumble, Hinge, or Happn) on the hunt for some superb conversation openers? Then, congratulations! You've just struck gold. Here are some of the finest Bumble conversation openers around - built exclusively with gents in mind.

Funny Starters

Being witty can be a solid icebreaker when initiating a conversation on Bumble. Get the ball rolling with one of these amusing conversation openers to move your conversation forward:

  • "How free are you this weekend, on a scale of 1 to America?"

  • "Imagine being stranded on an uninhabited island: what three things would you bring? And no cheating – unlimited WiFi and Netflix aren't options."

  • "Okay, I have to know… Pineapple on pizza: yay or nay? This could very well be a deal-breaker!"

  • "Your life is now an Oscar-nominated movie. What's the title? Bonus points if it's something like "The Incredible Adventures of [Your Name]."

  • "Is love at first swipe a thing, or should we plan for me to win you over with my charming banter?"

  • "Imagine you were a vegetable, you'd be a cute-cumber!"

  • "Do you acknowledge love at first swipe?"

  • "Are you capable of performing magic? Because as soon as I inspect your profile, all the other women vanish."

  • "Can I borrow you for an hour? Because my interest in you is enormous!"

  • "Do yourself and me a favor. Can we delete our accounts and make 2024 the year when we found each other instead of being lost?"

Remember, humor can be highly subjective, and it's important to gauge your match's response before proceeding with more light-hearted icebreakers like these ones specifically!

Adapt any one (or some) of them based on their profile and interests so they're as funny as possible while still being personal!

Creative Starters

Crafting creative openers on Bumble can establish a light-hearted, thoughtful vibe. They solicit unique answers and deeper connections. Here are some good conversation starters:

  • "Which historical figure would you most like to have dinner with and why? I can only imagine the amazing conversation that would ensue!"

  • "Confession time: I'm really bad at predicting the future, but talking to you just might make my daycare to help me test that theory?"

  • "If you could live in any fictional world (from a book, movie, TV show, or even a game), where would it be? Feel free to give as much detail about the world as you want! Give me Hogwarts…or maybe Middle-earth…"

  • "Quick thinking: if you had to come up with a superhero name for yourself based on your favorite hobby or talent RIGHT NOW, what would it be? Mine is ‘The Procrastinator’"

  • “Let’s play Two Truths and One Lie! Tell me three things about yourself; two are true facts, and one is made-up nonsense—if I get it right, we’ll know forevermore that we’re psychic twins!”

Flirty Questions

If you want to make your Bumble conversation more interesting and enjoyable, try asking some flirty questions. They inject a little spark and playfulness into your small talk like these:

  • "Imagine we’re going out on a date – what kind of adventure would you propose? Skydiving, exploring a new city, or a romantic dinner for two?”

  • "Confess: what’s your go-to flirting move? Asking for a friend who wants to know…for reasons.”

  • “We rock up at karaoke night together – which duet are you picking so we can slay it onstage?”

  • “Let’s pretend we’re in a rom-com: how do you see our meet-cute happening? Be as creative and cute as possible and show your hidden talent!”

  • “You have an amazing smile! What’s the secret behind it: great genes or an awesome sense of mischief?”

  • "Could you provide me with your most cherished strategy for approaching someone romantically, so that I might employ it when interacting with you like a dating coach?"

Cute First Messages

If you’re a dab hand at pulling together the perfect first message, sending something cute and lovely on Bumble can make your match’s day. These messages are funny, sweet, and simple – so they’re less likely to be met with silence.

They also really break the ice with people and can make your dating life alive! We’ve got some adorable best opening lines and open-ended questions for the first messages:

  • “Excuse me, but I think you dropped something. My jaw! Your smile is so very beautiful.”

  • “Your profile made me swipe right; your positivity radiates!”

  • “The eyes in your photos are quite arresting; they say the eyes reveal who we truly are, and yours seem absolutely enchanting.”

  • “Can I get a map? Because getting lost in those eyes seems an adventure worth pursuing.”

  • "May I know your name, or should I call you mine? There's something in your profile that makes me want to know more."

  • “Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’ve been searching for.”

  • “Do you like Star Wars? Cause Yoda one for me!”

Other Topics to Explore

When brainstorming conversation topics for the first message on dating apps like Bumble or Raya, consider diving into interests and passions. Discussing travel experiences, favorite books or movies, or hobbies can reveal shared interests and create connections that are more than superficial.

Current events and pop culture trends are great icebreakers that make for engaging conversations – plus, they show you’re up-to-date with the world. Similarly, inquiring about career aspirations and goals will demonstrate a genuine interest in someone’s ambitions.

For a fun discussion about culinary delights, ask your match to share their favorite foods or restaurants. And don’t be afraid to inject some laughter by sharing personal anecdotes or funny stories yourself – this is supposed to be fun!

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer here and there is no the worst opening line: it’s just about exploring a range of topics that encourage open and enjoyable dialogue.

**Ikke den beste til å skrive?

La oss lage den perfekte isbryteren som sjarmerer deg frem til daten.

I løpet av et øyeblikk finner vi de perfekte ordene som gjør at du kan ha en engasjerende samtale uten å bli "ghostet".

Tips to Create Great Conversation Starters on Bumble

Vet du ikke hva du skal si?

Prøv vår Next Line-generator for å skrive den perfekte isbryteren og erobre hjerter på et øyeblikk!

Next Line

If you’re worried about starting a conversation on Bumble to have a potential date, don’t be. With the right techniques and this advice, you can make an impression from the get-go. Here are some Bumble conversation tips:

  • Be observant: Give people's dating profiles a proper read and find something that catches your eye. Using what you’ve learned to start a chat will show that you’re not just another swipe.

  • Show enthusiasm: Let them know that you really want to know them better by using genuine curiosity in your questions – and ask open-ended ones so they have space to say more than “lol” or “nope.”

  • Inject humor: Kicking off with a well-timed joke or teasing comment will break the ice if your sense of humor is compatible – but keep it light.

  • Avoid generic openers: Starting with “hey,” “hi,” or “what’s up” won’t make anyone excited about chatting to you specifically, so tailor your opening line instead.

  • Be respectful: Always respect someone’s preference if they aren’t interested in chatting – and never push for an answer if someone hasn’t replied yet (because one might not be coming).

By following these tips, potential matches (even for speed dating) on Bumble will soon be begging for your attention.

Den perfekte isbryteren er bare et klikk unna.

Har du funnet den perfekte partneren og vil ikke rote det til? La oss analysere profilen deres og lage den perfekte isbryteren for å sikre en engasjerende samtale!

Get a Great Bumble Profile

Skremt av å starte en samtale?

Slapp av! Next Line analyserer og lager den perfekte åpneren for deg!

Next Line

If you want to make connections on Bumble, mastering the art of conversation is a must. An irresistible opening line is just the beginning: personalize your questions and listen carefully for genuine responses that spark dynamic discussions.

Deep, intellectual, or fun way? You choose! Just remember to be respectful and open-minded as conversations unfold – especially if you’re looking for something long-term or lasting friendship on this dating app.

Ready? Put our essential tips for Bumble conversations into action… then sit back, relax, and let the messages roll in! Happy swiping! And remember, there are a million ways to make an impression! Becoming a professional matchmaker is quite easy.,

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Å gjøre et minneverdig førsteinntrykk på Bumble kan føles litt overveldende i starten. Vi anbefaler likevel at du liker prosessen og tester ulike teknikker for å finne ut hva som fungerer best for deg. Bare sørg for at meldingene dine er originale og ser ut til å komme fra en oppriktig interessert person.

Følg guiden vår for å finne drømmedama di snart.

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