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Bumble Review: The Ultimate Guide to the Bumble Dating App

Discover the ins and outs of online dating with our comprehensive Bumble review guide. Learn whether the app is worth your time. Get started now and make a love connection today!
Bumble Review

In today's fast-paced world, online dating sites have become the norm. People are more comfortable finding love through dating apps and sites than traditional methods. One such dating app that has taken the world by storm is Bumble.

This article will provide an in-depth Bumble review and guide to help you decide if this dating app is worth your time and effort.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. How does Bumble work? A Review
  2. How does Bumble compare to other dating apps
  3. Bumble Pricing and Premium Features
how does bumble work

How does Bumble work? A Review


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Bumble is a dating site based on the swiping system, where users can swipe right or left to indicate their interest in a potential match. If a user is particularly interested in someone, they can use the SuperSwipe feature to let that person know.

The dating app also has a Compliments feature, which allows users to send a message to a potential match before they have even matched. This feature is considered a right swipe, and it counts as starting the conversation for women. Once a match is made, the woman has 24 hours to initiate a conversation, or the match will expire.

One of the unique features of the Bumble dating app is the option for voice and video calls within the dating app. Users can initiate a call with their match by tapping the phone or video icon on the messaging screen.

For women, initiating a ring of either type is the first move. Users can also use the Snapchat camera for video calling and messages, and Bumble offers various virtual backgrounds to make the call more exciting.

Bumble's safety features include verifying profiles, flagging inappropriate messages, and staying safe from unwanted messages. Only women are allowed to make the first move.

The app also offers a "virtual dating" badge, which users can add to their online dating platform profile to indicate they are interested in connecting via video chat. This badge can be added or removed anytime by changing the user's status in the Advanced Filters menu.

While Bumble has some limitations, such as a limited number of matches and no search function, its unique features focus on safety, making it a popular choice for virtual dating platforms looking for meaningful relationships.

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how does bumble compare to other dating apps

How does Bumble compare to other dating apps

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  1. Women initiate the conversation: One of the unique features of Bumble is that only women can make the first move with their matches. This feature empowers women to be in charge of initiating conversation, which is a refreshing change from traditional dating apps. This also prevents women from unwanted messages.
  2. High-quality matches: Bumble has a reputation for attracting high-quality matches. The dating app attracts educated and career-oriented individuals seeking meaningful relationships.
  3. Quick sign-up process: Bumble has a quick and easy sign-up process. Users can sign up using their Facebook or phone number and start swiping within minutes.
  4. Safety features: Bumble has several safety features to protect its users. For example, users can verify their profile by taking a selfie, and the app also has a feature that detects and flags inappropriate messages. In Bumble Free, each user can also upload up to six photos, which helps to verify the account.
  5. Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz: In addition to the dating feature, Bumble also offers two other modes for its Bumble users: Bumble BFF, which is for finding people and making new friends, and Bumble Bizz, which is for professional networking.


  1. Limited matches: One of the biggest complaints about the Bumble profile is that the number of matches is limited. This is because the app only shows users a certain number of profiles each day for Bumble date.
  2. Time-sensitive matches: Bumble has a unique feature where matches expire after 24 hours if no conversation is initiated. This can be frustrating for users who may not have time to respond immediately.
  3. No search function: Unlike other dating apps, Bumble does not have a search function. This means that users cannot search for specific profiles based on criteria such as age or location.
  4. The algorithm can be unpredictable: Bumble's algorithm is known to be unpredictable, meaning users may not always see profiles that match their preferences.
  5. Paid features: Some of the features on Bumble are only available to users who pay for the app's premium version. This can be a disadvantage for users unwilling to pay for these features.

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bumble pricing and premium features

Bumble Pricing and Premium Features

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Bumble is a popular dating site offering users various features to enhance their dating experience. Bumble's pricing and premium features can vary depending on the market and available promotions.

One of the premium features offered by Bumble is the Bumble Premium subscription, which costs around $21.99 per week, $44.99 for 1 month, $89.99 for 3 months, and $249.99 for “lifetime” access.

With Bumble Premium, users can see everyone who has already liked their profile, be visible only to people they swipe right on in Incognito Mode, use Travel Mode to match with people in different locations, access all the Advanced Filters, and use all the features that come with Bumble Boost.

On the other hand, Bumble Boost costs around $11.99 for a single week, $24.99 for 1 month, $49.99 for 3 months, and $69.99 for 6 months. With Bumble Boost, users can rematch with past matches for an extra 24 hours, extend the 24-hour match window, use 1 Spotlight per week, use 5 SuperSwipes per week, backtrack and undo their last swipe, and enjoy unlimited swiping. Bumble Boost also offers a feature called Beeline, which shows users a list of people who have already swiped right on their profile.

Apart from Bubble Boost, it also allows users to purchase SuperSwipes and Spotlights using Bumble Coins. SuperSwipes range in price from $8.99 for 2 to $49.99 for 30, while Spotlights range in price from around $2.00 to $8.99 each, depending on the quantity purchased at once.

Another feature that can be unlocked with Bumble Coins is the Busy Bee, which allows users to extend the time limit on a match.

Users in some markets can still use Bumble's Travel Mode feature by spending 5 coins to change their location in the app. However, users in most countries must upgrade to Bumble Premium to use this feature.

Overall, Bumble's pricing and premium features offer users a range of options to enhance their online dating experience. Whether it's Bumble Premium or Bumble Boost, SuperSwipes, or Spotlights, users can choose the best options to find meaningful connections on the Bumble app.

Bumble cost presents an exceptional opportunity to broaden your horizons and connect with a diverse range of potential partners, ultimately enhancing your prospects of finding that special someone.


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Join 304,615 happy users


Bumble app is the best dating app that offers users a unique and empowering experience compared to other most popular dating apps (check our Bumble vs Tinder comparison . It is a platform where women make the first move, Bumble aims to empower women and make the dating experience more positive.

Based on Bumble reviews, it is a popular and well-regarded dating app that has helped millions of people find love and connection. It has a user-friendly interface, a unique swiping system, and a commitment to empowering women in the online dating world. Furthermore, Bumble reviews also praise its inclusive options for LGBTQ+ users.

It is also a free dating app for Bumble app free users. You can also link your account with your Instagram or Facebook profile. It also has a special Bumble customer service, differentiating Bumble from other online dating services.

Download Bumble from the google play store or IOS. Sign up for the Bumble account and join the Bumble family, whether to find a romantic connection or make friends through Bumble BFF.

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