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How to start the conversation on Bumble? The 14 Best Conversation Starters

A compelling Bumble start conversation might not be as easy as it seems. It demands effort, creativity, and uniqueness to catch your match’s attention. Learn below to create an impact with your scrumptious little questions and opening lines.
how to start the conversation on bumble the 14 best conversation starters

If you are disheartened with the lack of positive results in your dating life, it’s time to switch to your favorite dating app, Bumble. Bumble is a fun way to excite your otherwise boring dating life.

Unlike other dating apps, Bumble let women send the first message. The struggle becomes real when you need something more creative and engaging than a plain ‘hey’ or ‘hello’ to break the ice. Do you use that famous cheesy line every hero says, or should you ask them for drinks on the weekend?

According to a dating coach, Lori Ann Kret, the best way to make an incredible impression is to ask open-ended questions that reflect your personality and your interest in your life, along with a message that can initiate a discussion.

Here we bring top tips and the best opening lines to start Bumble conversations immediately.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Top Tips to Start Bumble Conversations
  2. Best Opening Lines for Bumble
top tips to start bumble conversations

Top Tips to Start Bumble Conversations

Starting a conversation and keeping it going doesn’t come naturally to everyone. These Bumble conversation tips below will help you pass the horrors of first and get a real date in no time.

Stay authentic

Instead of stressing over saying the right thing, stay relaxed and express your true character calmly. Because if you are here for a serious relationship, you want them to like and accept you for who you are.

Show genuine interest

If you eventually like someone and wish to continue the conversation, ask questions and show genuine interest. Avoid talking about yourself only.

Ask them to meet in person or get the contact number if there is mutual understanding.

Don’t hesitate to compliment your match. But make sure you are not making them uncomfortable with unnecessary compliments.

Follow her writing style

Women like guys who match their energy. So, if you could stay on the same wavelength as her messages, you would have more chances to get a date with her. For instance,

Mimic her greeting style. If she says "Hi, John!” respond with “Hi, Helen!”

If she is sending long messages, keep the conversation interesting and participate enthusiastically.

Keep your language game strong

Getting lazy with your grammar is the worst thing you could do on this dating app

Misspelled words, typing errors, and poor grammar make you lose more matches. You would be amazed to know that most singles consider great conversations critical for a good relationship and prefer bad sex over bad grammar.

Match her sense of humor

If a person has mentioned in their bio about having a good sense of humor, then a funny GIF or a cheesy pickup line can be a great way to start a conversation.

Do remember that you do not want them to judge your self-confidence by being overly humorous. Avoid controversial topics like politics or religion until you have a solid understanding and connection.

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best opening lines for bumble

Best Opening Lines for Bumble

1. “You look breathtaking in your travel pictures. Did you go to Alaska this year?”

Travel stories are always an amazing way to start a conversation on Bumble because everyone loves to talk about their extraordinary adventures in a foreign land.

Dating coach Veronica Grant suggests that travel pictures are always on most people’s dating profiles. So, it’s your golden chance to scroll through their bio for a vacation picture and ask a related question.

2. “Alright, I’m here. What are your two other wishes?”

Who doesn’t love a little bit of humor to feel relaxed after the crushing responsibilities of adulthood? A light joke or asking about their favorite comedy show can be a great way to surpass the awkwardness of being a stranger.

If you have similar interests in comedy series or movies, Voile! Start bonding over it, or you can suggest some or vice versa.

3. “I couldn’t help but notice that you look a lot like my next girlfriend.” – from the movie Hitch

We all have remained great fans of good movies, so why not use their best pickup lines to impress your new match? They could get an idea of what type of movies you watch, or you can ask them about their preferred genres or movies. Or go about what they watched lately on Netflix?

The relationship expert Sameera Sullivan suggests that you can learn much about a person based on what they love to watch. Besides, you can give your thoughts later on their recommended shows or movies.

4. “For my thesis, I want to know do you prefer This or That?”

Pick random options to choose from and make them pick between the two. Take their opinion and the reason for their preferred choices. Their answers will amaze you and are great for keeping the conversation going.

You can use limited options: beach or mountain, coffee or tea, staying in or going out, brunch or dinner, pizza or pasta, and so on.

5. “Tell me the worst opening line you have ever received. “

When you can’t decide on a compelling starter to open up a conversation, take the safest route of asking about their worst opening line experience.

According to relationship coach Nancy Ruth Deen, this question is your confession that you have no idea how to start a conversation.

However, the chances are that you might get a reply, ‘this one.’ But it can surely be their way to flirt with you to keep the conversation going. Or if they end up answering it sincerely, then congratulations, you have got their attention.

6. “Let’s play two truths and a lie.”

Two truths and one lie is a holy grail to keep your dating life alive. The reason, it is simple and equally amusing for both parties. You can take the lead of sending your truths and a lie and letting them guess.

Here winning them over depends on your flirting expertise and sense of humor. However, it’s the smoothest way to know each other’s common interests and habits.

7. Pick a funny GIF for your match

Let a funny gif explain your feelings and thoughts when you realize you are not good with words. Make sure the GIF is super funny or cute to make them message you back.

Bonus Points: If you can find a relatable GIF from a show or a movie that reflects your shared interests. If you want to find the perfect first message, check this article!

8. Try a sassy ‘Knock, knock’ joke

Instead of complicating things, use a simple yet sassy knock, knock joke without a second thought. The aim here is to be a little silly but get the intro message hurdle removed. For example, you can try the following knock-knock jokes:

• Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Wire who?

The wire you still not in my phone’s contacts list?

• Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Hope who?

Hope you’ll go out with me!

9. “The bookshelf in one of your pictures seems quite interesting. Which is your favorite read of all time? “

Book lovers are always super excited to talk about their last read or favorite book. If you notice that your match is into reading or they have a reading list up their profile, then it’s time to take the matter into your hand and make the first move.

We promise that you guys will swap your books or check out a nearby library soon.

10. “You seem to dine out a lot. What’s your favorite place for Morrocan steak in town”

It is a less creepy way to hint towards meeting at their favorite place and taking this conversation to a real date. You can even ask about their experience at a specific area they have visited in one of their pictures.

Talking about food, famous restaurants, or recipes is the best conversation starter for any dating app.

11. “Do you have a spirit animal? “

Talking about your spirit animal is a funny way to get detailed information about the new match you might not talk about in other circumstances.

For example, one of the users :

‘I’m like a panda. Cute, cuddly, everyone likes me, but I need serious help to get laid.’

Do you understand now why we suggested asking about a spirit animal? The replies are always going to be worth a try.

12. “So, what’s the story behind your profile picture?”

A professional matchmaker Erika Kaplan suggested that the worst opening line you can use in virtual dating is one that doesn’t specify the details. Try making the other person comfortable and ask a simple question that they know for sure.

So, it’s better to compliment or ask about their pictures instead of bombarding them with complicated math equations.

13. Famous dog line: “Your dog is so cute! And you aren’t bad either.”

Pets are the most adorable part of our lives, and when your Bumble match compliment or ask about them, it’s like hitting home after a long tiring day.

Well, pet parents can chatter about their cutties for days. About their habits, parks you love visiting with them, and so on. It’s your simplest cue to keep them talking and plan the next casual outdoor meetup with your dogs.

“14. “Opening lines aren’t my strongest trait, but I assure you I am worth your reply. So, hi! I am (name).”

Kaplan recommends that if you feel far from coming up with a cheesy creative opener, it is still worth it to take your shots. Who knows, your match might consider your candor appealing.

It’s harmless to open up a conversation and hope for a successful first date until and unless your one-liner is positive and heartwarming. It even works well when there are some self-deprecating details in your match’s bio.

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Making a memorable first impression on Bumble might feel a little overwhelming initially. Still, we recommend you enjoy the process and test different techniques to learn what works best for you. Just make sure your messages are original and seem to come from a genuinely interested person.

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