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150+ Best Dirty Pick Up Lines for Hinge to Always Get Replies

Ready to cut through the small talk on Hinge and get to the point? Here are some of the best dirty pick up lines to help capture their attention and get in their pants.
Best dirty pick-up lines Hinge

Hinge claims to be the dating app that was created just to be deleted, helping you find long-lasting love with every potential match.

A noble quest, but what if you don't want a serious relationship? What happens when you see someone and you just want to take them to bed?

You want to make that clear with your match from your opening line in your first message, so here are some of the best dirty pick up lines. Hinge can meet your needs - whatever they are.

And, who knows where it will take you! Keep an open mind ... and something else when you use these pickup lines. They're sure to help you score with your match.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Best Dirty Pick Up Lines for Hinge
  2. Hinge Dirty Pick Up Lines for Her
  3. Hinge Dirty Pick Up Lines for Him
  4. Hinge Dirty Pick Up Lines to Meet in Person
  5. Hinge Dirty Pick Up Lines for a Relationship

Best Dirty Pick Up Lines for Hinge

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A good pickup line can make all the difference, and here are the best opening lines, regardless of sex or intention, to help get you laid.

  1. I know how we can spend an hour fast. And it starts on our back and ends on the floor in a crumpled heap.

  2. Do you need more vitamin D in your life?

  3. What time do you get off? Can I watch you?

  4. If you came over tonight, the only reason we'd get out of bed is to bang on the floor.

  5. If wanting to bang you is wrong, I don't want to be right.

  6. What are you doing tonight? Besides me, of course.

  7. I want you to remember my name because I swear you'll be screaming it later.

  8. I hope you're as gorgeous as your profile pictures in real life. They're giving me all sorts of dirty thoughts.

  9. Are you a beaver? Because dam. I've got some wood you can chuck.

  10. If I were you? I'd have sex with me tonight no questions asked.

  11. You're on my to-do list tonight, and I can't wait to cross you off.

  12. We are what we eat, and I'd like to be you tonight - if you know what I mean.

  13. I always aced the oral exams in school.

  14. Other than being hot, what do you do for a living and why isn't it me?

  15. What time do your legs open? Because I want to be the first in line.

  16. I love your shirt. Can I wear it in the morning?

  17. How are your knees? I'd love to give you rugburn tonight.

  18. Let's play Indiana Jones so I can explore your Temple of Doom.

  19. I'm cold. Can I use your thighs as earmuffs?

  20. Is your body an atlas? Because I'd like to spend all night exploring your terrain.

  21. My phone isn't the only thing I'd like to see at 69 tonight.

  22. What time are you coming over?

  23. I'd like to give you mouth-to-mouth.

  24. I think you just butt-dialed me because that ass is calling my name.

  25. What has four legs and is missing you in it? My bed. Care to change that?

  26. I've got some Kama Sutra positions I've been dying to try out. Interested?

  27. It's illegal to look this good. Come over, and we can play naughty prisoner.

  28. Do you want to race? Because I relay, really want that dick?

  29. Pick up lines can be tricky. Let's just skip to having sex.

  30. I don't want to waste time sending another message. Let's have sex.

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Hinge Dirty Pick Up Lines for Her

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If you're looking to impress female hinge users, here are some dirty pickup lines you can use in conversation.

  1. I'd love to spend all night exploring your tan lines.

  2. You have a beautiful smile. It would look better in my bed.

  3. Those clothes look good on you, but they'll look better on my bedroom floor.

  4. Are you wearing a thong? Because I wanna floss tonight.

  5. I know some magic tricks. Watch me bend over and make my dick disappear.

  6. Those luscious lips aren't the only ones I want to kiss.

  7. I moonlight as a freelance gynecologist. When was your last checkup?

  8. Hey! Does your tongue taste funny? I don't know. Wanna kiss and find out?

  9. I heard that girls hate oral. That can't be true right? I'll show you how wrong you are.

  10. There's a big sale going on at my place right now. Clothes are on clearance - 100 percent off!

  11. Do you have insurance? Because that pussy is going to get pounded. You may need it.

  12. Can you tell me if I have something on my face? No, that's right. It's just missing you.

  13. Are you tired? Because you can sit down on my face to rest.

  14. Are those jeans Guess? Because guess who wants to be in them tonight.

  15. Do you know what an Australian kiss is? It's kind of like a French one, but down under.

  16. Do you sell hot dogs? Because I swear you already have a weiner stand.

  17. I was looking for an angel tonight, but the devils have more fun.

  18. You have such a beautiful body. I'd gladly hold you all night long.

  19. How do you feel about sailors? Because I've got some semen waiting for you.

  20. I swear I can make you wet with just one kiss.. which lips are your choice?

  21. Come over looking like you're dressed to kill. I'll play your victim tonight.

  22. Can I call you Medusa? Because you're making me rock hard.

  23. Sunsets aren't the only thing I'd like to see go down.

  24. Are you a geologist? Because I'm feeling rock hard around you.

  25. Are you a bird watcher? Because I know where you can find a woodpecker.

  26. I may be wasted, but this condom doesn't have to be. Are you interested?

  27. You're turning me on like a light switch.

  28. You're wearing some nice pants in your profile pictures. Can I talk you out of them?

  29. Wanna play carpenter? Because I've got some wood we can use.

  30. Girl, you look like a supermarket sample I can't wait to taste.

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Hinge Dirty Pick Up Lines for Him

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Men also like dirty pick up lines on dating apps, so here are some you can try out as your opening line.

  1. Do you have trouble sleeping? Because I'd like to stay up all night with you.

  2. Let's play escalator because all I want to do is go down on you.

  3. When I come over, do I have to sign for your package?

  4. Do you play basketball? Because I'd like to see balls bouncing tonight.

  5. Is your name winter? Because it's coming.

  6. Are you in the army? Because I'd love to go commando on you.

  7. I'd like to blow you like a balloon.

  8. I know 10 ways to make six inches disappear and 22 ways to blow your mind. Which do you want to do first?

  9. I've never wanted to bang someone at first sight before, but your profile is that good.

  10. Do you have a keg in your pants? Because I wanna tap that.

  11. I don't need a spoonful of sugar to swallow.

  12. It may not snow tonight, but I know you can give me a few inches.

  13. I'm feeling hungry for chicken today. Have any cock for me?

  14. Let's play astronaut so I can explore Uranus.

  15. What's in that dirty mind of yours and how can I play?

  16. Is your belt tight? Because I'd like to loosen it for you.

  17. Ask nicely and I'll get on my knees for you tonight.

  18. Let's play carpenter so I can nail you tonight.

  19. I want to ride you like a fire pole tonight.

  20. Are you feeling down? Because I know I could feel you right up.

  21. I only look like a nice girl. I'm wicked in the bedroom.

  22. Are you into birds? Because I've got a Big Breasted Bed Thrasher you can spot.

  23. I'm usually on top of things. Would you like to be one of them?

  24. I've got a dirty mind and a lot of things I'd like to try on you.

  25. Are you a Rubik's cube? Because I'd like to spend all night figuring you out.

  26. One night isn't the only thing I want standing at attention tonight.

  27. What's your favorite kind of suit? I know mine is going to be your birthday suit.

  28. Human bodies are made of 70 percent water, and I'm dying of thirst.

  29. Let's spend the entire time exploring your favorite position tonight.

  30. Hey! Are you a drill sergeant? Because I see some privates standing.

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Hinge Dirty Pick Up Lines to Meet in Person

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Hinge pickup lines are intended to help take the conversation from online dating to meet in real life, so here are a few of the best opening lines you can use.

  1. What's the best thing about France? The French kiss!

  2. I'd love a quickie because it has both you and I in it and we'll both leave satisfied.

  3. Do you have an aloe vera? Because I just got a sunburn looking at you.

  4. Do you like dragons? Because I would really like to drag these balls across your face tonight.

  5. Let's play archaeologist. I've got some bones you can explore.

  6. Let's do yoga. I'd like to show how flexible I can be.

  7. Do you like whale watching? Because I've got a hump back at my life.

  8. I'd love to make you dinner if I can be dessert.

  9. Ive been told I have an awesome gag reflex, want to test it out?

  10. I'll cook you bacon in the morning if you come over and strip.

  11. I'm having trouble sleeping. Can you come over and make it better?

  12. Can you come over and make my bed? Never mind, we'll just tumble it up again.

  13. Let's play *69 tonight.

  14. I'd like to have a little more Italian in me tonight.

  15. Let's go ate now. You can get the D later.

  16. Did you commit a crime? Because the sentence is my bed, and I'd like you to come over to start serving.

  17. My bed is missing something tonight. I think it's you between the sheets.

  18. I want you to come over and show me all you want to do with me.

  19. Just call me dishes, because I'm wet and I want you to do me.

  20. Let's go out for ice cream. I need to warm up my tongue for licking.

  21. I love your smile. I like it even better when that's all you have on.

  22. Are you a safe? Because you know how to press my buttons and spin my dials.

  23. I'm not a mathematician, but I think we'd be the perfect match.

  24. My lips are like Skittles. How would you like to taste the rainbow?

  25. Hey. I'm a conservationist. Let's save water and shower together.

  26. I'd like to take this match into the real world if you're interested.

  27. Are you a sea lion? Because I swear, I can see you lying in my bed tonight.

  28. Let's count how many times I can make you scream tonight.

  29. I want to bounce on you like a trampoline tonight.

  30. My bed's comfortable and all, but I'd prefer to be in yours.

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Hinge Dirty Pick Up Lines for a Relationship

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Maybe you want your opening line to lead to the bedroom and then some. Here are some dirty pickup lines that you can use in your daily life to increase those odds.

  1. I'm not ready for kids, but I wouldn't mind refining my baby making technique with you.

  2. Hey. I'd like to go to bed tonight. Preferably with you.

  3. If you were a fruit, I think you'd be a finapple.

  4. You make me want to fall madly into bed with you.

  5. Can I be your cell phone? Because I'd love for you to handle me every day.

  6. Are you a raisin? Because I think you're just raising my hopes for something special tonight.

  7. Quick! Give me your keys. I'd like to drive you crazy.

  8. We can get on Santa's Naughty list together by the end of the year.

  9. Do you have a bandaid? Because I just scraped my knees falling for you.

  10. You look like my last first date.

  11. Someone call the police! You just stole my heart.

  12. Are you a textbook? Because I've been studying you like crazy.

  13. What time do you need to be back in Heaven? Because you look like an angel.

  14. I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?

  15. I think what you're missing in your life is Vitamin me.

  16. What's your favorite drink? Because you look like a hot tea!

  17. Do you watch Friends? Because I'd like for you to be my lobster.

  18. My friends told me I'd never land someone as beautiful as you. Care to prove them wrong?

  19. I can't remember your name. Is it okay if I just call you mine?

  20. I hope you like it smooth because I waxed my pubic hair hoping we'd get down tonight.

  21. Let's make like socks because we make a great pair.

  22. Hey! I'm Mr. Right. I heard you were looking for me.

  23. We may not go down in history, but we can go down together.

  24. I don't really like children, but I think ours would be awesome.

  25. I could spend the rest of my life watching sunsets with you after staying up all night.

  26. Are you a broom? Because I swear you just swept me off my feet!

  27. Do you have an extra heart? Because I swear, you just stole mine.

  28. My friends said they found the perfect person for me. Is that you?

  29. I'd like you to feel my sweater in person. It's made of boyfriend material, just for you.

  30. Will you be my penguin?

  31. Let's pick sides of the bed for the rest of our lives.

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A recent study showed that pickup lines can work on both men and women, but it depends on the level of attraction, the situation the place a person is in their life, and so on. If a potential date is receptive to going to bed with you, dirty pickup lines are going to land well.

And the ones that do aren't really going to care that much about your conversation skills as they do about other things, so make sure you can back up your claims with action.

If the Hinge users want something more, they may not answer your message, so just be prepared to have a lower response rate than you may like. However, you miss all of the shots you don't take, so use these dirty pickup lines and hope for the best!

Remember, the more matches you have, the higher your success rate will be, so don't forget to strike up a conversation and see where it goes. You can also chat for a bit before throwing these pickup lines out there. That way, you can get a sense of what they want in your conversation and where they stand on getting busy with you in their daily life.

We hope you enjoyed this compilation of the best dirty pickup lines for Hinge! Keep note of which lines worked best for your next conversation.

Before you leave, how about knowing what to respond?

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Ben Bailey

Ben is one of the best Dating Experts I've ever met and one of the few that cracked the algorithm of online dating. Every week, Ben is publishing new articles on ROAST, helping 20M+ of people to get more matches, dates, and find the one!

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